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May 21, 2018

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General News


ProfitStars Moves Imaging Suite to the Cloud

Jack Henry's ProfitStars division announced the availability of ImageCenter Express, a hosted deployment of the company's image capture solution. The solution includes teller and branch capture, as well as remote, remittance, and ATM capture file processing.



ENACOMM and FedFis Forge Partnership

ENACOMM and FedFis are joining forces to leverage their data on consumer channel interactions and vendor integrations, in order to provide CUs with empirical guidance on how to better leverage and target their technology decisions.





Hardware News


Hitachi, HPE and IBM Enhance Their SSD-Based Storage Products

Hitachi Vantara, HP Enterprise, and IBM are making news around SSD-based storage, much of it related to de-duplication and other ways to get control over data creep. Hitachi has updated its Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) all-flash and hybrid storage arrays, as well as its SVOS operating system. Meanwhile, HPE's Nimble storage line has been updated and it breaks down into three product lines: the all-flash array AF series line, a hybrid disk-flash HF series of products, and the Secondary Flash (SF) line. Finally, IBM is upgrading its Storwize arrays for the first time in two years to add improved overall performance, cloud integration, and some seriously enhanced deduplication performance.



A Business Laptop with 3 Screens? Microsoft Patent Filing Points at Multi-Screen Folding Device

Microsoft is considering releasing a folding device with a third screen and it would address many of the questions surrounding folding tablets, namely how two screens become one when the device is in tablet mode. A third display without a bezel, and assuming the other two screens don't have one either, could be precision built to give a convincing illusion of one seamless display.



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Software Updates


Can a Mature Blockchain Industry Emerge from the Hype?

Amazon Web Services announced it was partnering with the blockchain software firm Consensys to speed up deployment of enterprise blockchains. While some analysts remain bullish on blockchain, others haven’t seen the use cases for separating blockchain from cryptocurrency application. This article looks at both perspectives.



Google, Microsoft Use AI to Tackle Corporate Email Inboxes

Google is quick to tout artificial intelligence as fueling some of context-dependent email features and productivity-boosting reminders. It's a claim Microsoft's also been making. For the last three years at its Ignite conference, it's been demonstrating how machine learning can help Outlook users refine their email interactions and coordinate meetings.



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Measuring ROI for ATM Upgrades

One of the most difficult aspects of managing an ATM fleet is determining if and when to upgrade or replace a machine. This article dives into many questions and answers on this complex topic.



Windows 10 Migration for ATMs: The Microsoft Timer Ticks Again

The ATM Industry Association recommends that ATM deployers begin their "2020" migration as soon as possible. The author states that ATM deployers should immediately undertake the following steps to upgrade their ATMs: 1) Determine the status of your ATM fleet; 2) Establish a timeline and roadmap for implementation; and 3) Open up lines of communication with ATM suppliers.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union

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Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


Apps Are the New Branches and Tellers

According to Bankrate, 63% of adults who use a smartphone have at least one financial app, and 7 in 10 of those who do use them regularly. The most common app? A person’s FI. A Bankrate analyst commented that: “I don’t know a mobile app is going to attract you, but it might keep you, or send you running.”



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Security Section


Email Security Tools Try to Keep Up

The evolution of cyberattacks has made email security a challenge; now attackers are more effectively spoofing websites and creating lookalike domains. Business email compromise has become a hugely profitable industry, with $5 billion in profit and categorization as a separate crime type by the FBI starting in 2017. "What we're seeing more and more is spearphishing attacks, hearing much more of attackers using social engineering in a variety of different ways to get people to give up their account credentials," says Reena Nadkarni, group product manager at Google.



5 Top Trends in Endpoint Security for 2018

As threats evolve, endpoint security suites must evolve as well. In 2018, expect endpoint security vendors to work to catch up with the following 5 trends: 1. Machine learning and AI; 2. SaaS-based endpoint security; 3. Layered protection against fileless attacks; 4. Putting IoT devices under the protective umbrella; and 5. Reducing complexity and consolidating agents.



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Technology and Marketing


What’s the Most Effective Way to Communicate with Members?

According to the STRATMOR Group survey of more than 150,000 borrowers who answered questions about their home loan experience, borrowers are more satisfied with their loan transaction when they receive phone calls from the lender and keep reaching out to the borrower in this personal way. Satisfaction scores reached as high as 95%. When a member is required to call the lender, scores plummet to 61%. However, borrowers also find mobile apps very satisfying at 93%.



What Is Predictive Analytics? Transforming Data into Future Insights

Predictive analytics is a category of data analytics aimed at making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data and analytics techniques such as statistical modeling and machine learning. Predictive analytics draws its power from a wide range of methods and technologies, including big data, data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning and assorted mathematical processes. Organizations use predictive analytics to sift through current and historical data to detect trends and forecast events and conditions that should occur at a specific time, based on supplied parameters. For example in financial services it can be used to: Develop credit risk models; Forecast financial market trends; and Predict the impact of new policies, laws and regulations on businesses and markets.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Rambus Makes Real-Time Payments Safer with Payment Account Tokenization

Rambus announced the launch of its Payment Account Tokenization solution to help secure account-based transactions, such as automated clearing house (ACH) and real-time payments. The solution will enable central banks and clearing houses to replace sensitive account numbers with unique tokens and help reduce the impact of fraud for transactions including direct credit, direct debit and person-to-person (P2P) payments.



PayPal CFO Sees Opportunity in Unbanked

PayPal is doubling down on the idea of helping the "unbanked" — people who don't use typical financial services. "The unique aspect about those two billion people is that 70 percent of them," or some 1.4 billion, "have a mobile device," said PayPal's CFO.



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Internet Access


Amplification DDoS Attacks and Old Botnets Make a Comeback

Kaspersky Lab has published its report looking at botnet-assisted DDoS attacks for the first quarter of 2018. The company’s experts noted an increase in activity by both old and new botnets, growth in the popularity of amplification DDoS attacks and the return of long-lasting (multi-day) DDoS attacks.



SDN, Programmable Networks Change How Network Engineers Work

Modernizing the network to be as fast as the business requires has meant a shift to software-defined networking (SDN), which decouples the control and packet-forwarding planes in a network and streamlines the effort it takes to make changes and provision new services. SDN also enables the network to interface with applications directly via application programming interfaces (APIs) rather than going through the command line interface (CLI). Network engineers need to become software fluent and embrace automation, according to a panel of network professionals brought together recently by Cisco.



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Call Centers


Why Chatbots Can Take over Banking

Chatbots are AI-enabled, text-based communication tools. They learn users’ language styles, picking up their words and expressions rather than remaining stuck with a vocabulary compiled by the programmer and FI’s marketing department. Chatbot proponents contend that they are the closest channel consumers have to going into an actual branch to talk to a member of staff. They also contend that it’s one-on-one, private and – when done well – the conversation is held not only at a level appropriate to the consumer, but also in their style of language and at a time convenient to them.