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Speaking Engagements

The Credit Union tech-talk staff is available to speak at your conference, seminar or credit union gathering of any kind. Rates are reasonable and we will put on an interesting and informative presentation for your audience. Most importantly, we will show you that credit union technology can be easy to understand and fun! Here are just some of the topics that we can present:

  • A Primer on Emerging Technologies
  • Biometrics - Fingerprint, Voice, Iris, Facial Scanning Techniques
  • Wireless Access - Overview of Wireless Technologies and Mobile Banking
  • ATMs/Kiosks - Self Service Trends
  • Technology and Marketing - Choosing and Using Your MCIF or CRM System
  • Technology and Merchandising - The Latest in Digital Merchandising
  • Cutting Edge Branch Design and Retailing
  • Online Banking - Successful Member Penetration Techniques
  • Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment
  • E-Privacy and Security Issues
  • Intranets - The Key to Information Sharing
  • Call Centers - Transforming Call Centers Into Contact Centers
  • Imaging - The Importance of a Fully Imaged CU

And here are some of the conferences that we have spoken at over the years:

  • Association of Credit Union Senior Officers 
  • Association for Financial Technology Annual Meeting
  • Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Technology Conference
  • Credit Union 24's Annual Executive Summit
  • Credit Union Executive Society (CUES) Annual Meeting
  • Credit Union Executive Society (CUES) Florida Fall Forum
  • CU InfoTech Spring and Fall Conferences
  • ESP Users Conference
  • Financial & Security Products Association Conference
  • Financial Service Centers Cooperative’s Shared Branching Conference
  • Financial Technology Solutions International Technology Forum
  • Harland Financial Solutions' Annual Conference
  • Indiana Credit Union League Annual Meeting 
  • Insight Credit Union Strategic Planning Meeting
  • MACUMA Seminar
  • MAP 2016 Annual Payments Conference
  • Midwest Credit Union Technology Symposium
  • NASCUS Information Technology Forum
  • New Mexico Credit Union League Call Center Conference
  • Sharetec Users Conference
  • Washington Credit Union League Technology Conference

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