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October 28, 2013

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General News


* Vantage West CU Chooses AccelOps
* Payveris Adds 2 Executives
* Fiserv Partners with Guardian Analytics
* MY CU Services to Buy Data Processor AMIS

Vantage West, the largest credit union in Southern Arizona, has chosen AccelOps’ analytics-driven IT Operations Management for cloud and virtualized infrastructures to automate its audit and compliance functions. AccelOps’ virtual appliance software manages security, network performance and compliance on a single screen.

Payveris, a next generation online and mobile payments company that offers a full range of bill payment and inter-institution transfer solutions to credit unions, announced that it has expanded its executive leadership team with the addition of industry veterans Rich Pelikan and Mickey Goldwasser. Pelikan is vice president of sales, while Goldwasser is vice president of marketing.

Fiserv, a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, announced that it will offer Guardian Analytics FraudMAP solutions, delivering integrated behavior-based anomaly detection solutions to Fiserv consumer and business banking clients. The agreement provides Fiserv clients with a new option for strengthening layered security and meeting the FFIEC expectations for anomaly detection.

MY CU Services, the payment service and technology CUSO of Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, is planning to purchase AMIS (Advanced Management Information Systems), a provider of information technology systems for credit unions. AMIS was founded in 1970 and is based in Carnegie, PA, while MY CU Services, founded in 1999, has offices in Middletown, PA.




Hardware News

According to Gartner, tablets shipments will surge ahead by 53 percent in 2013 as desktop and laptop shipments decline by 11 percent. Gartner forecasts that Android tablets of all brands will exceed iPads for all of 2013 for the first time, with 91.5 million (49 percent) Android tablets shipped compared with 89.6 million (48 percent) Apple iPads. Gartner said just over 3 million (1.7 percent) Windows tablets will ship.

NCR has developed self-service machines for Wells Fargo's new neighborhood branches that permit transactions to be either self-service or full service. A user can simply push a button on the device's touchscreen that allows the user to request personal assistance from a branch employee. The employee carries a tablet that is in communication with the machine, and is thus able to see the customer transaction and transaction detail and render immediate assistance. 


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Software Updates

Neo develops software that provides an auto lender with a comprehensive credit risk view of a loan applicant. Neo’s proprietary credit risk assessment technology analyzes default risk of an individual based on their real-time alternative data, in addition to credit history, thus serving as a leading indicator of creditworthiness. The company says that they enable higher approvals and better loan performance due to greater insight into an applicant's true creditworthiness.

Microsoft has released Sigcheck 2.0 which is a command-line utility that shows file version number, timestamp information, and digital signature details, including certificate chains. Version 2.0 adds integration with the VirusTotal antivirus scanner aggregation service. Sigcheck can now check the status of a file against over 40 antivirus engines and launch the associated online VirusTotal report, and even upload files for scanning that have not already been scanned by VirusTotal.



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The Receptionist in a Box is an iPad kiosk solution that performs advanced receptionist tasks. Developed by ArmorActive and TextUs.Biz, their Gravity Flip iPad stand features a quick release function, which allows the user to remove the Evolve enclosure from the kiosk when mobility is needed. Permanent mounting is accomplished via a table stand so the kiosk can be left unattended. The app enables visitors to send a text message and/or email to the person they are visiting, notifying them of their arrival. Mail delivery services can use the app to alert the recipient of a package, and the machine also keeps an ongoing visitors log that lists arrivals and departures.

At the recent ATM, Debit and Prepaid Forum, numerous companies presented their vision of what ATMs will look like in the future. We will present some of them in the November issue of Credit Union tech-talk - subscribe today.


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CU Success Stories 


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:



Sharetec Systems, Inc.

and their client is:

Gas & Electric Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World

Not surprisingly, most consumers (43%) are more likely to use a mobile wallet by their respective financial institutions over a third party. But Javelin Strategy and Research says that their preferred third party choices are PayPal (34%), MasterCard MasterPass (25%), and Google Wallets (24%).

According to a TSYS survey, consumers favor banking apps other than payments for their mobile devices. Respondents cited their preferences as:

- 40% ability to instantly halt illegitimate transactions

- 37% ability to view debit and credit card payments in real time

- 25% cited paying for purchases with mobile wallets


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Security Section

Malcovery Security is focused on offering services that help put a stop on phishing attacks. The company provides a detailed Phishing Intelligence Report that delivers specific information such as who is running phishing campaigns against your brand, what their messages look like, and where the pilfered credentials are going. Another service Malcovery provides is T3, Today’s Top Threats report that documents the details of many of the malicious email campaigns of the day.

Many organizations that deploy data leak prevention (DLP) systems find that the investment pays off rather quickly. After rolling out DLP, they often identify both inadvertent and deliberate disclosures of sensitive data. We will cover the pros and cons of implementing DLP in the November issue of Credit Union tech-talk - subscribe now.


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Our members, located in every state, will be more than happy to consult with your credit union regarding: Upgrading branch security equipment, remodeling branches, servicing all types of physical & electronic security equipment (to include keeping older equipment operational), and providing quotes on ATMS, cash-recyclers, safes, vaults, safe-deposit boxes, after-hour-depositories, drive-up banking systems, tellers’ undercounter steel & storage units, insulated products and all types of electronic security & digital video systems. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by telephone or e-mail for an immediate referral to a member-company in your local area.


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Leaders Roundtable

Core Systems:

Driving More Efficiency From Core Systems

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Innovative Technology (INTECH) -
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Mercator Advisory Group  -
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Technology and Marketing

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but if it is used the wrong way, it can have a negative impact on your brand. Social media experts recommend that you recognize that each social media channel has its own language, customs and audience, and that you never blast the exact same message across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. They note that you must make the effort to understand how each individual platform works and tailor your messages and content to be platform specific.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

Many consumers use debit cards to help manage their finances; in fact 40% of those surveyed by Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) view their debit cards this way. Meanwhile, credit cards received high marks for being helpful in case of emergency, and younger consumers view them as a tool they would not necessarily use for everyday spending. An ACG consultant predicted that "I could see products that are credit cards but behave like debit cards in some instance whose balance is repaid in full with an automatic deduction from the consumers' checking account for certain items."

As the EMV liability shift deadline of October 2015 for merchants approaches, some industry analysts believe an extension will be forthcoming. However, others in the electronic payments industry firmly believe that EMV is not an investment that can or should be deferred. We will take a closer look at EMV readiness and how a couple of credit unions are progressing with EMV implementations in the November issue of Credit Union tech-talk - subscribe today.


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Internet Access

Prolexic Technologies' Q3 2013 Global DDoS Attack Report found that DDoS attackers are finding easier, more efficient ways to launch high bandwidth attacks with smaller botnets. Distributed reflection denial of service (DrDoS) attacks are also on the rise because they obscure the source of the attack, while enabling the bandwidth of intermediary victims to be used, often unknowingly, to multiply the size of the attack.

Here are three tools that can help you pinpoint performance and speed issues with your public website:

1) The Inspect Element And Audits tab in Google Developers Chrome DevTools allows you to inspect websites and assess real-time page rendering, including network utilization and web page performance.

2) Web Page Analyzer allows you to enter a URL and submit it; then a script runs a diagnostic, which returns a report that calculates page size, composition, and download time. It also reports on the size of individual elements and each type of web component using best practices from Website Optimization's web performance optimization standards.

3) Pingdom Tools offers a full page Website Speed Test that allows you to enter a URL and test the load time of the page URL; it then provides analysis that reveals common bottlenecks that hinder page load performance.


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Call Centers

Many contact centers are worried about deploying remote agents because they feel that they will be difficult to manage. Telework proponents contend that with the right tools in place, there is no need to fear a lack of productivity or morale among remote agents. They recommend the use of real-time, easy-to-read dashboards and quality heat maps to help agents, supervisors and executives understand current performance and how it relates to the team and overall goals. Also reports that include an aggregated view of real-time and historical data are very helpful, as are software platforms that make agent scorecards and recorded calls accessible for easy drill down. Finally, many experienced teleworking managers recommend that you use email, chat or video conferencing for daily positive feedback and coaching.