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March 29, 2021

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General News


Peoples Advantage FCU Implements Member Driven Technologies

Peoples Advantage FCU has successfully implemented the Episys core processing system hosted by Member Driven Technologies (MDT), a CUSO that provides a private cloud alternative for core processing and IT needs. The VA-based CU said that they decided to implement MDT to drive efficiencies and provide a more robust experience to members.



DocMagic and Secure Insight Form Partnership, Creating a National Database of Certified Remote Online Notarization Providers

DocMagic and Secure Insight announced the offering of a centralized training program on remote online notarization (RON) technology and processes. The program establishes a trusted database of notaries that have been fully trained and certified on DocMagic’s industry-leading Total eClose platform.





Hardware News


HAMR and MAMR Will Bring Us Giant Hard Drives

Two new techniques called microwave and heat-assisted magnetic recording, or MAMR and HAMR, are allowing manufacturers to pack more data onto each hard disk platter. Toshiba just shipped the first MAMR drive, an 18TB model, and MAMR drives from Western Digital are expected shortly. Seagate has 20TB drives out to enterprise partners, and we may get consumer versions of those as well.



System on a Chip Is the New Motherboard, Says Google. Here's What That Actually Means

The SoC [Systems on Chip] is the new motherboard according to Google. On an SoC, the latency and bandwidth between different components can be orders of magnitude better, with reduced power and cost compared to composing individual ASICs on a motherboard. Custom chips have been pitched as an effective way to debunk Moore's law, by building efficient and targeted pieces of hardware capable of coping with exponential increases in demand for compute power.



Samsung Launches 12 New High-Resolution Monitors for Business Pros

Samsung announced the release of 12 new high-resolution monitors that are part of three series—the S8, S7 and S6. The new monitors range from $270 to more than $400. They're designed for employees working from home, from the office, or anyone who wants a high-res monitor for creative work.



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Software Updates


How Azure Active Directory Helps Manage Identity for Remote Users

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the cornerstone of many networks. It stores information about devices and users in a domain and verifies their credentials and rights to the network. This article dives into how as a result of the pandemic, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) has moved from being something to evaluate to a now mandatory platform to successfully support users and their work-from-home needs.



Automate Your Windows Workflow with Power Automate Desktop

Microsoft is trying to bring the worlds of process automation and inbox apps together, by making its Power Automate Desktop tool part of the standard Windows install in future Windows releases. Power Automate Desktop (originally known as WinAutomate) is now part of Microsoft’s business-focused Power Apps platform.



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Self-Service Kiosks and In-House Staff: New Technology, New Roles

The interplay between self-service and employee service is always challenging. The article states that consumers are more comfortable with self-service than ever, but when they're making a transaction, they need to know two things: 1) The transaction is reliable and 2) A helpful, competent employee is available if they need help.



Are ITMs Worth the Investment?

Many CU ATM fleets are aging and with Microsoft’s requirements for Windows 10 - which will become mandatory in 2023 – looming, those ATMs will need to be upgraded or replaced over the next three years, according to research from Cornerstone Advisors. This article dives into the role of ITMs in this upgrade process.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



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Security Service Federal Credit Union

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Wireless World


Even a Small CU Couldn't Escape the Demand for Contactless Payments

During the pandemic contactless has suddenly jumped from the back burner, and became enough of a necessity that it's now part of many CU's relationship-building strategy. In fact, contactless in all forms — shopping, ordering, transit ticking, payments, and ATMs — is one of the largest trends to come out of the pandemic for retailers, if not the largest. Contactless debit is also rising faster than contactless credit cards.



6G Doesn’t Mean Ditching 5G but ‘Evolving’ to next G

6G hasn’t been formally defined yet, and still remains somewhat of an open playground. But it’s a topic that researchers, vendors, and carriers are taking time and resources to focus on. Unfortunately, initial 6G product commercialization is not expected until later in the decade.



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Security Section


The Financial Impact of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities on CUs

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities among credit unions and their vendors create the potential for large financial impacts to the CUs, according to a Black Kite report. The research analyzed the cybersecurity posture of 250 federal credit unions and 150 vendors commonly used by credit unions. Both credit unions and their vendors averaged a cyber grade of “B,” which indicates cyber breaches would require the skills of persistent, highly experienced hackers.



'Self-Healing' Cybersecurity Software

ABN Amro has teamed up with research outfit TNO to develop "self-healing" cybersecurity software that repairs itself when under attack from viruses. The self-healing software is a concept that draws on the human immune system, which repairs itself when faced with viruses. The partners brought in immunologists to help create and develop the software.



Red Piranha's Crystal Eye XDR 4.0 Features Advanced Protection and Threat Detection

Red Piranha's XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform has been enhanced with the inclusion of SASE Cloud, streamlined Object Policy Control, and integrated incident response and digital forensic services. They have also boosted their Automated Actionable Intelligence capabilities.



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Technology and Marketing


Clean Energy CU, Organic Valley Partner on ‘Good Loan Fund’

Clean Energy CU said it is partnering with Organic Valley, an organic food brand and independent cooperative of organic farmers based in La Farge, WI, to launch the “Powering the Good Loan Fund.” The fund is aimed at providing the best loan terms for farmers seeking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels with renewable energy and efficiencies, according to the organizations, which said the program is the first of its kind for both cooperatives, pioneering a unique clean energy loan fund for more than 1,700 farmers across the country.



"The Algorithm Is Kind": 3 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Launch a TikTok Brand Campaign

The author contends that it is inexpensive to make content for the short-video platform, and the key to success is being authentic, not perfect. She outlines three reasons organizations should build a presence on TikTok: 1) TikTok's algorithm is friendly to creators and users; 2) The platform is built on copying an idea; and 3) It's cheap to build content and buy ads.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


What Lies Ahead for the World of Digital Payments

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated digitization in financial services and has pushed us much closer toward becoming a truly digital cash society. The author contends that the growing popularity of digital currencies and digital payments, along with advancements in underlying technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain, will bring lasting changes to how we spend and exchange our money in 2021 and beyond. He makes 4 predictions: 1. We will finally see new standards for safeguarding digital cash and digital payments; 2. The growth of the underbanked will cause a surge in the digital payments economy; 3. The impact of the pandemic will accelerate our move towards a cashless society; and 4. Autopay solutions powered by AI will increase.



‘Open Banking’ Tech Could Make the Economy Truly Inclusive

At its core, open-banking tech is software that lets you give lenders or fintechs access to some of your banking data. Real world examples include including Dave, a money-management app that helps consumers avoid overdrafts, and Robinhood, the stock- and options-trading platform. In theory, open banking could eventually let you move the information for all of your accounts into one real-time dashboard of your choosing, so you can see all your money in one place, in an atmosphere where your financial information is well protected.



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Internet Access


Cloudflare Introduces SD-WAN- and Firewall-as-a-Service Offerings

In a bid to replace MPLS circuits and SD-WAN appliances, Cloudflare has introduced Magic WAN and Magic Firewall and partnerships with VMware, Aruba, Digital Realty, CoreSite and EdgeConneX. Magic WAN (wide area networking) connects any source of data traffic—data centers, offices, devices, cloud apps, etc.—to Cloudflare's global content delivery network (CDN). Using a centralized dashboard, Magic Firewall enables customers to centrally manage those connections by setting network-wide policies and configuring public and private routing. Both Magic WAN and Firewall are software-as-a-service offerings.



Noction Intelligent Routing Platform 3.11 Features the Remote-Triggered Blackholing Capability

Noction announced the release of the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform 3.11 which focuses on the new remote-triggered blackholing feature. This functionality allows the redirection of traffic to a non-existent resource (a so-called black hole), or the blocking of the unwanted traffic in a provider’s network, thus preventing such traffic from entering the IRP user’s network. It can be specifically used to understand better and mitigate the effects of the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.



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Call Centers


Hyperautomation in the Contact Center

For the second year in a row, hyperautomation has been listed as one of Gartner’s strategic technology trends for the next 12 months. Defined as “the combination of multiple machine learning, packaged software and automation tools to deliver work”, hyperautomation creates a backbone of automation tools that work together to transform business processes, delivering reliable, scalable outcomes. Some benefits of hyperautomation include monitoring transactions for fraudulent activity, improving compliance management, and automating manual tasks in call centers so employees can work on queries where their soft skills are more valuable.