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Provident Credit Union

Currently the 100th largest credit union in the U.S. (21st largest in California), Provident Credit Union was established in 1950 to serve the California Teachers Association. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Provident Credit Union now serves more than 120,000 members from over 1200 employer groups and maintains branches throughout California. With over 2.67 billion dollars in assets, Provident has earned a reputation for absolute safety and soundness. Contributing to this stellar track record for stability is its state-of-the-art, credit union-wide information platform for managing content, processes and critical member financial documents. Hyland, a leading content services provider for organizations across the globe, is their partner for enterprise content management (ECM), records management and capture all on a single content services platform.

While OnBase has been successfully deployed for decades by credit unions of all sizes across the US, Amanda Seals, Document & Image Retention Manager at Provident Credit Union, had no OnBase experience when she joined the credit union in 2015. She explains that “I didn’t have any OnBase experience, but I have years working in records management which is why I was hired. I found OnBase very easy to learn and really enjoy working at the credit union.” Amanda notes that she appreciates the credit union’s commitment to giving back to community and their motto of “Making It Easy” for employees to work efficiently together to serve their members’ important financial needs. According to Amanda, “our senior management team is committed to continual process improvements and I was hired to manage a team of document specialists that are dedicated to refining our document handling and retention processes and procedures. Of course, OnBase is a key component of this strategy and it is working really well for us.” Case in point: over the past few years, the credit union has improved their digital-to-paper ratio from approximately 60% - 40% to about 75% - 25%. Naturally this kind of digital transformation and paper reduction success directly translates into significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Having all manner of documents online is certainly valuable, but without the ability to quickly and easily retrieve this information, its value is diminished considerably. Without a doubt, enterprise search has become essential technology in this age of information and big data. This is where the powerful search functionality in OnBase comes into play. OnBase includes faceted navigation, conversational search, natural language support and other intuitive features that help people find the information that they need to be productive in their jobs. Amanda states that “our staff loves the search capabilities in OnBase and our team has partnered with department heads to develop custom queries based on common searches that different positions use on a daily basis.” Her team has also worked diligently to get the most out of the Document Retention module. Amanda enthuses that “this is an excellent module and saves lots of space by purging unneeded documents. Plus our compliance team is thrilled with how it helps ensure we adhere to legal guidelines and credit union industry best practices regarding document retention timeframes.”

While Consumer Lending, Loan Services and Branch Services are heavy digital document and scanning users, Amanda and her staff of eight are also going department by department to extend OnBase and its powerful document management capabilities to other departments. For example, Human Resources is planning to add employee information into the system and Amanda is thankful for the ability to automatically extract data from incoming documents, and then protect sensitive documents with very granular levels of security.

Of course, any enterprise information platform is going to require ongoing support to keep it running smoothly. Amanda is pleased to report that “Hyland’s technical support is phenomenal! They are extremely helpful, responsive and knowledgeable.” Hyland is committed to high levels of support, whether their clients choose a cloud-based offering in one of their numerous secure data centers, or if they choose to stay on premises. For those that prefer an in-house solution, Hyland can even send a Project Manager onsite, for a reasonable fee, to help with installation and conversion. Amanda confirms that “we had a Hyland employee help us with our conversion and we really appreciated their collaborative approach to getting everything up and running smoothly and seamlessly.” She concludes that “OnBase works really well as a document repository and we look forward to a long relationship with Hyland.”