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Credit Union tech-talk is a technology newsletter that goes out twice per month to over 14,000 credit union professionals and 2,000 FinTech vendors. Since 1988, we have served as a clearinghouse for technology information to the credit union movement. Our goal is to be a leading source of technology information for credit unions of all sizes. We provide the latest information on such topics as the Internet, online banking, bill payment/presentment, debit/credit and smart cards, technology training, vendors, hardware, software, security, ATMs/kiosks, wireless access, and call centers.

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The technology experts at Credit Union tech-talk have almost 100 years of combined technology and credit union experience! Thomas Wright is the Publisher of Credit Union tech-talk, Chris Klein is the Editor, and Bill Rogers was the Founder. We welcome your comments, questions and requests – feel free to Contact Us anytime!

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