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September 4, 2017

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General News


Corelation Integrates BillingTree's myPayrazr

BillingTree announced a Certified Partnership and forthcoming integration to the myPayrazr Suite for Keystone from Credit Union software provider Corelation.  The integration will expand payment processing options for Keystone CU clients and help to offer more self-pay channels, including an online payment portal and Interactive Voice Response.



IMM Announces "Lights Out" Lending and Account Opening

IMM announced at the Symitar Educational Conference that it has entered into a referral and marketing agreement with Symitar, a division of Jack Henry & Associates. IMM eSign is being integrated with Symitar's SymApp to provide credit unions with real-time, online loan origination and account opening capabilities.



Teachers CU Renews and Expands Partnership with PSCU

Teachers Credit Union has signed a renewal agreement for credit card processing services with PSCU, the Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) announced. The agreement – which includes the addition of debit processing services – extends the six-year relationship between the credit union and PSCU through 2022.



BCU Goes Live on Microsoft Azure with Temenos Lifecycle Management

Temenos announced that Baxter Credit Union has successfully implemented the Lifecycle Management Suite in Microsoft Azure. The implementation, which included the Collection, Service, and Loan Origination modules, incorporated an upgrade spanning four major releases, as well as the inaugural launch of the Lifecycle Management Suite in the Cloud.






Hardware News


Get Ready for New Storage Technologies and Media

Intel's new 1 petabyte storage drive that fits a 1U rack is just one of a slew of new memory form factors and technologies we will be seeing in the future, according to the tech giant. Two big areas for improvement are: 1) storage density and 2) energy efficient storage.



Lenovo's Latest HCI Offerings Aim to Boost IT Efficiency in the Software-Defined Data Center

At VMworld 2017, Lenovo unveiled its ThinkAgile VX Series, which combines VMware vSAN with Intel Xeon processors for a pre-configured solution. In this way it lowers deployment time and makes data center management easier by pooling resources from servers, storage, and virtualization in the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market, the company said.



Intel's 8th-Gen Core CPUs Could Boost Laptop Performance by 40 Percent

For the first time, Intel's upcoming 8th-generation Core CPUs will feature quad-core processors aimed at ultrabooks, offering performance as much as 40 percent faster than in the previous generation, the company said. Intel revealed how fast the new chips will run: The slowest Core i5-8250U will run at 1.6GHz, with a boost clock of 3.4GHz; the fastest Core i7-8650U will run at 1.9GHz, boosting up to 4.2GHz.



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Software Updates


Tufin Orchestration Suite R17-2 Offers Automation of Critical Firewall Tasks

Tufin announced the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite R17-2 with automation for firewall administration tasks. The release also provides new features advancing network security policy management of Cisco Firepower, VMware NSX, Microsoft Azure, Check Point, and Palo Alto Networks Panorama solutions.



How to Successfully Migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10: Ten Tips

Windows 7 remains the dominant Microsoft OS in use among businesses, but mainstream support for Windows 7 ended on January 13, 2015 and extended support is planned to end on January 14, 2020. At the 2017 VMworld conference in Las Vegas, Mark Margevicius shared some best practices for migrating a Windows 7-based business to Windows 10.



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ATM Use Increases with Mobile Banking Use

A new report, "Raddon Research Insights: Grappling with Mobile Banking Engagement Issues," finds that mobile banking use has grown from 7 percent of all consumers in 2010 to 41 percent today. One-third of survey respondents reported that they use branch facilities less because they use a mobile banking service. However, nearly one-quarter said they use ATMs more due to their mobile banking use, and 38 percent said they also use an online banking service more.




China UnionPay hopes to patent a system for connecting a network of ATMs using blockchain technology, public records reveal. China UnionPay, which operate's the world's largest payment card network, details a concept by which a group of ATMs acts as nodes within a blockchain-powered network, sharing transactions through a distributed database in a bid to achieve a higher degree of security and uptime.



Kiosk Issues EMV-Compliant Credit/debit Cards on Demand

BLM Technologies, a provider of payment, transaction and other financial institution hardware, digital signage and information technology services, has teamed with Panini, a payment processing provider, to expand its EMV card issuance capabilities. Cardmint FX is a compact hardware device that issues EMV-compliant credit/debit cards on demand. The device connects to the card issuer's network to produce new, double-sided flat chip cards or customer replacement chip cards. 



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

Ongoing Operations

Ongoing Operations

and their client is:

Agriculture Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


US Consumers Ready for Digital Driver's Licenses

The majority of the U.S. public is ready for the traditional driver's license to go mobile, according to a consumer survey from Radius Global Market Research and MorphoTrust USA.

Overall findings from the survey include:

  • Eighty percent of respondents are interested in a mobile driver's license app.
  • Seventy percent of respondents are interested in using their mobile phone to renew their driver's license.
  • Sixty-four percent of millennials expressed the highest level of concept acceptance and said they would recommend it to a friend.



Is Your Mobile Carrier Your Weakest Link?

More online services than ever now offer two-step authentication — requiring customers to complete a login using their phone or other mobile device after supplying a username and password. But with so many services relying on your mobile for that second factor, there has never been more riding on the security of your mobile account. The article discusses some tips to ensure your mobile device (or, more specifically, your mobile carrier) is not the weakest link in your security chain.



Voice Banking: What's Old Is New Again

For marketing and convenience reasons, financial institutions will Alexa-enable a wide variety of tasks such as transaction queries, transferring funds, authorizing payments, and so on. However, the author believes few of those tasks are handled more effectively by two-way voice communications. It may prove more convenient, the article reasons, but the most people will pull out their mobile phone for the majority of banking tasks, very likely using voice commands to simplify the input process.



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Security Section


GreatHorn's Inbound Email Security

Targeting phishing is the most successful cyberattack type in the world – and the fintech industry is a high-value target. GreatHorn says that their Inbound Email Security platform helps stop damaging and difficult-to-detect targeted email attacks; is built with a cloud-native architecture that deploys in less than five minutes; and continuously monitors all mailboxes (unlike single-point-in-time gateway solutions).



Next Generation Firewalls to Become Last Generation Firewalls

Hackers – utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning – will no longer be slowed down by a next-generation firewall alone. Today, hackers, knowing most businesses have a NGFW, focus on application layer attacks and they utilize transport layer security (TLS) to obscure their connections. This evades the defenses provided by a NGFW and requires businesses to either proxy connections at an edge gateway or move security down to the endpoint in order to remain secure.



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Leaders Roundtable

Online and Mobile Banking:

Removing Friction from the Digital Experience

IMM - http://www.immonline.com  
Read Michael Ball's comments:

Javelin Strategy & Research - http://www.javelinstrategy.com
Read Mark Schwanhausser's comments:

Kony - http://www.kony.com
Read Antonio Sanchez's comments:

PSCU - http://www.pscu.com
Read Eric Goscicki's comments:

StrategyCorps - http://www.strategycorps.com
Read Dave DeFazio's comments:


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Technology and Marketing


The Old Rules Don’t Supply: Rethink Your Marketing to Win Consumers

Seismic changes in technology, digital, consolidation and FinTechs have rocked banking. In many ways — big and small — consumer attitudes, behaviors and expectations are different than what they were twenty years ago. Yet despite behavioral changes, many marketing assumptions haven’t changed. Thus sound strategies a few decades ago are no longer relevant. Some of us adapt to changes faster than others, but most agree that to stay competitive in the marketplace, continual updating marketing programs is a must.



Why Brands and Agencies Are Preparing for the Era of 6-Second Ads

The movement toward short-form video started in 2013 because it was thought of as an ideal way to reach millennials and Gen Z consumers with shorter attention spans. The buzz around snackable content now seems to be back in full force with industry players predicting that six-second ads will gain real traction in 2018. Seasoned marketers likely won’t be surprised if the ad units prove more viable among younger folks compared to 15- and 30-second ads.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Digital Payment Platforms Primed to Topple Cash

With increased access to person-to-person (P2P) payment services, consumers across generational lines report they prefer to use mobile applications when paying other people as opposed to cash. When asked about the obstacles to initial or more frequent P2P mobile payment use, consumers surveyed ranked security and fees at the top of their list, followed by immediate access to funds, risk and convenience.



Amex Creates New Tools to Entice Debt-Wary Consumers

American Express has tailored new features aimed at luring more budget-conscious consumers into taking on credit card debt. The features include an option that allows users to separate bigger financial transactions from smaller, everyday purchases. Amex’s new features, with their siloed spending purchases, smaller monthly fees, and direct access to debit, take on many of the same qualities as PFM apps or other fintechs attempting to reach this wary segment of consumers.



5 Essential Tips for Building a Voice-First Strategy

This article covers 5 tips to avoid being left behind as organizations build conversational solutions for the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod and other smart devices.



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Internet Access


Cisco’s IWAN Isn't Dead

Reports of the death of Cisco’s IWAN are greatly exaggerated. Not only is it still alive, but the integration of Viptela will only make it better, Cisco says. Some of the speculation revolves around the thought that if Cisco now has Viptela, it no longer needs IWAN because they are both SD-WAN solutions. That might make sense from a high-level perspective, but the products do address different needs.



How Bitdefender HVI Protects Virtual Browsers

The Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection tool sits below the hypervisor and helps prevent tactics such as buffer overflows, heap sprays, code injection and API hooking from executing, helping protect the virtual browser from becoming compromised.



How Google Is Speeding up the Internet

Engineers at Google have developed a new algorithm to speed up TCP, the main transport protocol for traffic on the Internet, by optimizing the speed at which traffic is sent so it does not clog up the available routes. The algorithm speeds up TCP/IP by up to 14%.



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Call Centers


5 Tips for Adding a New Service Channel

Here are five tips that you should consider before adding your next support channel:

Tip 1: Start small and sustainable.

Tip 2: Group channels together with similar response expectations.

Tip 3: Your agents can’t multitask. Staff accordingly.

Tip 4: Think about deflecting to less expensive channels.

Tip 5: You already offer Social Media as a support channel whether you like it or not.



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