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July 12, 2021

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General News


Capitol CU and DBSI+CFM Introduce Banking for Techies by Techies

Capitol Credit Union, a 194 million asset CU headquartered in Austin, has partnered with DBSI+CFM to open Capitol's new high tech branch. The new location features NEXT, a self-service kiosk, biometrics, and MSRs with tablets,



Dover FCU Partners with interface.ai

Dover FCU, serving over 43,000 members, announced that they will be replacing their IVR system with interface.ai’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). The IVA will be initially available through DFCU’s call center, closely followed by their website and online/mobile banking services.





Hardware News


White Boxes in the Enterprise: Why It’s Not Crazy

Some industry observers state that organizations can save 50% on network equipment by using generic “white-box” technology instead of proprietary routers and switches. However, integrating white-box switches and routers into business networks has its challenges, but properly scaled and vetted deployments can save money. This article points out some of the pitfalls to avoid when going this route with your network hardware.



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Software Updates


NAFCU, CUNA Offer Recommendations on How CUs, Regulators Can Best Leverage AI

Both NAFCU and CUNA have offered their input on how credit unions can leverage artificial intelligence and how they believe regulators can work with the industry on the technology. NAFCU noted that common business functions that integrate AI solutions include underwriting, risk management, and marketing. They are considering forming a working group of credit union industry stakeholders to pursue targeted solutions to leverage AI. Meanwhile, CUNA noted that “we believe that AI doesn’t necessarily need to be categorized as a new risk by regulators, but rather that agencies should focus on products or services where the use of AI might change processes or products significantly enough that the incremental risks might be difficult to understand.”



The NordPass Password Manager Launches Its Enterprise Solution

The NordPass password manager has launched its password management solution designed for larger organizations, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses with advanced needs. It includes new features such as Single Sign-On and Activity Log, among other enhancements.



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Advanced Software Solutions Play a Key Role in Optimizing ATM Performance

RBR’s recent study, Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2026, shows that the number of ATMs worldwide continued to fall in 2020, driven by rationalization in more mature markets where cashless payment methods are becoming increasingly prevalent. However, investment in terminal efficiency shows no sign of slowing. The report states “as quality of service becomes increasingly more important than the quantity of machines, we can expect to see interesting developments in advanced software solutions as deployers look to get the best for both themselves and their customers.”



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their clients are:

Ball State FCU and Andover FCU

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Wireless World


Over Half the World’s Population Will Use Mobile Wallets by 2025

More than one in two people will use a mobile wallet by 2025, as cash is increasingly displaced, finds a study from mobile payments company Boku. This equates to an increase of 2.7 to 4.8 billion wallets in use globally in the next four years. These are worldwide numbers, North American wallet uptake is moving more slowly – at 50% by 2025.



AT&T and Google Cloud Extend 5G Partnership with New Services

With two new joint offerings, Google and AT&T aim to help organizations create new 5G experiences close to the end-user, whether that's on-premise or at the network edge. With the first service, business customers will be able to build and run applications using Google Cloud capabilities, such as AI, Kubernetes and data analytics. The applications are deployed on-premise using AT&T's 5G and Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) services. The second service will allow organizations to deploy applications at Google edge points of presence (POPs), which will be connected to AT&T's 5G and fiber networks.



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Security Section


7 Tactics for Boosting the Security of Your APIs

API feeds open up security vulnerabilities on devices in homes, offices, and job sites everywhere. This article looks at how to improve API security.



What Is the Impact of Remote Work on Security Best Practices?

Remote work puts enormous pressure on admins and organizations. This article takes a dive into remote work security concerns and the best security practices to help address them.



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Technology and Marketing


Financial Advice: A Service Few Consumers Ask for — but Many Love

The J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Retail Banking Advice Satisfaction Study found that there is huge opportunity for FIs to forge deeper relationships by helping accountholders with things like advice on investment and retirement planning, building savings to cover emergencies and techniques to ensure paying bills on time. Bottom line: Targeted, personalized financial advice drives satisfaction gains.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


The First Credit Card with No Fees on Rent Payments

Bilt Rewards, the new renter loyalty program launched by an alliance of the country’s top real estate owners, and Mastercard announced a multifaceted partnership to launch the Bilt Mastercard. The co-brand credit card offers renters across the US a way to pay rent via credit card with no fees, earn points on their largest expense, raise their credit history with every on-time rent payment, and build a path towards homeownership.



Visa Outlines Its Cryptocurrency Strategy

Visa is partnering with 50 of the leading crypto platforms on card programs that help make it easy to convert and spend digital currency at 70 million merchants worldwide. With more than $1 billion spent on crypto-linked Visa cards in the first half of 2021, the card giant says that it is clear that the crypto community sees value in linking digital currencies to Visa’s global network.



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Internet Access


Finding the Right SD-WAN in a Crowded Market

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) have become a staple for large organizations, helping them better communicate and interact with each other across the globe. But despite having a smaller presence and reach, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have also started to take advantage of this technology. The author argues that when chossing an SD-WAN that simplicity should be top of mind. He goes on to provide some other SD-WAN selection and deployment tips.



Taking Advantage of Cloud 3.0, IT's Next Big Trend

Cloud computing has undergone several iterations over its two decades of existence. According to some analysts, Cloud 3.0 is about being able to work anywhere, benefiting from cloud-based collaboration tools such as Slack and Zoom, alongside an expectation that all IT will be in some way, shape or form connected to the cloud.



Business Broadband: Best Internet Service Provider in 2021

This article looks at 6 business ISPs: 1) Verizon Fios Business Internet; 2) AT&T Business Internet; 3) Comcast Business; 4) Spectrum Business; 5) Frontier Business Internet; and 6) Google Fiber.



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Call Centers


Your Chatbot Needs Better Small Talk

The author insists that service small talk (greeting words, opening questions, invitations to interact, etc.) isn’t small at all. The conversation starters we humans use when we interact with consumers influence how well we resolve their issues and how satisfied they are with our service. The same holds true for chatbots. When they’re bad at small talk, they harm important service outcomes. She goes on to point out chatbot small talk mistakes, as well as some alternatives.



Credit Unions Should Bank on Chat

The pandemic has driven more consumers than ever to bank by mobile app, and seven in 10 would use a chat app for banking if their FI offered it, a new study by Dimensional Research shows. This article recommends that CUs take advantage of chat apps to: Add high-value digital capabilities; Replace lost in-person moments with personalized and convenient chats; Attract and retain younger consumers; and Keep the high touch feel, even if the channel changes.