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April 10, 2023

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General News


IMM Partners with ProcessMaker to Automate Digital Banking Account Opening

IMM has partnered with ProcessMaker to offer digital banking account opening. The partnership combines IMM's eSignatures multi-factor authentication and identity verification with ProcessMaker's business process management and workflow management capabilities.



Pidgin Works with Effectiv to Help CUs Mitigate Transaction Fraud

Real-time payment platform Pidgin has partnered with Effectiv to help CUs mitigate transaction fraud. The partnership integrates Pidgin's real-time payments offerings, including account verification, transaction monitoring, and AI-powered fraud detection, with Effectiv's risk management solutions.



Union Credit, TransUnion Partner for E-Commerce Options from CUs

Union Credit, a marketplace for CUs to make firm, one-click credit offers at the point of purchase, announced a partnership with TransUnion. Union Credit is a FinTech startup with a mission to help CUs acquire new, credit worthy members from outside their ecosystems. They say that partnering with TransUnion should help enable lenders in the Union Credit marketplace to deliver members convenient, transparent financing in their everyday retail and financial experiences.





Hardware News


Intel Announces 144 Core Xeon Processor

Intel has announced the launch of its latest Xeon processor, the Xeon Scalable Processor 8 (Sapphire Rapids), containing up to 144 cores. The processor delivers advanced AI and networking capabilities along with fast performance, enabling complex workloads to be accomplished efficiently. It also supports up to 96 memory channels of DDR5, PCIe 5.0, and Compute Express Link for handling large data sets at a faster rate.



Kioxia and Western Digital Announce Newest 3D Flash Memor

Kioxia Corporation and Western Digital announced details of their newest 3D flash memory technology. The firms say that applying advanced scaling and wafer bonding technologies, their new 3D flash memory will deliver exceptional capacity, performance and reliability.



HPE Unveils a New Storage Initiative

HPE has unveiled a new storage initiative called HPE Alletra, which aims to simplify data infrastructure management. The platform is built on a scalable, cloud-native architecture and features a unified data experience with a single AI-based management console. HPE Alletra offers flexible deployment options, including on-premises, as-a-service, and hybrid cloud, providing customers with a choice of where to store their data.



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Software Updates


Dell Beefs up Security Portfolio with New Threat Detection and Recovery Tools

Dell has expanded its security portfolio with new threat detection and recovery tools. Dell Technologies Unified Workspace can now defend against threats at the endpoint using machine learning algorithms to identify and remediate threats in real-time. The added capabilities include a tiered upgrade to Dell’s managed detection and response (MDR) platform, partnered threat management with CrowdStrike’s Falcon, component verification for Dell’s commercial PCs, and an incident recovery solution.



Microsoft Launches Collaboration App Loop

Microsoft has launched a new collaboration app called "Loop" that is designed to simplify work communications and streamline employee workflows. Loop is built on top of the company's existing productivity suite, Microsoft 365, and is intended to help teams stay organized and informed while working together on various projects. With features like shared workspaces, real-time chat, and task management tools, Loop aims to minimize the need for email.



Predictive Networking Promises Faster Fixes

Predictive network technology is being promoted as a solution for identifying, diagnosing, and resolving network problems. The technology is designed to predict potential network issues, analyze them, and recommend solutions that can be applied in real-time. Predictive network technology works by collecting performance data from a variety of sources, including sensors and analytics tools, to gain insights into network activity. By analyzing the data, the technology can detect abnormalities, monitor network health, and hopefully prevent issues before they become serious. The technology can also identify root causes of problems and recommend remedial actions.



Microsoft Rearchitects Teams to Make It Faster and Smarter

Microsoft is rearchitecting its Teams communication and collaboration platform to improve its performance and enable new features. The company announced that it is rebuilding Teams using modern technology such as React Native and WebGL to make it faster and smarter. The revamped Teams will include new features such as live reactions and accessible chat bubbles.





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The Number of ATMs Has Declined as People Rely Less on Cash

After peaking at 470,000 ATMs in the U.S. in 2019, the number of machines has declined annually over the past few years to 451,500 at the end of 2022, according to data tracked by research firm Euromonitor International. However, officials from the ATM Industry Association questioned the Euromonitor numbers, saying that while the dispensers were hit hard during the pandemic they see a rebound in demand for cash. They stated that “it is still the payment method of choice for in-person transactions of $25 or less." The ATMIA added that “right now the biggest threat to the industry is not electronic payments, but ATM crime.”



Mobile Wallets, ATMs Find Roles in Remittance Market

Mobile wallets and ATMs are both finding their place in the remittance market as convenient ways to send and receive money. This article says that "about 90% of family remittances in the Mexico-U.S. corridor start and end in cash. ATMs play a critical role by enabling senders convenient access to cash at the point where they will initiate the transfer."



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Wireless World


Transcelestial Creates Laser Wireless with 25 Gbps Speeds

Tech startup Transcelestial has developed a wireless system that uses lasers to transmit data at speeds of up to 25 Gbps. The company claims that the system can bounce lasers off satellites, ground stations and balloons, making it suitable for use in areas with poor traditional wireless infrastructure. The system is designed to be deployed over long distances and uses very little power.



HP Releases Wolf Connect Cellular-Based Network Solution for Secure Remote PC Management

HP has unveiled Wolf Connect which is a software solution for secure remote PC management. The solution incorporates features such as secure boot, automated user authentication, encryption, and vulnerability management to protect against cyber threats. Wolf Connect enables IT teams to remotely manage PCs and helps provide visibility to identify and respond to potential security risks. Additionally, it provides a platform to securely deploy and manage software, firmware, and BIOS updates.



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Security Section


Cloudflare Takes on Online Fraud Detection Market

Cloudflare announced it is entering the fraud detection market to help organizations quickly identify and stop online fraud – including fraudulent transactions, fake account signups, account takeover attacks, and carding attacks. Cloudflare Fraud Detection will first synthesize different threat activity it sees across the globe and across many different Cloudflare products.



Protection from Check Fraud in a Digital World

The printed check might seem headed for almost certain obsolescence, but check fraud remains among the top forms of payment fraud. The most common fraud method is alteration of the physical check, which typically involves check washing—the removal of a printed character with a common solvent, such as acetone—or check scraping, the removal of a printed character by carefully scraping the ink or toner with a sharp object or lifting it off with tape. Once the payee or amount has been removed, the check is simply reprinted with the fraudulent information. The article goes on to highlight some steps you can take to protect your checks from fraud.



Nile Unveils Series of New Security Capabilities to Help Secure Users and Devices Against Threats

Nile, a network traffic analytics company, has announced new security features for its platform. The new capabilities include improved malware detection, enhanced threat hunting and response, and expanded support for cloud and container environments. Nile's platform uses AI and ML to analyze network traffic and detect anomalies that may indicate a security threat. The new features are aimed at helping organizations better detect and respond to cyber attacks, particularly those that target cloud and containerized environments.





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Technology and Marketing


5 Ways AI Will Transform CRM

The author believes that the potential for generative AI systems such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard to transform how businesses work is being realized, and one of the first product categories to be impacted is CRM systems. He argues that AI can be plugged into existing software more easily than using it to build services from scratch, and that "CRM systems are a particularly attractive target for this since when implemented effectively, they can have a rapid impact on a company’s bottom line." His 5 transformations include: 1) Segmenting consumers more effectively; 2) Transforming the sales funnel; 3) Repurposing corporate information assets; 4) Creating personalized marketing content; and 5) Incorporating the power of platforms.



To Improve Digital Marketing in Banking, Mobile Apps Are Key

This article states that one of the best ways to sell financial products and services digitally is on the mobile banking app itself. With consumers accessing their mobile banking multiple times each week (or day), this platform provides unparalleled capabilities to engage and drive sales activity. It goes on to list 6 ways that mobile banking apps can be used for selling products and services.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Apple Pay Later Launches

Apple has launched its buy now, pay later (BNPL) service, Apple Pay Later, for US shoppers. The service offers two options: Apple Pay in installments, a feature that lets customers pay for purchases in four interest-free payments over several weeks, and Apple Pay Monthly Installments that allows customers to spread the cost of Apple hardware over several months with interest rates ranging from 0% to 19.99% depending on the customer’s creditworthiness. Customers can use the Apple Pay Later service with their Apple Wallet in-store, online or within apps.



The Fed Is Restructuring the US Payments Ecosystem with the FedNow Service – What FIs Need to Know

The Federal Reserve is launching FedNow, a new instant payment service that will change the payments ecosystem in the US. The service is expected to be launched in 2023 and the first iteration of FedNow payment rail will enable money transfers, bill payments and other consumer activities in almost real-time and at a lower cost. This article goes on to explore what the new service will mean mean for the existing payment rails and its affect on FIs.



Mastercard Makes Sustainable Cards Pledge

Mastercard has pledged to create cards made from recyclable, bio-sourced, chlorine- and bleach-free plastic by 2023. The initiative is part of the payment giant's goal to become carbon neutral by 2021, and will affect all products across its portfolio. It will also invest in reforestation and renewable energy projects to combat climate impact.



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Internet Access


Analysis of 7 Single-Vendor SASE Platforms

SASE platforms provide a new approach to networking and security by integrating multiple functions, including wide area networking, cloud security, and access control, into a single cloud-based solution. Single-vendor SASE platforms offer the advantages of a comprehensive solution with simplified management and improved performance. However, they may also limit flexibility, interoperability with other solutions, and user choice.



Lightspin Launches Remediation Hub to Help Identify and Fix Cloud Security Threats

Lightspin, a cloud security platform, has launched a Remediation Hub designed to help security teams discover and mitigate cloud security risks. Built to integrate with other popular security and DevOps solutions, the hub helps organizations identify and prioritize issues while providing specific remediation steps to solve them. The solution works across multi-cloud, container, and Kubernetes environments.



Fortinet Consolidates SD-WAN and SASE Management

Fortinet has announced the consolidation of its management in secure SD-WAN and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions, under the umbrella of its Fortinet Security Fabric. The move integrates the company's SD-WAN and SASE offerings with its cloud-delivered security platform, thereby offering a single architecture that can support zero-trust network access, end-to-end security, incident response, and security-driven networking.




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Call Centers


How Organizations Can Use ChatGPT and GPT-3

The article discusses how organizations can leverage the language models of ChatGPT and GPT-3 for their business needs. These models are advanced tools with natural language processing capabilities that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as chatbots and online assistants, personalizing consumer experiences, and automating internal processes. The article notes that ChatGPT is specifically designed for chatbot applications, while GPT-3 is more general-purpose and can be used for a wider range of tasks.



What to Do and What to Avoid for Your Knowledge Management Program

Knowledge management is a hot topic these days, as it can empower agents, many of whom are still working from home, with answers to a wide range of questions. However, many contact centers struggle to decide what knowledge to include in the knowledge base, and what content should be left in its original source while being available to agents. The author highlights 5 best practices and 5 pitfalls to avoid as you embark on or mature your KM journey.