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Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union

MOVFCU was chartered in 1975 as CTC Central Region Federal Credit Union serving the employees of Continental Telephone Corporation in several states throughout the Midwest. Over the years the credit union has grown to serve all residents of St. Charles County in Missouri outside of St. Louis, and become Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union (MOVFCU). The credit union prides itself on providing personal service to its 5000 members and strives hard to provide top level products and services to them. To help them achieve these goals, they have chosen a company that has exactly the same “member service first” philosophy as they do: Memphis-based CUSO Share One.

MOVFCU is led by a dynamic young President/CEO named Josh Rodriguez. Josh is uniquely equipped to run a financial institution – he has a strong Information Technology background and has worked in a wide range of positions - marketing, accounting, back office, etc. - at the credit union since 2004. Josh recalls that “we were very much in need of a new, rock solid core system that could drive our growth and technology plans.” He found out about Share One, which has a client base of credit unions with assets ranging up to $1.6 billion, via the CUES website and began his in-depth research. He notes that “all of their references were extremely positive about their working relationships with Share One and their reliable NewSolutions™ core processing system. I was really impressed by their corporate culture and felt that they had so much to offer us as a long term business partner.”

Josh was impressed by all of the features included in NewSolutions™ such as online document storage, imaging capabilities, business services, credit/debit card options, cross-selling capabilities and much more. He says that the system “allows us to offer a tremendous range of products and services to our members right out of the box, and the other modules that we may need to add are quite affordable. This combination means that we never have to push back on our product expansion plans due to budget concerns.” MOVFCU never had to worry about pricing because Share One’s CUSO model is inherently designed to make them 100% accountable to their CUSO shareholders. The company has three decades of history in the financial software services industry while always remaining financially stable.

No core system conversion is ever going to be easy or faultless, but Josh describes MOVFCU’s conversion as “a great experience overall.” Share One assigned a team comprised of a Project Manager, Technical Support Technician and Trainers to work with the credit union’s employees during the conversion. Over the years, the Share One teams have worked hard to streamline and standardize their conversion processes and procedures to be as organized and efficient as possible. According to Josh, “we could not have asked for a better group of people to help us during this complicated process. Everyone was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable and did their best to ensure a smooth conversion.” The staff at MOVFCU was excited to have a new modern system that offers them so much more than their legacy system and to receive great assistance along the way. Josh concludes that “Share One has a great company culture, a high caliber of personnel to serve us, and they work to very high standards – we are pleased to be with them for the long haul!”