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June 4, 2018

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General News


Kern Schools FCU Partners with Xpress Data

Xpress Data, Inc. (XDI), the only company in the nation specializing in the production and delivery of CU notices, and other event-driven member correspondence, announced they have signed Kern Schools Federal Credit Union to handle their Statements, Notices and Tax Forms – both print and electronic. The $1.5 billion asset CU estimates they will save over $800,000 over the next 5 years by using XDI’s outsourced XpressServices.



Narmi & NJCUL Services Corp Form Partnership

NJCUL Services Corporation and Narmi have partnered to offer Narmi’s online banking, mobile banking, online account opening, CRM and support applications, and website design services to New Jersey’s 150+ Credit Unions.





Hardware News


Best Ultraportable Laptops for Business 2018

Gartner currently typifies ultraportables as devices with displays ranging between 7 and 13.9 inches and weighing less than 3lbs, but other definitions may vary slightly (Gartner also includes tablets and convertibles in its 'ultraportable' definition -- hence the 7-inch starting point). This article covers 14 of the best ultraportable laptops -- running Windows or macOS (no Chromebooks made it onto the list at this time) -- on the market.



Auriga Launches Branch Device Management Module

Auriga announced the launch of its new WWS Asset Management, which is an application module of the WinWebServer (WWS) suite, to help manage the entire life cycle of all devices located in branches such as ATMs, assisted self-service devices, tablets, digital signage and PDUs. The new WWS Asset Management module enables FIs to automatically collect and interpret all data relating to their devices, such as service status, locations, hardware and software specifications.



Growing Number of Shadow Devices Leaves Many Networks Vulnerable

Enterprise networks have thousands of shadow personal devices such as laptops, mobile phones and Internet of Things devices connecting to their network, according to a new report from security company Infoblox. The most common devices found on enterprise networks included fitness trackers (49 percent), digital assistants (47 percent), smart TVs (46 percent), smart kitchen devices (33 percent) and games consoles (30 percent).



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Software Updates


Bomgar Releases Remote Support 18.2

Bomgar announced the latest release of its remote support solution, Bomgar Remote Support 18.2, which introduces the new Bomgar Vault for Remote Support. The Bomgar Vault was developed for IT help desk technicians who need to access privileged credentials to complete their job tasks. Administrators can now eliminate the need for technicians to memorize or manually track passwords. Additionally, Bomgar Vault improves productivity as users can inject privileged credentials directly into an endpoint with just one click – without ever knowing or seeing the credentials.



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How AI Can save Your FI on ATM Cash Management

Traditionally, managing cash in an individual machine or across an entire ATM fleet has been part art, part science and part guesswork. However, AI is able to process more data points and larger amounts of data overall than traditional forecasting solutions. Plus, as the AI solution continues to learn from available data over time and becomes progressively smarter, it can distinguish normal and abnormal behavior, drawing conclusions from the data that most people could not identify.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Middlesex Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


Gen Z Demands a Different Approach to Payments

Gen Z – consumers born after 1995 – have grown up in a smartphone world and FIs need to modify their strategies and distribution approaches to effectively engage with this segment, according to a new Javelin Strategy & Research report, Technologies Influencing Generation Z Payments Adoption. Gen Z has not known a time before mobile devices and broadband. From school-issued iPads to hand-me-down smartphones, Gen Z has always used the mobile channel to navigate the world. This report examines how Gen Z approaches technology and the generation’s impact on banking and retail commerce.



RSA Report Shows Fraud from Mobile Apps Skyrocketing

In RSA Security’s latest quarterly fraud report, researchers at the firm found that fraudulent transactions that originate from a mobile app rose more than 600 percent during the most recent quarter since the level of fraud in 2015. RSA said the explosion of incidents is driven by shoppers who use mobile e-commerce apps and want fast, two-day shipping.



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Security Section


Banking Trojans, Not Ransomware, Are the Biggest Threat to the Enterprise Now

In Q1 2018, banking Trojans officially displaced ransomware as the top malware threat found in email for the first time in almost two years, according to a recent report from security firm Proofpoint. Massive ransomware attacks may be on the decline, but the cyberthreat landscape grew even more diverse in the first months of 2018, the report found. Banking Trojans accounted for nearly 59% of all malicious email payloads in Q1, followed by credential stealers (19%) and downloaders (18%).



6 Security Investments You May Be Wasting

Many security technologies simply aren't worth their cost without the right resources to implement and run them, observes Tom Parker, group technology officer at Accenture Security. This article dives into 6 security technologies that may not be worth investing in.



Military-Style Tactics to Fight Cybercrime

Cybercrime is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most lucrative industries. At least $445 billion was lost last year, up around 30 percent from just three years earlier, a global economic study found, and the Treasury Department recently designated cyberattacks as one of the greatest risks to the American financial sector. This interesting article looks at the rise of high-tech "fusion centers" that are being setup to battle cybercrime.



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Technology and Marketing


Real-Time Analytics Sees Greater Popularity, but Still Not for Everyone

Today’s business environment in many cases demands not just data analytics, but real-time analytics. Real-time analytics are insights gained from a single data source or multiple data sources as transactions occur, but use cases must be individually analyzed to determine if the costs of real-time analytics is justified.



NewGround Client FirstOntario CU Wins Award for Branch Design

NewGround reported it is celebrating an award-winning recognition for marketing design with FirstOntario Credit Union, a NewGround client that received the Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AIME) award—from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MACU)—for their flagship branch in North Oakville. Using a process called the Member Journey, the branch is built around five activity zones that must be addressed to maximize the experience with marketing messages a person receives through their interaction with the branch.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


With the Fed Create Central Bank Electronic Money for All?

Word that the Federal Reserve was open to the prospect of launching a cryptocurrency made headlines late last year, but what is actually much likelier is that the Fed will create “central bank electronic money for all,” researchers at the St. Louis Fed say. The latter would also be easy to implement. The Fed would only need to allow households and firms to open accounts with it, which would allow the central bank to make payments with Fed-issued electronic money instead of commercial deposits.



AmEx Is Likely to Become the Second Largest U.S. Card Processing Company This Year

The U.S. card processing industry is likely to see a shakeup among the four incumbents for the first time in decades, as American Express looks poised to nudge ahead of MasterCard to become the second largest processor of credit card purchases in the country later this year. While Visa remains the undisputed market leader with a market share of almost 53% in Q1 2018, MasterCard and American Express both captured a nearly identical market share of 22% each. However, while MasterCard’s market share has fallen marginally compared to Q1 2017, American Express has done well to report a slight improvement year-on-year.



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Internet Access


Make Certificate Visibility and Security a Part of Your Overall Security Program

This article/podcast covers the importance of having visibility into both certificates and the underlying TLS configurations and vulnerabilities as part of your overall security program.



AT&T, Google Partnership to Provide More Secure Link to the Cloud for Businesses

Google Cloud and AT&T announced a new partnership to more securely connect business customers to the cloud. The pair will tap Google Cloud Partner Interconnect, announced in April, which can establish a direct connection between an on-prem data center and Google's platform for hybrid cloud deployments through 23 global partners, including AT&T. Through this, business customers will be able to use AT&T NetBond for Cloud to securely connect to Google Cloud Platform. The partnership will allow organizations to move workloads across multiple cloud environments without the need for a public Internet connection, making connecting to the cloud a more private experience. It also allows data centers that are located far from a Google Cloud region to connect at up to 10Gbps.



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Call Centers


Using Slack for Consumer Interactions

Slack is commonly known as a tool to help employees collaborate internally. But some financial services firms are testing it as a conversational banking channel.