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July 30, 2018

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General News


Launch FCU Chooses Corelation

Launch Federal Credit Union ($781 million; 64,100 members; Merritt Island, FL) has signed with credit union core processing vendor, Corelation, Inc., to convert to its KeyStone core processing system February 18, 2019. The CU noted that Corelation will make them more competitive in the marketplace by improving its ability to execute its strategy and increasing the value it offers members.



Member Loyalty Group Signs 14 CUs

Member experience CUSO solutions provider Member Loyalty Group has signed 14 credit union clients – six of which are over $1 billion in assets – to leverage its programs to measure, manage, and take action on their member feedback. The new clients include: 1. Orlando FCU; 2. Pioneer FCU; 3. SkyOne FCU; 4. Rivermark Community CU; 5. Simplicity CU; 6. Gather FCU; 7. Premier America CU; 8. The Tennessee CU; 9. Meridian CU; 10. San Francisco FCU; 11. Robins Financial CU; 12. Hoosier Hills CU; 13. Centra CU; and 14. Bellco CU.



HUB Introduces New Mortgage Impairment Facility

Hub International Limited (Hub), a leading global insurance brokerage, announced the launch of a new Mortgage Impairment Insurance Facility to provide small- and mid-tier CUs adequate protection and unique value-adds to reduce their lender risks and receive faster quotes.





Hardware News


High-Speed Ethernet Bargains Help Meet Data Center Needs

Cisco, Juniper, Arista, and HPE are all vying to sell more enterprise data-center high-speed Ethernet, which is needed to handle traffic generated by smarter applications, IoT devices, and video. “Optics prices have dramatically dropped, with 25G at essentially the same price as 10G and 100G at the price of 40G. Using four lanes of 25GE, 100GE backbone platforms require lesser cabling and reduced space requirements and cost savings. Backward compatibility provides additional options to ease the transition while extending the value of your current assets," Cisco said.



Lenovo Gets into the On-Premises Cloud Game with ThinkAgile CP

Lenovo has launched a new product line called ThinkAgile CP that consists of Lenovo ThinkSystem hardware and Cloudistics software for what it calls a “composable cloud,” or cloud-in-a-box, where the attributes of cloud multi-tenancy are available to organizations behind their firewall. Basically it’s a hyperconverged system preconfigured to work right out of the box and operate inside a data center much like a cloud service provider.



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Software Updates


PwdPwn Audits Active Directory DB with 5K Passwords in 15-30 Seconds

Auditing an Activity Directory database can be a time-consuming process for any admin, but a new tool called PwdPwn (password pone) may be able to audit an Active Directory database with more than 5,000 passwords within 15-30 seconds. PwdPwn is meant to be used as both a security analysis and a reporting tool to audit the strength of Active Directory user account passwords stored within an NTDS database file.



Multi-Cloud Monitoring Keeps Integrated Operations Center Humming

Q2 has made the transition to an open-source microservices architecture enabled by container technologies. The online/mobile banking provider has also partnered with LogicMonitor to use its SaaS-based performance monitoring platform which is designed for on-premises, public cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure.



Bomgar Releases Free Privileged Account Discovery Tool

Bomgar announced the release of its Bomgar Discovery Tool. This complimentary product generates a report revealing issues that could put an organization at risk for data breaches and failed regulatory compliance audits. The report provides IT security professionals with details about unsecured service accounts, Active Directory domain accounts, and local administrator accounts.



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Keeping up with the Millennial Generation ... at the ATM

Millennials use cash and ATMs on a daily basis - in fact, a study by the Federal Reserve showed that millennials use cash more than other demographic groups in the United States. According to that same U.S.-based study, nearly 50 percent of transactions under $25 are in cash and 60 percent under $10 are paid in cash. The author suggests 3 ways to win over Millennials at the ATM: 1) Branded ATMs in the community; 2) Event ATMs; and Surcharge-free ATMs.



The Next Generation of ATMs and Self-Service Is Based on Advanced Software

FIs are increasingly using advanced ATM software platforms to modernize user identification and authentication, improve personalisation and maximize the performance of their ATMs and self-service channels. These are some of the key findings from ATM Software 2018, a survey that examines perspectives on the current generation of ATM software, and the functionality expected in the future.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Apple Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


Contactless Cards Set to Deliver Substantial Benefits Across the US Payments Ecosystem

A.T. Kearney anticipates that contactless card rollout and consumer adoption will accelerate the migration of transactions from cash to cards thanks to the improved consumer experience that these cards offer. "In an increasingly mobile-first, digital-first world, consumers expect seamless experiences in their daily lives, and payments are no different," an A.T. Kearney spokesperson says. "Contactless cards deliver on those expectations, translating into fast adoption and habituation once contactless cards are introduced into a mature market."



Physical Credit Cards Still Good for CUs

PYMNTS.Com’s mobile wallet adoption trackers discloses only 13% of smartphone owners have ever tried Apple Pay and only 3% of smartphone users used it during their most recent shopping trip. Samsung Pay and Android Pay have approximately the same overall usage even though there are more Androids. The PYMNTS.Com’s tracker found in June, 2018, 19 out of 20 times Android/Samsung Pay and Apple Pay users shop in store with NFC-equipped EMV terminals, they weren’t using mobile payments apps. They used a plastic card.



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Security Section


Capital One Offering New Tool to Monitor Usage of Social Security Number

Capital One's Credit Wise, a free credit tracking tool, will now alert consumers if someone uses their Social Security number to apply for a new line of credit or open another financial account. Anyone can use the service, regardless of whether they have an account with Capital One or not.



New Report Shows Pen Testers Usually Win

Penetration testers are able to gain complete administrative control of their target network 67% of the time when that function is within the scope of the test. That's just one stat from the Under the Hoodie 2018 report from the pen testing team of Rapid7 Global Consulting. When it comes to securing the network, two points of vulnerability stood out: Software and credentials.



More than 40% of Reported Security Breaches Are Caused by Employee Negligence

According to 2018 research conducted by Shred-it, more than 40% of senior executives and small business owners report that employee negligence or accidental loss was the root cause of their most recent data security breach. The same State of the Industry Report reveals that 96% of consumers view employee negligence as at least a minor contributor to data breaches at US companies. Executives, owners, employees, and even consumers all agree that negligent behavior is a security vulnerability, yet the problem persists.



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Technology and Marketing


Vestorly Adds Features to Emulate Marketers with Deep Learning

Vestorly, an AI-powered content marketing platform, announced the launch of new AI-guided content curation features to emulate marketers more effectively over time and increase engagement rates with consumers. The AI platform dynamically curates content, giving every Vestorly user a different repository of content in their dashboard. Each collection grows more intelligent with every interaction across email, social media, and websites. Users may also manually teach the content engine to curate on their behalf by article, publication, topic, or individual contact.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Revolut Slashes Fraud with Disposable Virtual Cards

Digital banking startup Revolut is hailing its recent introduction of disposable virtual cards for online purchases, claiming a 30% reduction in card fraud cases. In March Revolut began letting cardholders create disposable virtual cards in seconds, with card details that automatically regenerate after every transaction. This means that, even if the credentials of a large online retailer are compromised, cardholders are protected as their card details are no longer in existence.



Flipping Card Design for the Mobile, EMV Era

U.K.’s Starling Bank is working to upend the payments card, flipping the card to a vertical axis and doing away with embossed numbering in an effort to more accurately reflect the way people interact with plastic at ATMs and checkout counters.



Same Day ACH Shows Strong Growth in Q2

ACH debit and credit transactions totaled more than 5.7 billion in the second quarter of 2018, a 6.2 percent increase when compared to Q2 2017, according to NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association. This percentage increase represents one of the highest growth rates since 2008.



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Internet Access


How Facebook's Low-Earth Satellite Could Boost Connectivity, Improve Remote Work

Facebook is creating a new low-Earth orbit satellite to create more accessible Internet connectivity. Many broadband satellites have issues with high latencies, since they orbit the Earth at about 22,000 miles, but low-Earth orbits could give gigabit Internet service similar to what is provided by fiber optic technologies. The main goal for these satellites is not only to provide connectivity to rural areas, but to also help remote employees.



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Call Centers


Making Scripts Understandable Is as Easy as A-E-I-O-U

This article covers five effective ways to ensure that your scripts follow best practices for maximum clarity and efficiency and follow plain language guidelines.



Apple’s Business Chat

Apple Business Chat, Apple’s new platform for allowing companies and brands to communicate with consumers over iMessage, is expanding. The platforms that now support Apple Business Chat include Cisco, eGain, Kipsu, Lithium and Quiq. They allow organizations to develop their Business Chat systems with a variety of features, integrate them with their own apps and services, track activity through reporting, and more.