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December 12, 2022

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General News


CUSO Offering Aims to Help Small CUs Save on Employee Health Care

InterLutions, a CUSO wholly-owned by the $2.8 billion, Muskego, WI-based Corporate Central CU, launched an employee health care plan offering specifically for small CUs. The I-Care Health Plan is designed for credit unions with up to 20 employees and delivered through the CUSO’s in-house insurance agency.



Finastra Survey Shows Open Banking Essential

Finastra research reveals that views on Open Banking in the US have matured over the last year, with 68% of respondents considering it either a 'must have' or 'important', up from 48% last year. Of those who have integrated Open Banking, 100% now say there has been a significant impact to their FI.





Hardware News


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Business Laptops

Business-ready notebooks come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. This article shows you how to pick the best laptops for all your users, whether you’re leasing or buying outright.



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Software Updates


NAVEX IRM Out-of-the-Box Helps Accelerate Third Party and IT Risk Management

NAVEX released NAVEX IRM (Integrated Risk Management) Out-of-the-Box solutions to help organizations stand-up IT and third party risk management programs. The two pre-configured solutions include IT Risk Management that helps automate workflows to help protect IT systems from attack along with Third Party Risk Management that helps automate the process of managing third parties to prevent them from being a window of attack.



Uptycs Launches Agentless Cloud Workload Scanning

CNAPP (cloud native application protection platform) and XDR (extended detection and response ) provider Uptycs announced that it has added agentless scanning to its existing cloud workload protection platform. They say that agentless, API-based scanning is much easier to implement than agent-based techniques, and provides the ability to look at the entirety of an enterprise’s workloads in moments. Uptycs claims that their system is particularly low-touch, asking only to pull metadata, not actual information, from the customer environment to provide a snapshot of all activity in a given environment.



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Strategies for Preventing Hook and Chain Attacks

ATM crimes are on the rise — the FBI reported 254 thefts in 2021, up from 229 in 2020 and 31 in 2019. One of the most popular methods is the hook and chain attack, where someone will attach a chain from the back of a vehicle to the ATM and drag the ATM away, leaving massive property damage in its wake. Most of their crimes take less than 5 minutes — sometimes as little as 2-3 minutes. This article offers up some suggestions on preventing hook and chain attacks.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their clients are:

Ball State FCU and Andover FCU

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones

This article discusses the NetOptimizer Internet Speed Booster. It runs through a series of protocols to speed up slow Internet connections, helping you to optimize the wrong browser configurations, clean up browser junk, optimize data caching and more. It claims that NetOptimizer optimizes I/O Internet Packet Stack Size settings to match your Internet Service Provider’s speeds and give you maximum browsing efficiency, manages I/O latency to eliminate lag and gives you enhanced configuration methods to improve connection efficiency.



Mobile Wallets Poised to Become a Favorite

Mobile wallet usage for brick-and-mortar purchases rose 9% globally in Q2 2022. A November PYMNTS/Nuvei collaboration found digital wallets to be the most popular alternate purchasing method for U.S. shoppers. Fifty-nine percent of consumers who tried a new payment option in the past year used a digital wallet, and nearly two-thirds of shoppers incorporated digital wallets as a regular form of payment in the past year. Ease of use was cited as the main reason for their choice.



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Security Section


What You Should Know When Considering Cyber Insurance in 2023

When even the best-laid cybersecurity plans fail, cyber insurance can help mitigate an organization’s exposure to financial and operational risk—but the insurance landscape is shifting with the times. However, experts say that cyber insurance might not be readily available to all who want it in 2023. Buyers are finding that policy costs are rising, and insurers are asking for more proof that strong cybersecurity strategies are in place before agreeing to provide coverage. Insurance companies are also reviewing security strategies and policies as well as security training and awareness programs. While insurance policies can help organizations recover following a successful attack and can help reduce risk, some organizations are finding that they can’t justify paying the premiums or they can’t meet all the controls that insurers now require before issuing coverage.





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Leaders Roundtable

Core Systems:

Enabling Innovation with the Help of Core Systems

Aurora Advantage (A Product of CSPI) - http://www.auroradigitalbanking.com
Read Brian Dougherty's comments:

Enhanced Software Products - https://www.espsolution.net
Read Matt Lefler's comments:

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Technology and Marketing


AI Modeling & Marketing Automation: How Marketers Can Take the Guesswork out of Campaigning

The author posits that artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic technology reserved for tech startups — it’s a competitive advantage that every credit union should be harnessing. She claims that AI can be deployed quickly and cost effectively to allow CUs of any size to analyze a wide variety of complex business scenarios. She concludes that AI modeling is a way for CUs of all sizes to complete complex queries and investigate large batches of data, without needing to increase headcount.



The Growing Challenge of Disengagement

Among FIs, 22% of accountholders are disengaged and 44% are barely engaged, according to a 2020 survey of 3,000 U.S. consumers by Cornerstone Advisors. The question is “why?" This article explores the reasons for this disconnect.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Real-Time Payments Will Grow Nearly 300% Over the Next 5 Years

The total number of real-time transactions, also known as instant payments, worldwide will reach 376 billion in 2027, up 289% from 97 billion, Juniper Research forecasts. The Federal Reserve is expected to launch its FedNow real-time payments network next summer, while a variety of private companies have been processing real-time transactions, including The Clearing House Payments. Time and cost savings from instant payments, along with better cash-flow management, will prompt more businesses to adopt instant payments over time, Juniper says, leading to a five-fold growth in dollar volume globally, to $33 trillion in 2027 from $6 trillion this year.



Is Request to Pay the Next Big Thing?

The author is convinced that Request to Pay promises to be a revolutionary new way of paying bills over the old Direct Debit. That is because it puts the payer (consumer) in control and gives them options of how much to pay. Request to Pay isn’t a new payments rail at all but a specification and messaging service able to sit on existing payment rails – most often credit cards and faster payments systems. When the payer approves the payment, a real-time transfer is initiated to the payee. So the payer decides how much they can afford to pay and the balance is added to the payer’s outstanding balance.



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Internet Access


Charter Takes Aim at Enterprise with New 100G Transport Services

Charter Communications is stepping up its enterprise game, rolling out a suite of new fiber transport products which can provide speeds up to 100 Gbps. The move could intensify competition between Charter and other enterprise connectivity providers like Zayo, Lumen Technologies and Windstream. New offerings from Charter’s Spectrum Enterprise unit will include IP and Ethernet Internet transport, WAN, wavelength and redundancy services which will be scalable from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps.



Gartner Predicts Robust Cloud Computing Market till 2027

Gartner predicts cloud’s role moving from that of a new technology to a new business tool over the next five years. The research firm predicts the portfolios of hyperscaler cloud providers will be “augmented” by regional, industry and sovereign clouds and edge computing. They say that organizations can “optimize spend by leveraging multiple cost optimization techniques and negotiating discounts with hyperscalers.”




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Call Centers


ChatGPT: Finally, an AI Chatbot Worth Talking To

AI chatbot experts are all talking about — and talking to — a newish research project from artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI. It’s called ChatGPT. This article takes a deep dive into ChatGPT's extensive features.