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August 8, 2022

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General News


Jack Henry Partners with Victor Technologies

Jack Henry & Associates has partnered with Victor Technologies to help advance its instant payments strategy. Victor Technologies leverages both its integrated risk management technology as well as APIs as part of its solution.



Darktrace Launches New PREVENT AI Security Products to Help Pre-Empt Cyberthreats

Darktrace announced a new set of AI products designed to deliver proactive security to help organizations pre-empt cyberthreats. Darktrace stated that its two new PREVENT products use AI to “think like an attacker,” finding pathways to an organization’s most critical assets from “inside and outside,” analyzing the most disruptive attacks for an organization and feeding information to support continuous learning and automation to harden systems.





Hardware News


Dell Upgrades PowerStore Hardware

Dell's PowerStore storage architecture is now using Cascade Lake-era Intel processors. The new PowerStore systems come with up to 50% more IOPS for mixed workloads, up to 70% faster writes, and up to 10 times improvement in copy operations. Maximum capacity is up 66% to more than 18 PBe per cluster, thanks to a 24-bay, 2U rack NVMe expansion chassis, with support for up to eight times more volumes per appliance.



NEC and Stratus Extend Partnership on Next Generation Fault Tolerant Computing

Stratus Technologies announced an agreement with NEC Corporation extending their partnership in bringing next generation fault-tolerant computing platforms to market. This agreement follows decades of collaboration on the development of and delivery of the Stratus ftServer, a fully integrated continuously available computing platform, and the NEC Express5800 Enterprise Server.



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Software Updates


Why the Future of APIs Must Include Zero Trust

API attacks rose 681% in the past 12 months, compared to a 321% increase in overall API traffic. Malicious API calls rose from a monthly per-customer average of 2.73 million in December 2020 to 21.32 million in December 2021, according to Salt’s State of API Security Q1, 2022 Report. The author argues that organizations need to move API management to a zero-trust framework to help reduce the skyrocketing number of breaches happening today. He goes on to detail in-depth how APIs can be protected.



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ITM Growth Expected as Consumers, FIs Report Satisfaction: Study

Satisfaction levels with ITMs have been high among both consumers and CUs and use of the technology is expected to grow, according to a new study from Adrenaline, a brand experience company serving the financial industry. They also concluded that integration into your core banking system is key to the level of efficiency an ITM provides, as full core integration allows ITM users to successfully use the technology with little or no video teller support, allowing one full-time employee to handle up to 20 ITMs at a time.



How ATMs Deliver Remittances

The remittance market was valued at $17.88 billion in 2021 and expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15% from 2022 to 2030. About 90% of family remittances in the Mexico-U.S. corridor start and end in cash. ATMs play a critical role by enabling senders convenient access to cash at the point where they will initiate the transfer. This article looks at remittance data and trends, and the role of ATMs in handling them.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

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Share One

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Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union

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Wireless World


12 Must-Have Mobile Banking Features Consumers Expect Now

“The upper limit for how much functionality can exist within a mobile banking app is far higher and much bigger than most banking executives realize,” according to one Forrester analyst. Forrester research finds that consumers now believe they should be able to accomplish any financial task from within a mobile device. This article goes on to list: 7 Indispensable Mobile Banking App Features and 5 Other Features to Set Your Mobile Banking App Apart.



Intel Introducing Wi-Fi 7 to Supercharge Wireless Networks

Intel is set to introduce Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) to a commercial market, which features next-generation high-speed data processing that’s more than twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax). The rollout will begin for laptops and be extended to all PC products by the end of 2024.



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Security Section


Dark Web Credit Card Fraud Less Pervasive but Still an Ongoing Problem

Credit cards with security chips have helped cut down on Dark Web sales of pilfered card data, but the problem persists, especially in the U.S., says Cybersixgill. In its “Underground Financial Fraud H1 2022 report,” Cybersixgill found that more than 4.5 million stolen payment cards were up for sale on the Dark Web during the first half of 2022. Though this number is a significant drop of 68% from the more than 14 million such cards discovered during the last half of 2021, this still represents a substantial amount of fraud.





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Technology and Marketing


45% of Consumers Want Banking All in One Place

According to PYMNTS' research, 45% of consumers would prefer to get all their banking products from the same FI, if they could. Conversely, 29% of consumers prefer different FIs, while 26% do not have a preference. The interest in consolidating accounts at one FI is strongest among the two youngest generations of consumers, with 55% of Generation Z consumers and 51% of millennials saying they want to interact solely with one FI.



How to Engage with Those Who Ignore Digital Marketing

This article states that pouring on more emails and text messages leads people to simply disregard what FIs send — or even opt out of such communication overall. Better coordination is part of the solution, but so is personalization of the messaging. The article points out that “in banking, the job is sometimes less about driving engagement and more about fighting disengagement.” One big issue is that people find much of what they receive from their financial providers to be irrelevant marketing messages. These include such examples as promoting credit cards or other accounts that they already have or trying to sell people on products and services that don’t fit their circumstances.



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Digital Banking Industry Leaders Forum

Thought Leadership From Around the Industry by Credit Union tech-talk and Finopotamus:

Benchmarking Your Digital Banking Strategy

Humanizing Digital: Increasing Account Holder Loyalty and Exceeding CU Goals with Smart, Flexible Solutions


Digital Transformation: A Credit Union Imperative

The Digital Banking Market Is Heating Up

Three Present-Day Goals to Revolutionize Your FI’s Marketing

eSignatures Are Now a Top Priority Across the Nation

Fight Fraud by Better Understanding Your Financial Data

It’s Always About the People: 5 Rules for Digital Banking and Beyond


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


A New $1-Million Same-Day Limit Makes Itself Felt in the ACH’s Latest Results

The U.S. automated clearing house network saw a double-digit increase year-over-year in transactions in the second quarter while dollar volume ballooned 94%. Helping to drive volume increases was Nacha’s decision earlier this year to raise the limit on same-day transactions to $1 million. The second quarter was the first full period with that higher limit—up by a factor of 10 from the old one. As a result, while same-day transactions grew 24% to 185 million for the quarter, the total dollar volume exploded 94%, to $486 billion.



How Enhanced Personalization of FI Websites Propels Growth

By some accounts, a FI's website is really its busiest branch. A strong digital presence with a website equipped to match the functionality and ease of a physical branch is critical. This article states that building a financial website is a compilation of technical elements, psychology, personalization, gamification, content and styling. It concludes that personalizing a website and tailoring it to consumers takes place through the right data aggregation tools, learning the demographics of new users through the actions they take and engaging with them from the onset to learn what products they are looking for.



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Internet Access


Cisco Study Finds Hybrid Clouds Are Now the Norm

The hybrid cloud can be defined as a combination of two more clouds that are centrally managed. This can include on-premises private, hosted private, or public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud. All “big three” cloud providers (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) have their own hybrid cloud offerings. Cisco's recently released “2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report” found that the Hybrid Cloud is becoming the de facto operating model for most IT organizations.



How Cloudflare Emerged to Take on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Since 2004, Cloudflare has expanded its portfolio of Internet security and performance products for web administrators, as well as investing in building out an impressive content delivery network (CDN) across 270 cities. Plus the Cloudflare Workers platform has opened the door to providing software developers with the tools needed to build and run applications across a large global network in a serverless way, essentially outsourcing a bunch of server-related operational tasks for Cloudflare to manage.




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Call Centers


AI Chatbots Don't Need to Be Sentient, They Just Need to Work

While chatbot technology is evolving, the bots available in today's market are nowhere near sentient. Much more work needs to be done to make chatbots integrate with existing enterprise IT to automate even the simplest tasks. People identifying chatbots as sentient beings dates back more than 50 years to Eliza, the original chatbot, which was released in 1966 and set up to talk like a therapist.