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June 23, 2014

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General News  

* Synergent Selected By Genesee Valley FCU
* PSCU to Restart Credit Card Program for New Member-Owner
* CU*Answers Announces Expanded Mobile Banking Features
* Money Federal Credit Union Opts for Sharetec
* Lake Michigan CU Chooses VerifyValid

Synergent Technology Services announced that Genesee Valley Federal Credit Union, a 9,129 member, $62M asset credit union located in New York, will implement the Symitar Episys Core Processing System in Synergent`s service bureau environment. Additionally, the credit union will implement Synergent Electronic Check Collection and Share Draft Processing Services, ATM/Debit Card Processing, Direct Marketing Services, Statement Processing, Jwaala Better Online Banking, Access Softek Mobile Banking, iPay Bill Pay, and Mobile Deposit Capture.

Mid-Missouri Credit Union (Fort Leonard Wood, MO; $213 million) has joined PSCU as a Member-Owner to restart their credit card program. The credit union signed a long-term agreement for full-service processing, which includes 24/7/365 cardholder support, risk and fraud management services, disputes processing and statement production.

CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned, cooperative CUSO, announced a greatly expanded feature set for its Mobile Web Banking product. Members can now apply for a loan, view rate boards, open sub accounts, view if a check has cleared, update their personal information and check the compatibility of their phone at no additional cost to CU*Answers credit unions.

Money Federal Credit Union of Syracuse, NY announced that it is replacing its current core processing solution with the Sharetec System. Their decision to go with the Sharetec Core Processing System was facilitated by GBS, an owner and distributor of Sharetec.

Lake Michigan Credit Union, a large Michigan-based credit union, announced that it is partnering with VerifyValid, a leading provider of electronically-delivered check payments (eChecks). The solution will allow its members to quickly and easily receive, manage and deposit VerifyValid eChecks directly into their accounts.




Hardware News

Swedish firm Gunnebo is offering a self-contained, robotic safe deposit box system that includes hand biometrics. SunTrust became the first American FI to install the robotic safe deposit box vault that allows box holders to store and retrieve their valuables at an ATM-like device without having to wait for an employee to assist them.

Tyan unveiled a cache appliance powered by Intel's Xeon E5-2600 v2 processor and using Intel solid state drives as well as Intel Cache Acceleration Software. The GT24-B7067 can hold up to 512GB of RAM and comes with Intel's 400 GB SSD (DC P3700) running on Windows Server 2008 with Intel Cache Acceleration version 2.5 software. 


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Software Updates

Bomgar announced the general availability of Bomgar 14.2 which introduces multiple enhancements for controlling and securing remote access to systems, as well as improving support technician productivity. Bomgar 14.2 introduces a number of new features including: Overflow Routing Rules, Multi Team Jump Client Access, Remote Registry Editor and System Information Actions, Wake On LAN (WOL) Support, Rep Console Device Verification, and more.

Mojave Networks is a cloud-based mobile security solution built for organizations looking to secure sensitive company data, evaluate mobile applications and block advanced threats. Their approach gives organizations insight into application use, network analytics and malicious threats in order to help keep sensitive data safe and comply with regulations. No on-premise software is required with their platform.



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Cardtronics announced its Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network will begin offering deposit-taking capabilities at more than 2,500 of its domestic ATMs nationwide by the end of the year. Once the capability is rolled out, cardholders from participating financial institutions who insert their cards at deposit-taking Allpoint machines will be given a deposit option on the initial menu. After inserting a check for deposit, cardholders will be able to view an image of it on the screen. The ATM will also print the check image on the receipt. Cardholders who deposit cash will see a tally of the denominations they inserted into the machine on their receipt.

Graphic Tickets & Systems, a provider of stock and custom ATM paper, notes that using the wrong type of ATM paper often results in an inferior product that can frustrate ATM users and cause paper jams that require costly maintenance and repair. They state that selecting high vs. low sensitivity ATM thermal paper not only affects the image quality and shelf life of the receipt, but can be an area of cost savings for ATM deployers. Because low-sensitivity paper is less expensive, it pays to invest in a high-energy printer in order to save on paper costs over time.

China became the world`s largest ATM market in 2013, surpassing the USA, according to the latest report “ATMs in China 2014” by London-based strategic research and consulting firm RBR. Overall the number of ATMs in the country increased by 25% to reach 520,000 machines.


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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:


Better Branches

Better Branches

and their client is:

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World

Enhanced mobile bill pay (the ability to take a picture of a bill and pay it directly) is especially important to millennials. Almost 30% of Americans between the ages of 26 and 34 would be likely to change FIs to gain access to mobile photo bill pay, according to a recent report from the business advisory firm AlixPartners. Some observers believe that the early adopters of photo bill pay have a competitive advantage because they can be fine-tuning their bill payment apps while late-to-the-game rivals are still building theirs.

New smartwatches continue to hit the market from big name manufacturers such Samsung, Sony, etc. (and even Microsoft shortly) and small players such as Peeble and Glance. A concept smartwatch called Token is perhaps the most advanced in terms of payments. It is a Bluetooth- enabled payments watch that supports four activity portals: “pay” (purchase items from vendors), “give” (transfer funds to another user), “ask” (request money from another user), and “peek” (check statements).


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Security Section

BancorpSouth was recently found not responsible for the losses sustained by Choice Escrow Land Title when scammers succeeded in compromising the username and password for the company's online bank account and used them to transfer $440,000 overseas. Choice Escrow argued that this transfer should have been stopped since it was a high dollar amount to a foreign entity, but the court ruled that the company had previously refused to implement the bank's recommended security precautions for wire transfers. Those suggestions included: implementing dual control process, setting daily wire transfer amount limits, and detecting wire transfers initiated from unrecognized devices.

Votiro announced that it has extended the usability of its free, cloud-based, sanitization service to include protection against spear phishing. This new version allows users to forward questionable emails to the service and have them analyzed for the presence of malicious code. The system "sanitizes" a file by scanning it with leading anti-virus programs and then by running an active, patent-pending process on the file, which the firm says eliminates the potential presence of any exploit code.


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Leaders Roundtable

Online & Mobile Banking:

Online and Mobile Banking – Improving & Bridging the Digital Channels

Bluepoint Solutions - http://www.bluepointsolutions.com
Read Andrew Tilbury's comments:

D+H - http://www.dh.com
Read Tom Berdan's comments:

Integrated Media Management - http://www.immonline.com  
Read John Levy's comments:

Javelin Strategy & Research - http://www.javelinresearch.com
Read Mark Schwanhausser's comments:

Mercator Advisory Group  - http://www.mercatoradvisorygroup.com
Read Pradeep Moudgal's comments:    
PSCU - http://www.pscu.com
Read Jeremiah Lotz's comments:



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Technology and Marketing

Some SEO (search engine optimization) experts contend that blogging is one of the best marketing strategies for smaller organizations. By blogging at least twice a week, you significantly increase your website's ability to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can also include "calls to action" at the end of your blogs to try and obtain new members, or cross- or up-sell existing members.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

According to Retail Knowledge's U.S. Retail Fraud Survey 2014, U.S. online credit card fraud has climbed 11 percent in the past year. The report estimates an average 6 percent of sales take place online, which retailers expect to increase to 15 percent over the next three years. One fraud expert is reporting that spending on online fraud prevention increased by more than 50 percent year-over-year as a percentage of sales in comparison with in-store fraud prevention spending, which experienced a decline.

Rainy Day Capital announced a new microlending site that will provide short-term access to as much as $1,000 with no interest or fees for five days, up to four times a year. The website, rainyday.org, relies heavily on social media and networks to create an inexpensive alternative to payday loans. Rather than charging a relatively large fixed fee upfront, Rainy Day charges a daily fee. Fees begin at $2 per day and decrease with every subsequent loan as a borrower demonstrates a repayment history. The structure was designed to encourage early repayment and provides borrowers with the opportunity to take out loans at a small fraction of the typical industry rates, or even for free. California, Louisiana, and Tennessee will see the service first.


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Internet Access

Proper load testing will make sure your website keeps operating smoothly. Blaze Meter is a load testing cloud service that can test up to 1 million concurrent users at a time. The company will hit your site (or test site) with whatever amount of traffic you call for from all over the world and then see how it holds up. Meanwhile, Redline13 uses a different approach: organizations sign up for thier service and then use the program within their own Amazon computing cloud servers to run the load test.

LexiConn Internet Services offers a free website testing service called Why No Padlock - http://www.whynopadlock.com. They setup the website because they wanted to make it easy to pinpoint what exactly is causing an insecure warning or missing padlock - without this tool it can be time consuming and quite involved. After typing in the full https secure URL into the box, you will get a report on:

- Insecure calls to images, css, and javascript

- Images called insecurely from linked css and js files

- Expired cert, invalid or missing intermediate certificate (including 3rd party SSL certs.)

Another option is to use Qualys SSL Labs complimentary test: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html


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Ongoing Operations - The Credit Union Movement's Top BCP & Technology (Cloud) Provider

Always-On Production Connectivity typically includes:

* Internet Connectivity

* Core System Connectivity

* Credit Union Connectivity

* Credit Card Processor

* Debit Card Processor

* ATM Processor

* Online Banking Provider

* Fedline / Federal Reserve Connectivity

* Enterprise Grade Firewall

* Intrusion Detection System


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Call Centers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean hourly wage for customer service representatives at call centers is nearly double the national minimum wage. Meanwhile, over at www.payscale.com, they are reporting the following hourly wage stats:

- Call Center Representative $12.41

- Customer Service Specialist $14.14

- Senior Customer Service Representative $15.50

- Call Center Supervisor $15.69

- Customer Service Supervisor $15.91

- Call Center Manager $16.91