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May 31, 2021

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General News


Pasadena Service FCU Partners with interface.ai

Pasadena Service FCU will offer 24x7 personalized support to all its members with interface.ai’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). The IVA will be initially available on PSFCU’s website and mobile app.



Entrust Offers Remote Signing Service

Entrust announced their new Remote Signing Service (RSS) solution which they say provides workflow-agnostic digital signing solutions that integrate to a variety of document management software and portals.





Hardware News


Top 3 Trends in Flash Storage

Orion Market Reports predicts that the global market size for universal flash storage is expected to grow at an annual rate 18% over the next six years. The report notes particularly high growth in the areas of high-speed data transfer technologies, wearable electronics and devices that improve performance and reduce latency. They state that three of the forces driving this increase in demand for flash storage: 1) Focus on enterprise success; 2) Storage at the edge; and 3) Zoned storage.



Chip Shortage Will Lead to Higher PC Prices as Dell, HP, and Lenovo Pass on Higher Costs

PC prices are likely to move higher in the second quarter and rest of 2021 as vendors pass along higher component and logistics costs amid strong demand. Also, demand for laptops has surged amid remote work and education and a new normal for work is emerging. Whatever the new normal turns out to be PC demand appears to be strong.



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Software Updates


Windows 10 Is Getting Biggest Update in a Decade — What to Expect

When Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be the last version of its OS it was obvious that it was taking a different approach to its best-known product. This article delves into the big changes coming to Windows.



Microsoft Touts Biggest Change to Outlook Since 1997 with Shared Calendar Improvements

Microsoft is promising a major improvement to Outlook for Windows that it hopes people won't even notice. Aimed at Outlook users who work with shared calendars, the new feature is designed to enhance the speed and reliability in the way updates to a shared calendar are synced for all users. As such, the goal is to eliminate those syncing problems people encountered in the past due to limitations in the software.



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ATMIA Certifies World’s First next Gen ATM Product

KLEAR Technologies has become the first company in the world to attain official Next Gen ATM certification. The certification was awarded for its patented product, SecurPair, which provides for secure authentication of financial transactions by validating device-to-terminal pairing, for example, in cardless ATM transactions, using a QR code. ATM vendors can deploy downloadable software to accommodate acquiring of the transactions, while issuers will have a software development kit (SDK) to add to their mobile app to effect the authentication.



Cash-Counting Robot

VTB, a Russian bank, has introduced robots to count cash at the cashier desk. This will in turn help increase cash processing speed and free up employees to perform other tasks, according to a press release. They have also integrated the robot's software with its automated banking system to reduce errors and operational risks.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

San Mateo Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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Wireless World


How Will 5G Affect Branches?

The benefits of 5G – delivering super-fast, low-latency broadband to consumers, wirelessly, wherever they are – promises to revolutionize the way we interact with one another and businesses. The author states that there are a number of clear consequences that 5G ubiquity will have for branches: 1) The elimination of in-person services; 2) Self-service banking; 3) New applications of technology providing a better user experience; 4) The rise of pop-up branches; 5) No-fee trading; and 6) Digital currencies.



AT&T CEO Pegs 2023 Timeline for Broad Fixed Wireless Coverage

AT&T's CEO expects fixed wireless to be part of the Internet access picture by 2023. He suggested that fixed wireless will be a good replacement for legacy DSL connections, in outer reaches of what was AT&T’s ILEC footprint.



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Security Section


Security Is an Architectural Issue: Why the Principles of Zero Trust and Least Privilege Matter So Much Right Now

Zero trust starts from the assumption that no device should be trusted a priori, but only after some amount of authentication does it get access to a precisely scoped set of resources – just the ones necessary to complete the job. From the author's perspective, the ability to enforce zero trust has also been one of the major benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization. He concludes that we now have some solid architectural principles (least privilege, zero trust) and significant technological advances (SDN, intent-based networking, etc.) that are helping to positively reshape the landscape of security.



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Technology and Marketing


Leveraging Data to Keep Pace with Changing Consumer Behavior

The author thinks that FIs can gain better insight into consumer behavior by merging financial benchmarking and user experience research, layering quantitative and qualitative data for a more holistic accountholder view. She concludes that it is critical for FIs to better leverage their internal data to build AI and predictive models to gauge market changes, forecast behavior and more clearly understand demand, along with expanding their own social media analysis.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Fed Chair Powell Opens up Digital Dollar Debate

Fed chair Jerome Powell says that the central bank has been investigating CBDCs (central bank digital currency) for several years, focusing on whether and how a digital dollar could improve on an "already safe, effective, dynamic, and efficient US domestic payments system." Powell stresses that "it is important that any potential CBDC could serve as a complement to, and not a replacement of, cash and current private-sector digital forms of the dollar."



The Digital Revolution in Human-Centered Advice

In a 2020 report, Deloitte observes how “the worlds of retail banking and wealth management have started to collapse into each other.” Though FIs have historically offered generalized advice to accountholders through financial literacy seminars, blog posts and other educational tools, few have a vision of individualized advice. The article recommends that FIs align their organizations around giving high-quality advice to all, and goes on to discuss digital ways to accomplish this goal.



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Internet Access


SD-WAN May Be the Future of the Hybrid Workplace

92% of IT decision-makers polled by Masergy and Altman Solon say they plan to adopt SD-WAN by 2026, and more than half plan to use a hybrid public/private model. Private SD-WANs, the report notes, can be prohibitively expensive, but are more reliable and secure, while public SD-WAN is the opposite: It's far more affordable, but with a compromise on safety and stability.



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Call Centers


How to Implement AI and Staff-First Policies in the Contact Center

According to the author, over the past year there were 3 distinct phases of change within contact centers: 1) Adapting to a remote workplace; 2) Implementing new technology to enhance the customer and staff experience; and 3) The rise of the gig worker. She reviews how each phase has played out, and how technology has augmented the human element of the contact center industry.