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June 29, 2020

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General News


Allegiance CU Signs with Corelation

Allegiance Credit Union ($304 million assets; 26,000 members; Oklahoma City, OK) has selected Corelation’s KeyStone as its new core processor. The CU noted that KeyStone’s open API [KeyBridge] allows them to choose their own third-party vendors, develop their own solutions, or create a combination of both.



FIS Teams with FICO on Advanced Anti-Money Laundering Solution

FIS announced that it is teaming with FICO to build an advanced anti-money laundering (AML) solution that will help CUs keep ahead of increasingly sophisticated money launderers. The new solution, FIS AML Compliance Manager, will integrate FICO Falcon X decision management technology.





Hardware News


Western Digital Unveils New Solutions for Data Centers

Western Digital WDC has introduced higher efficiency NVMe SSDs and advanced shared storage architectures to help customers move from traditional storage interfaces. Ultrastar DC SN840 NVMe SSDs and RapidFlex NVMe-oF controllers are two separate solutions that come together to form the OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform. The platform is a shared storage JBOF (Just a Bunch of Flash) enclosure that delivers NVMe capabilities to multiple hosts across a low-latency Ethernet fabric network.



Why AMD’s Energy Efficiency Milestone Is Important to the Emerging Cloud Desktop

AMD announced it had exceeded its goal to increase energy efficiency 25-fold by 2020. The author notes that as cloud providers are building out to address new virtual desktop opportunities, they need these power efficiency improvements to optimize their space and reduce the need to expand data centers and boost data center cooling. By using AMD’s latest power-efficient processors, they can expand into new areas like cloud desktops without having to prematurely expand their physical plants.



Intel Unveils Third-Generation Xeon Scalable Processors

Intel formally unveiled the third generation of its Xeon Scalable processor family, developed under the codename "Cooper Lake." This generation is aimed at the high end of the performance line for functions such as high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). The Cooper Lake line is targeted at four- and eight-socket servers. Xeons based on the Ice Lake architecture are due later this year and will target one- and two-socket servers.



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Software Updates


3 APIs That Could Revolutionize Banking

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been around for 20 years or so. However, the author contends that by not more aggressively deploying APIs, FIs are missing opportunities to reduce cycle time and costs on a number of business processes, in particular, product application-related processes. He claims that there are three lesser known fintech startups who are poised to have a significant impact on the banking industry: Pinwheel, Sila, and Codat.



Xerox Introduces App to Support Hybrid Workforce Needs

IT decision-makers from global companies expect a phased return in the next year and a half, with 82% of employees on average expected back to the office in that time, according to Xerox research. The company just introduced an app that can update employee availability and location in real time. The Xerox Team Availability App is available from the App Store and Google Play Store.



KPMG Rolls out Power Platform-Fueled Assessment Tools for Workplace Re-Entry

KPMG is using Microsoft's Power Platform low-code/no-code tools to create a new risk-based framework meant to help organizations implement a workplace-re-entry program during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The framework integrates Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate with apps and services that customers can use to create a data-driven return-to-work strategy.



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Safe Use of ATMs amid COVID-19 Concerns

This article covers a few ways that CUs can leverage new technology proactively to disinfect and limit physical contact with machines.



ATM Cardholders Using QR Codes Instead of Keypads to Get Cash

In Hyderabad, India, debit cardholders can withdraw cash from an ATM using a phone or digital mobile device to scan a QR code, thereby avoiding any contact with the keypad. The ‘touchless’ ATM solution has been developed by AGS Transact Technologies. Using a mobile app, users enter their PIN and amount they plan to withdraw. They receive a special QR code and then use their mobile device and scan the code onto the ATM screen. The ATM receives the information about the account through the code and dispenses the requested cash. The user never has to touch the keypad.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

Enhanced Software Products (ESP)


and their client is:

Connection Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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Wireless World


Shift4 Launches QR Pay as an Alternative to Contactless Payments via NFC

Shift4 Payments has launched a contactless-payment capability with a twist: it relies on Quick Response codes rather than the much more common near-field communication technology found in major-brand credit and debit cards and mobile phones. The new service, called QR Pay, requires no app on the consumer’s phone and allows merchants to accept contactless payments via a channel in addition to NFC.



Show Your Members How to Adopt Contactless Payments

With the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire—and need—to switch to a more touch-free way to pay is top of mind for many people. This article offers a few insights to help your member-facing staffers educate your members on how to use contactless cards.



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Security Section


Visa Introduces Advanced Identity Score to Help FIs Prevent New Account Fraud

Visa announced a digital tool to help American FIs with their efforts to combat new account fraud – estimated at $10 billion a year. Advanced Identity Score combines Visa’s artificial intelligence and predictive machine learning capabilities with application and identity related data to generate a risk score for new account applications to help reduce fraud. Advanced Identity Score generates a two-digit Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant identity fraud score in near real-time designed to help prevent fraud loss at the point of credit or loan application.



How Attackers Target and Exploit Microsoft Exchange Servers

Microsoft Exchange servers are an ideal target for attackers looking to burrow into enterprise networks, says Microsoft, as “they provide a unique environment that could allow attackers to perform various tasks using the same built-in tools or scripts that admins use for maintenance.” Aside from doing the best possible thing – implement the latest security updates as soon as they become available – admins are advised to: audit MS Exchange servers regularly; regularly review highly privileged groups and the list of users in sensitive roles for anomaliers; and practice the principle of least-privilege.



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Technology and Marketing


PSECU Campaign to Plant Trees in Exchange for Members Switching to E-Statements

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union has launched a “You Can Make a Difference” tree planting campaign to encourage members to switch from paper to electronic banking statements. For every 10 member accounts that enroll in the service, PSECU said it will plant one tree.



Beyond the App: The Path to Digital Conversion Begins with Personalized Service

Increasingly, FIs have to rely on digital channels to provide personalized education and support that was once delivered via face-to-face interactions. One solution connected every loan applicant to a one-to-one mobile communication channel as soon as the application was submitted. It functioned like a private Twitter feed for each applicant, and users received a stream of personalized messages that guided them to specific actions, such as approving rates or adding a co-signer. Other approaches to closing the digital communication gap are put forward in this article.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Payments ViewsThe P2P Domain Gets a Big COVID Push

The “established” leader in the still emerging P2P space is the Venmo service, owned by PayPal. However, Zelle, the account-to-account transfer system introduced by Early Warning Services just a couple of years ago, has grown even larger. It processed $187 billion in P2P volume in 2019, growing 57 percent. Other P2P solutions from the likes of Apple, Google, Square and others, have experienced accelerating growth so far in 2020, particularly under the influence of the pandemic starting in late March and early April.



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Internet Access


Most Malware in Q1 2020 Was Delivered via Encrypted HTTPS Connections

67% of all malware in Q1 2020 was delivered via encrypted HTTPS connections and 72% of encrypted malware was classified as zero day, so would have evaded signature-based antivirus protection, according to WatchGuard. These findings show that without HTTPS inspection of encrypted traffic and advanced behavior-based threat detection and response, organizations are missing up to two-thirds of incoming threats.



VMware Debuts Zero Trust Networking with SD-WAN

VMware is putting its weight behind creating a secure access service edge (SASE) platform by blending zero-trust networking into its SD-WAN. VMware has integrated its VeloCloud SD-WAN with its Workspace ONE end-user client to enable zero-trust networking down to the device level. By enabling zero trust and SD-WAN at the client level, there's no need for hardware. The SD-WAN Zero Trust Service can provide a multi-region VPN service for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS clients.



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Call Centers


Tips on How to Lead, Coach, and Train Your Remote Team

This article contends that it's not easier or harder to give difficult feedback remotely than it is in-person; you just have to use your tools in a different way. It recommends using a camera for these conversations so that you can see each other's faces. That can make a difference in how employees interpret what you're saying and how you're saying it. Plus breakout rooms and small group activities are recommended for training sessions.