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May 16, 2022

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General News


Jack Henry and NYDIG to Offer Bitcoin Services to CUs

Jack Henry & Associates announced that it's working with NYDIG, a leader in bitcoin technology and financial services solutions, to enable CUs to make bitcoin more accessible to their members. Members will be able to access NYDIG's buy-hold-sell capabilities through the Banno Digital Platform, with JHA PayCenter facilitating payments to and from NYDIG over the RTP network.



Service CU Partners with Pocketnest to Launch Financial Wellness App

Service Credit Union said it has partnered with financial wellness platform Pocketnest to launch a financial wellness app called “Fin-Life.” According to Service CU, Fin-Life is a free, downloadable app that caters to Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X audiences.





Hardware News


Dell Defends Its Controversial New Laptop Memory

According to this article, Dell’s new memory design isn’t really proprietary and may actually lead to benefits for performance laptops. Dell’s new CAMM, or Compression Attached Memory Module, is designed to head-off looming bandwidth ceilings in the current SO-DIMM designs. Dell’s CAMM, in fact, could increase performance, improve reliability, aid user upgrades, and eventually lower costs too, Dell said.



Western Digital Announces 26TB Hard Drives and 22TB Server SSDs

Western Digital announced two new hard drives with huge capacities—one 26TB and one 22TB—as well as high-capacity SSDs for servers, internal and external performance-focused WD Black SSDs, and mid-range PCIe 4.0 SSDs that could end up in your next prebuilt laptop or desktop PC. The 26TB Ultrastar DC HC670 drives use tech called shingled magnetic recording, or SMR, to boost the amount of data that can fit on each platter, however it comes at the expense of performance.



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Software Updates


Just What Does Windows 11 Bring to the Table?

For many enterprise users (with the right Windows licensing) Windows 11 offers a number of security upgrades. But for more regular users, those tools may not be available. This article covers the advantages of migrating to Windows 11 as well as some drawbacks.



6 Virtual Collaboration Solutions for Remote Teams

This article reviews 6 tools that should help remote teams collaborate more successfully, and help managers feel more confident in supporting employee autonomy in the new hybrid workplace. These tools are: 1) Walkabout Workplace; 2) WorkPatterns; 3) Teamflow; 4) Moxo; 5) Miro; and 6) Asana.



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Green Banknote Helps Increase Sustainability in the Cash Cycle

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) has introduced a "Green Banknote" that they say acts as a blueprint for using ecological, resource-saving materials and production processes for banknotes. It reduces the ecological footprint of a banknote by using certified natural fibers, as little plastic as absolutely necessary and an optimized production process. For a greater durability in the cash cycle, the natural fiber substrate is wrapped with a PET film, which is thinner in the "Green Banknote" and therefore conserves resources. Also for the first time, inks for simultaneous printing based on vegetable oils and thus without mineral oils are used in the printing of the banknotes.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:
NorthEast Alliance Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


Driving Accountholder Adoption of Mobile Check Deposits

Billions of checks were written last year in the U.S. alone, and although check use is steadily declining, checks still account for 7% of all consumer transactions. It is not only Gen Z preferences that are shifting towards mobile deposit; the second largest group is ages 45-54, for whom 50% prefer mobile as the most frequent check deposit method. Even among ages 55-64, 32% use mobile deposit most often. This article goes on to detail best practices to help drive mobile deposit usage.



5 Mobile Banking App Pain Points That Must Be Eliminated

The Financial Brand set out to determine what annoys consumers the most about the mobile banking apps they use. This article lays out five common complaint areas about mobile banking apps: App Complaint #1: Mobile Deposit Function Goes Wonky; App Complaint #2: Human Response Remains Key in Mobile World; App Complaint #3: Apps Just Run Too Slowly; App Complaint #4: Navigation Is Clunky or Dumb; and App Complaint #5: Users Get Mired in Security.



5G Uploads Aren't Fast Enough for Enterprise Needs

A survey of wireless ISPs shows that the download speeds of their 5G services are significantly faster than 4G, but the gains in upload speed are less impressive. The average global download speed for 5G networks was 898Mbps, compared to 671Mbps for 4G/LTE and 99Mbps for 3G networks. The difference in upload speed between 5G and 4G/LTE was much smaller, however, and the researchers emphasize that this is a potential issue for the business use of public 5G networks. However, this should improve as more carriers implement mmWave technology.



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Security Section


Syxsense Launches Unified Endpoint Security and Management Platform

Syxsense announced Syxsense Enterprise which they claim is the world’s first IT management and endpoint security solution that delivers real-time vulnerability monitoring and instant remediation for every endpoint across an organization’s entire network environment. Syxsense Enterprise combines Syxsense Secure, Manage, and Mobile Device Manager to deliver a platform that scans and manages all endpoints, helps resolve problems in real-time, and reduces the risks associated with system misconfigurations.



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Technology and Marketing


Top Reasons Why Consumers Switch FIs

A study by MKP communications revealed the four most important reasons they would leave their current FI: 1) Digital offerings; 2) Fraud management; 3) Attractive inducements; and 4) Inconvenient branches. They also mention other signficant factors such as: Poor Service, High Costs, Not Feeling Valued, Inadequate Products/Services, and Misalignment of Values.



Consumers Turn to FIs That Deliver Hybrid Financial Wellness Solutions

This article posits that the FIs that will not only survive but thrive are those that can forge long-term bonds with their accountholders by offering cutting-edge mobile and online digital payment technologies while integrating the human touch as part of a holistic experience. It concludes that setting up accountholders for success means offering a combination of “must-have” digital payment technologies to deliver transactional speed and convenience and the across-the-desk, tailored advice people want, allowing the FI to become the financial wellness partner they need.



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Digital Banking Industry Leaders Forum

Thought Leadership From Around the Industry by Credit Union tech-talk and Finopotamus:

Benchmarking Your Digital Banking Strategy

Humanizing Digital: Increasing Account Holder Loyalty and Exceeding CU Goals with Smart, Flexible Solutions


Digital Transformation: A Credit Union Imperative

The Digital Banking Market Is Heating Up

Three Present-Day Goals to Revolutionize Your FI’s Marketing

eSignatures Are Now a Top Priority Across the Nation

Fight Fraud by Better Understanding Your Financial Data

It’s Always About the People: 5 Rules for Digital Banking and Beyond


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Behind the Clearing House’s Effort to Bring Tokenization to Its Real Time and ACH Services

Against a background of emerging real-time payments and steady growth in automated clearing house transactions, The Clearing House Payments is working to mask those transfers with a technology the payment card business has used for years—tokenization. The new effort is aimed at replacing deposit-account and routing numbers with strings of digits that would be useless if intercepted by thieves. TCH is starting with its Real Time Payments network and will have the capability in place for its ACH system by June. To help the new tokenization service proliferate among FIs and other users, TCH is not charging fees. Nor is the service mandatory for TCH users.



What the Zelle Is Going On?

There is a pressure in a number of markets to look at the use of account-to-account (A2A) payments for retail transactions, bypassing traditional card payments by allowing payments to go directly from consumer FI accounts to retailer and service provider FI accounts. In the US, for example, stakeholders are beginning to look at whether to extend Zelle in this direction. This article takes a deep dive into A2A payments.



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Internet Access


Citrix Doubles Down on SSE, Delivers ZTNA

Citrix has bolstered its security service edge (SSE) offering with the launch of its zero-trust network access (ZTNA) platform. The cloud-delivered service, dubbed Citrix’s Secure Private Access, is designed to protect access to applications and services regardless of whether the end user is working in the branch, remotely, or from a managed or unmanaged device. The service is available as a standalone ZTNA platform or as part of a full-featured SSE, complete with secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), and data loss prevention (DLP).



AT&T Expands Access to Advanced Secure Edge and Remote Workforce Capabilities

AT&T is introducing AT&T SASE with Cisco Meraki to help organizations improve network performance, enable resilient access and defend sensitive data. These managed services include AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki for a cloud-managed networking solution; AT&T Secure Remote Access with Cisco for zero-trust network access; and AT&T Secure Web Gateway with Cisco for secure Internet and cloud app access.




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Call Centers


Fintech Sector’s Overreliance on Chatbots Is a Mistake

Reasons for using chatbots include their ability to churn out immediate answers, manage simple requests, function 24/7 with zero days off, and save time better spent on more essential activities. However the author is not a chartbot fan as evidenced by his comments: "Since chatbots don’t understand natural language, faced with an unfamiliar request they either give no answer, leaving the customer feeling helpless, or lead them in endless circles. This is especially noticeable with rules-based chatbots triggered by pre-defined words or phrases that send them down a generic decision tree. More fancy, AI-driven bots that leverage NLP are slightly less irksome, but only slightly." However, he concludes that "chatbots are not unequivocally bad."