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August 23, 2021

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General News


Member Access Processing Signs Reseller Agreement with Access Softek

Member Access Processing (MAP) has signed an agreement to resell Access Softek’s entire suite of digital banking products. MAP serves more than 100 CUs across 30 states, while Access Softek has hundreds of FI clients using its digital banking solutions.



Christian Financial CU Partners with NCR

NCR announced that Christian Financial CU has selected NCR to provide a comprehensive digital banking experience to its members. The Sterling Heights, MI-based CU will also deploy NCR’s integrated marketing solutions to help engage with members.





Hardware News


Dell Announces New Monitors

Dell has announced its lineup of new screens that you can pair with your laptop or desktop computer, including a portable screen that’s thinner than Apple’s iPad Air. The portable monitor is a 14-inch FHD IPS display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Plus there are two new 24- and 27-inch monitors meant for video conferencing, with built-in 5-megapixel cameras. They also feature noise-canceling microphones and 5W speakers.



New Double Encrypted SSD Helps Ensure Data Security and Avoid Data Leakage

The FORESEE SSD R&D team launched the P709 PCIe SSD, which, empowered by the TCG-OPAL 2.0 and Pyrite 2.0 encryption functions, helps ensure data security and assists in avoiding data leakage. They say that their design allows for fast encryption/decryption by processing information in the device without a host, thereby minimizing the risk of data leakage without affecting system performance.



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Software Updates


Zoom Rolls out Two Product Offerings Geared at the Hybrid Workforce

Zoom has unveiled two new products, Zoom Apps and Zoom Events, designed to enhance collaboration, productivity and entertainment for the hybrid workforce. Zoom Apps is designed to embed third-party apps within the Zoom Meetings and desktop client experience. Meanwhile, Zoom Events is an all-in-one platform for creating interactive and immersive virtual events to help engage audiences.



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How to Tap Marketing to Boost Your ATM Presence

According to this article, there are two types of ATM users: tier one and tier two. Tier one users are you current accountholders so you can use marketing messages to upsell either based on analytics or based on their BIN or card type or even the market area. Tier two users are non-accountholders so you need to be able to communicate to them who you are about and give them reason to switch. Either way, the article states that you must regularly change your marketing messaging so it doesn't get stale.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Security Service Federal Credit Union

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Wireless World


Boku Launches Global Mobile Payments Network

Boku has unveiled what it claims is the world's largest mobile payments network, reaching 5.7 billion payment accounts in 90 countries. The network, M1ST, promises to simplify the fragmented mobile payment acceptance market, bringing together more than 330 methods, including mobile wallets, direct carrier billing, and real-time payments schemes into a single, scheme-like network. Boku says that M1ST-enabled payments are built to support the 0-tap subscriptions and 1-tap checkout transactions that enable new, online business models.



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Security Section


FireEye Launches XDR Platform

FireEye announced its release of FireEye XDR, an extended detection and response (XDR) platform with security protections for endpoint, network, email, and cloud. The platform includes FireEye Helix, a software-as-a-service security operations platform with security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities, and any combination of FireEye products, including Endpoint, Network, Email, and Cloud tools.



Optiv Security Launches Next-Gen Managed XDR

In a related story, OPtiv Security launched its Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) offering. They say that Optiv Managed XDR is a next-generation tech-enabled service that leverages your existing technology investments and deploys Optiv’s expertise to detect, analyze and remediate threats in real time. They claim that it is the only managed cloud-based, next-gen advanced threat detection and response service that ingests data across various layers of technologies to correlate, normalize, enrich, and enable automated responses to malicious activity in real-time.



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Technology and Marketing


Essential Email Marketing Tips

Over the past few years, many marketer’s focus has been on social media, SMS, and the cloud. But email remains one of the most effective means of interacting with consumers. The author, who claims have to earned $50 million in sales for his clients, goes on to offer some email marketing tips.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Survey Reveals Only Half of Americans Have Ever Heard of Open Banking

A survey by Axway reveals half of Americans have never heard of the term "open banking," but 84% agree with its central tenet that they should have control of their financial data. Open banking is the use of APIs to unlock financial data, enabling third-party software providers and FIs to build new financial applications and services. The 2021 survey found 81% of Americans feel their FIs offer all the financial services they need in their day-to-day life, and yet at the same time, 40% of the same people use at least one finance or budgeting app other than their FI’s mobile app.



Online and Contactless Usage Surges While Wallets Assert Themselves

The story of debit cards in the pandemic year of 2020 turns out to have several chapters—including higher average tickets, a sharp swing to card-not-present usage, a dramatic surge in contactless adoption, and higher mobile-wallet usage. Meanwhile, account-to-account transfers turned out to be the fastest-growing form of debit, though usage remains small. These are some the findings of the 16th annual Debit Issuer Study from Discover's Pulse network - this article goes on to cover more of the details from the report.



What Will Financial Services of the Future Look like in the Cloud?

The author states that use cases of the cloud fall into two categories: 1) those facilitating business development and expansion into new markets; and 2) those facilitating optimization of the FI’s internal processes. She goes on to lay out areas where she thinks that the use of cloud technologies will bring maximum business effects.



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Internet Access


Netskope SASE Adds Cloud Firewall, Native Isolation Tech

Netskope updated its secure access service edge (SASE) platform with features including a new cloud-delivered firewall and its own remote browser isolation (RBI) technology from its recent Randed acquisition. Additionally, they added features to its zero trust network access (ZTNA) technology that connects corporate users, partners, and third-party suppliers to private resources using the Netskope client or browser access for private web applications instead of giving them access to the network, thus reducing risk.



Juniper Touts Cloud-Ready Data Center, AI, Automation

This article states that organizations today have many more micro-sites, remote users, and branches that need to be managed, and that technology infrastructures have become a network of diverse environments, which can greatly increase complexity. In response, Juniper is offering its cloud-ready data center, which includes its software, hardware, and management products. Their software also includes automation features to provide consistent network and security policies for workloads across physical and virtual infrastructures.



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Call Centers


How to Coach Transfers and Hold Time

Holds and transfers are a caller dissatisfier, and almost every contact center wants to minimize them. However, minimizing holds and transfers can encourage unintended consequences, such as agents not putting callers on hold when they should or failing to implement necessary transfers to meet their numbers. The author contends that holds and transfers are either a process/workflow issue or a knowledge issue. She goes on to explore these issues in detail in this article.