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May 23, 2016

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General News  

* Farm Credit Employee FCU Chooses Sharetec
* Q2 Holdings Launches CorePro
* Fiserv Updates Prologue Financials
* Catholic-based CUs Form Alliance

Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems, announced that Farm Credit Employee FCU (FCEFCU) of St. Paul, MN, has chosen Sharetec as their new core system. FCEFCU will also be implementing Sharetec's Remote Signature, Live Debit Cards, and Home and Mobile Banking solutions.

Q2 Holdings, a leading provider of secure virtual banking solutions for credit unions, announced the launch of CorePro, its cloud-based, open API platform for developers and financial services providers. CorePro provides developers and user experience (UX) teams with a FI-compliant open API platform that can help them to rapidly design, create, test and deploy their own applications around financial services products such as goal-driven savings, high-yield savings, money market deposit accounts, CDs and DDA accounts with debit cards.

Fiserv, a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, announced the availability of Prologue Financials which is an updated accounting suite that features enhanced, built-in automation and controls and a newly designed user interface. The company says that credit union accounting and finance managers can use the solution to automate and streamline day-to-day processing, month-end reporting and reduce manual accounting efforts.

The Catholic Credit Unions of America (CCUA) was recently formed by eleven American Catholic credit unions. The founding members of the CCUA represent $1.9 billion in assets and include: Alliance Catholic CU, Southfield, MI: Catholic Family CU, Kansas City, MO; Catholic Family FCU, Wichita, KS; Catholic FCU, Saginaw, MI; Minnesota Catholic CU, Little Canada, MN; Notre Dame FCU, Notre Dame, IN; Oceanside Christopher FCU, Oceanside, NY; Ohio Catholic FCU, Garfield Heights, OH; Parish FCU, Toledo, OH; St. Coleman and Affiliates FCU, Cleveland, OH; and Unity Catholic FCU, Parma, OH.




Hardware News

Highfive`s video conferencing solution combines an all-in-one device with cloud conferencing software. The Silicon Valley-based company's bundle now also includes premium in-room audio, powered by Dolby Voice. With all bundles priced per room rather than per user, Highfive's Professional has three packages: Essential at $99 per month; Standard at $149 per month; and Professional at $199 per month.

ThinPrint is a German company with 15 years of experience providing print management software and services for businesses. They say that their ThinPrint Hub, combined with ThinPrint software, provides a simple, end-to-end print service eliminating the need for IT expertise, local print servers and updates to each individual workstation at branch offices. They state that they are vendor-independent and work with any printer or end device – whether with Citrix, VMware or Microsoft Remote Desktop, or without virtual desktops/apps. 


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Software Updates

The Problem Steps Recorder can be a useful tool to help solve intermittent end-user issues. To start the program, type PSR in the search box (Windows 10) or in the Run box (Windows 7) and press Enter. The Problem Steps Recorder has just three buttons: Start Record, Stop Record, and Add Comment. Clicking Start Record captures the exact contents of the screen and adds an annotation each time your employee performs an action like clicking a mouse button.

Finding a Microsoft product key is not always a simple task. However, with ProduKey from NirSoft, tracking down and keeping track of lost a Windows or Office Product Key is easy. The tool will show you the product keys for each of the supported Microsoft applications that you have installed. The app can identify product keys from various versions of Windows, Microsoft Office, Windows, SQL Server, and Exchange Server. Once ProduKey finds the product keys, it allows you to save them so that you can find them whenever you need to reinstall that software.


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According to a 2015 New York Post report, it costs an ATM-deploying financial institution 65 cents to take a deposit through a teller, but only 8 cents through an ATM and 3 cents through a mobile app. They did not calculate the cost to use a card-less ATM where users are able to enter a security code obtained through their mobile banking app to withdraw cash and perform other ATM functions. But proponents say that it has to be less expensive when you factor in the fact that skimming fraud is eliminated on card-less ATMs.

Traditional analog security cameras combined with DVRs often generate poor quality video; in fact, some authorities have estimated that more than 80 percent of all video obtained from ATMs and retail stores is useless in forensic investigations. Next generation HD cameras can adjust to shifting lighting conditions and backlight and thus are able to provide sharp image quality. Some cameras are also able to record high resolution video to an on-board SD card which is a cost saving move that eliminates the need for additional hardware such as a DVR to be installed inside the ATM. Other sophisticated cameras even come with features such as active-tampering alarms, which automatically send an alert if someone covers the camera lens or tampers with the camera in any way.


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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

Member Access Pacific


and their client is:

Connection Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World

According to a new report from Javelin, half of Americans are now banking through their smartphones and tablets. In 2015 there were 29 million more US mobile banking users than in the previous year. Their study of the top thirty FIs found that support for mobile new account opening among them doubled over the past year to 33%. Emmett Higdon, director of mobile at Javelin, stated: "We are finally seeing mobile banking moving out of online banking`s shadow. With strong support for tools to discover, open, and monitor financial accounts through mobile devices without first interacting with online banking is a key strategy in attracting, and retaining, profitable mobile-first customers."

Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), the consortium of retailers which includes Wal-Mart and Target, has postponed the nationwide roll out of its CurrentC mobile payment service and reduced staffing. CurrentC — which has been in development for three years and was considered a rival to Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and other mobile payment services — has been in pilot in stores in Columbus, Ohio, but now MCX will focus on partnering with FIs and other businesses.


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The MAP App™ is the first network-branded prepaid card exclusively serving credit unions to offer mobile banking -
contact us now to learn more about this market-leading innovation for credit unions:

(866) 598 - 0698

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Security Section

PhishMe has released their Simulator Small Business Edition (SBE) which is a scaled version of PhishMe`s flagship Simulator solution that conditions employee security behavior to identify and deflect phishing attacks through immersive education processes. It mimics real-life spear phishing scenarios through pre-built, threat intelligence-based templates that emulate the latest tactics and techniques used by attackers and provides instant learning opportunities for recipients who fall for the exercise.

OutsideIQ, a leader in investigative cognitive computing, has launched a monitoring module for its ‘DDIQ‘ product, which monitors the open web to discover risk events on a continuous basis, alerting compliance and due diligence professionals to any changes in a target profile on a daily basis. Any negative events found by the cognitive engine will be highlighted on the DDIQ Monitoring dashboard. The company says that their DDIQ internet monitoring module has been trained to think and act like an investigator to reduce noise and prevent false positives.

SharePoint, Microsoft`s 15-year-old content management and collaboration platform, claims more than 190 million users. The software giant says that they are adding tighter, more granular security controls to SharePoint, including:

- Differentiated access

- Unified auditing logs

- SharePoint site classification

- Customer lockbox

- BYO encryption keys


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Leaders Roundtable


Addressing Insider Threats, Cyber Attacks & Data Security


Accellion - http://www.accellion.com
Read Yorgen H. Edholm's comments:


Allied Solutions - http://www.alliedsolutions.net
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Alloya Corporate FCU - http://www.alloyacorp.org
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Cummins Allison - http://www.cumminsallison.com
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Easy Solutions - http://www.easysol.net
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EnableSoft - http://www.enablesoft.com
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Horsetail Technologies - http://www.horsetailtech.com
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IMM - http://www.immonline.com  
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Info@Risk - http://www.infoatrisk.com
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https://www.cunews.com/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


InfoSight - http://www.infosightinc.com
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KnowBe4 - http://www.knowbe4.com
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Millennial Vision - http://www.mviusa.com
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Onbase by Hyland Software - http://www.onbase.com
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Pwnie Express - http://www.pwnieexpress.com
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Securonix - http://www.securonix.com
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SentinelOne - http://www.sentinelone.com
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StrongAuth, Inc. - http://www.strongauth.com
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TruShield - http://www.trushieldinc.com
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Venminder - http://www.venminder.com
Read Aaron Kirkpatrick's comments:


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Technology and Marketing

TrendSpotter is a new research tool produced by Market Rates Insight that tracks accumulated fee trends for FIs nationwide. Data is extracted from Market Rates Insight`s FeeBuilder, a database of retail deposit fees that tracks overdraft, non-sufficient funds, monthly service charges, ATM fees, wire transfer, on checking, money market, savings, certificate of deposit, and more. TrendSpotter extracts trends from the FeeBuilder database and provides a picture of fee pricing and penalties for banking products nationwide. Users can overlay their own fee pricing to create a trend line that shows how the competition affects revenue, attrition, and volume for their own fee-based products.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

Core banking specialist Zenmonics has partnered with Geezeo to integrate Geezeo`s PFM features into its channelUNITED platform. The North Carolina-based company says that their users will now have enhanced budgeting and spending analysis across web, tablet, and mobile interfaces via their DigitalBANKING, mobileBANKER, and Kiosk solutions.

Alternative lenders have made inroads into small business lending because they offer:

- smart credit decisioning

- speedy access to funds

- a sleek user experience

- contextual marketing

This year, 7% of small businesses with credit needs are currently using alternative loan products, and Javelin expects this to double in the next year as small businesses turn to players like OnDeck, Kabbage, and hundreds of others.


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Internet Access

Spiceworks Connectivity Dashboard is a complimentary cloud-based troubleshooting application to help IT professionals proactively identify, diagnose, and quickly resolve connectivity issues. The tool can show you which user applications are up, which are down, and what speeds they are running. It also allows you to sort by branch to see if all users at that branch are seeing the slowdown or if the application is having issues at all branches.

Along the same lines, there are complimentary tools that allow you to identify bandwidth hogs. For example, you might consider using a Windows-based program like BitMeter OS (open-source) or NetWorx (also free). These applications will track usage over time for the particular computer they are installed on, and they offer graphs and tables of data you can review. You can also set a data quota and be alerted when a device approaches or exceeds that limit.


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Call Centers

SecureCall uses your existing software and phone system to enable a member to give an agent sensitive information using their phone keypad. The agent remains on the call, but only hears masked tones and sees asterisks on the screen. Contact centers can collect account numbers, card numbers, SSNs, and other information without agents (or those observing recordings) seeing, hearing, or accessing this sensitive data. KomBea says that their SecureCall solution can help your call center agents follow protocol more strictly and help prevent external fraud.