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June 25, 2018

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General News


County CU Partners with Sharetec

Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, announced that County Credit Union in Clayton, MO has partnered with Sharetec to be their next core banking system. Chartered in 1970, County CU primarily serves the residents and employees in the 63105 zip code area, along with other SEGs.



Nutmeg and DMV Team up for Convenient License Renewal Experience

The Connecticut DMV will open its doors at Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union's Milford location. In addition to the extensive financial services already offered at Nutmeg, residents will now be able to renew their driver's licenses in the same location. The service is a first of its kind in the state.





Hardware News


Encore Networks, Axis Communications Partner on Remote Surveillance Solution

Encore Networks, a manufacturer of enterprise and industrial routers, has teamed with network video provider Axis Communications to place their 4G/LTE wireless router with Wi-Fi inside the T98 family of security camera cabinets to deliver either permanent or temporary portable solutions for surveillance in remote locations. Customers can use 4G LTE as a primary or back-up connection, eliminating the high costs of traditional wired networks and associated challenges.



Alexa for Business: What It Does, How to Use It

Alexa for Business is a managed service with three main components: a set of management tools, APIs to integrate with existing IT applications and infrastructure, and the Echo devices themselves. It is delivered by Amazon’s cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services, which sells to large corporate customers. There are two principal ways staff will use Alexa: as a shared device that multiple employees can interact with – in locations such as conference rooms, lobbies and kitchens – and as a personal assistant for individual productivity tasks.



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Software Updates


Corelight Is a Worthy Network Packet Sniffer

In the tradition of other great network analysis tools like Bro and Sourcefire, Corelight gives security pros deep insight into data traffic on the systems they defend. This article looks at the advantages of deploying Corelight.



Plan Now for Your Migration to Windows Server 2019

The author contends a smooth transition to Windows Server 2019 should start with implementing native components, then data-center features, then Windows Admin Center management tools.



61% of Financial Services Companies Will Use AI This Year

Financial services and insurance companies are delivering on digital transformation promises faster than other industries, according to a report from Adobe and Econsultancy. Among the 20% of financial service companies already using AI, 43% said they are tapping the technology for data analysis, the report found. A sizeable number of others are already using AI for on-site personalization, optimization, testing, and automated campaigns (about 20% each).



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4 Ways FIs Are Fighting ATM Upgrade Fatigue

In less than 24 months, FIs face yet another ATM upgrade and replacement cycle when Windows 7 goes end-of-life, to be replaced by Windows 10. By some estimates, nearly 80 percent of 175,000 FI ATMs in the U.S. will have to be either replaced or upgraded with a new core to support Windows 10. This article looks at some options that ATM deployers can consider.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Y-12 Federal Credit Union

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Wireless World


Why Americans Aren't Using Their Phones to Make Payments in Stores

Mobile transactions barely accounted for $1 out of every $100 spent in-stores last year, according to a new report by 451 Research, a New York-based advisory company. Plus analysts don’t expect mobile payment usage to rise anytime soon — the percentage is expected to reach just 3.4% by 2022. The author notes that longtime credit card users don’t necessarily see the benefits of switching to mobile and most mobile payment apps are still in the nascent stage. Additionally, security and privacy concerns also dissuade people to turn their smartphones into wallets.



5G Is Overhyped and Expectations Need Reining In

5G is nearly here. The next generation of wireless connectivity promises superfast speeds, ultra-low latency and more network capacity than ever. “I believe 5G is really, really over-hyped considering that there's only a few known use-cases that people really know that we need it,” says Magnus Jern, Chief Innovation Officer at mobility consultancy firm DMI.



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Security Section


How to Protect Your Organization Against 5 Common Browser Security Threats

The author states that these are the 5 most common browser-based threats: 1) Plugins and extensions; 2) Java; 3) Malicious pop-up ads; 4) Decentralized administrative/security controls; and 5) Insufficient threat protection products.



Microsoft Brings Cloud Security Services to Better Protect Windows 10

Windows 10 Advanced Threat Protection and new Microsoft 365 Business security features make it easier to detect threats and stop cyber attacks. Called Windows 10 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), this service allows anyone with an E5 license to see under the hood and review what an attacker did to a system. It relies on telemetry that is enabled when the computer is linked to the ATP service.



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Technology and Marketing


How to Integrate Successful SEO with Other Online Marketing Strategies

SEO efforts such as competitive keyword research, on-page optimization, landing pages, site structure and backlinks provide more fruitful results when combined with social media platforms and PPC efforts, and apart from helping you get more reach across multiple channels, it’ll also help you optimize your individual marketing tasks. This post covers a few strategies that you can use to integrate and piggyback off your SEO efforts.



Five Ways Marketing Can Spread That CU Infection

The author lays out 5 ways that you can help people catch the CU bug: 1) Wear your mission on your sleeve; 2) Teach your brand; 3) Cultivate culture; 4) Devote time and resources to internal communication; and 5) Recruit the right attitudes.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


First Data’s Star Debit Network Plans to Challenge Visa and Mastercard for Signature Transactions

Payment processor First Data’s Star debit network is poised to aggressively challenge Visa and Mastercard for a share of the signature-debit market that the global networks have dominated since signature debit became a payment option more than 20 years ago. Star first introduced a signature-authentication service about two years ago. In 2017, the network rolled out Star Signature, which the company said uses a “true dual-message protocol” that they claim competing networks lack.



Crypto Is Officially Legit Now. Ask FRED

The addition of digital assets to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database, perhaps the most important source of data on the global economy, is yet another validation for virtual tokens. FRED, maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, recently announced the addition of daily data on the prices of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin. The prices come from Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.



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Internet Access


Sorry, but Blockchain Databases Are Just Not That Secure

The author describes a blockchain as a cryptographically secured distributed hyperledger. This definition leaves open the crucial question of whether that tactic alone is sufficient to reduce a blockchain’s vulnerability to tampering, password theft, malware-borne denial of service, and other attacks. He believes that the security issues with blockchain seem to form a chain of their own, in which the weak links start to overwhelm the strengths conveyed by the technology’s underlying reliance on strong public key cryptography.



Extreme Networks' New AI-Powered Edge Network Solution

The Smart OmniEdge is an artificial intelligence-enabled network edge solution that helps enhance security and can be used as on-premise or as-a-service. The Smart OmniEdge solution is comprised of a secure, unified wired/wireless infrastructure and AI-driven management capabilities, accessible through a single pane of glass. The solution provides common visibility, policy, and authentication services across the entire infrastructure.



Cisco Makes SD-WAN Integration a Top Priority

Cisco plans to integrate Viptela technology in Cisco’s DNA Center where customers can take advantage of automation capabilities, assurance setting, fabric provisioning and policy-based SD-WAN segmentation from a single location. Cisco added that it was well on its way down the path it outlined for Viptela integration which looks like this: Phase 1 - Cisco will continue to support and invest in the Viptela SD-WAN solution, including the Viptela vEdge routers; Phase 2 - Viptela features will be incorporated into existing Cisco enterprise routing platforms; and Phase 3 - Viptela’s cloud management platform will be integrated with Cisco DNA Center.



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Call Centers


How to Write Excellent Social Media Responses

The author insists that your agents need these three social-specific writing skills if they're going to deliver excellent care: 1) Write in your organization's brand voice; 2) Explain why you want to move the discussion to a private channel; and 3) Use emojis to sustain the feelings, not carry the facts, of your response.