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November 19, 2018

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General News


Hickam FCU Wins Design Award for NewGround-Designed Facility

Hickam Federal Credit Union’s new headquarters project has won an award during the BIA-Hawaii Building Industry Design & Construction Awards. The facility was designed by NewGround, an architecture, design, and delivery firm. The new building houses a technology-forward retail branch and numerous employee amenities, a fitness center, collaboration areas, and privacy enclaves.



GreatHorn Unveils Comprehensive Email Security Solution

Cloud-based email security specialist GreatHorn announced a major expansion of its flagship solution, GreatHorn Email Security. The new addition, GreatHorn Mailbox Protection, gives users immediate, ready access to relationship and risk data to help them when interacting with their email messages.





Hardware News


New Worker at Clearview FCU Seems Robotic for a Reason

Clearview FCU has introduced its membership to “Pepper,” which it said is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. It can currently be found in Clearview’s Moon Township, PA Financial Center lobby talking about available solutions, the history of the organization and even the weather.



Intel Extends Depth-Sensing Capabilities of RealSense Cameras

Intel is expanding its family of RealSense cameras, extending the depth-sensing capabilities of the D400 series. The new D435i RealSense camera includes a new inertial measurement unit (IMU), providing another data point for measuring depth.



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Software Updates


Making Sense of Microsoft's Approach to AI

Microsoft's all-in strategy when it comes to AI isn't necessarily readily apparent or easy to explain. Those on the lower end of the AI experience chain might want to begin dabbling with AI with business intelligence and apps. For customers with a little more AI experience and who are willing to do a bit more customization, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 software-as-a-service apps provides another place for customers to get their AI feet wet. They are also working on a number of AI "Accelerators," solution templates and analytics templates to give users a way to build on top of some repeatable patterns and practices around AI.



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Cummins Allison Intros FI Coin Redemption Rental Program

Cummins Allison, a provider of ATMs and coin, currency and check-processing technology, has rolled out a new rental program that makes it easier for FIs to add self-service coin redemption services at their branch locations.



Most ATMs Vulnerable

Many ATMs from some of the world's biggest manufacturers are vulnerable to a host of attacks and can be hacked in minutes, according to a report from Positive Technologies. The security specialist tested machines from NCR, Diebold Nixdorf and GRGBanking, finding that 69% are vulnerable to Black Box attacks, where scammers connect devices to cash dispensers and force the ATMs to spit out money.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

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T&P Credit Union

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Wireless World


Mobile Biometrics Platform Award Winners

Fingerprint scanning has become an uncontested favorite for consumer authentication, with 62% of consumers selecting it as either their most preferred or second-most preferred authentication method for logging into their financial accounts. As consumer devices come equipped with a growing variety of biometric sensors, new modalities become more proliferating as well - multiple types of eye biometrics and palm scanning are emerging as potential challengers to established authentication methods. This inaugural edition of Javelin’s Mobile Biometrics Platform Scorecard evaluates twelve of the leading mobile biometric authentication platform providers to assess the capabilities they offer.



Aruba Introduces New Secure, AI-Powered Mobility Solutions

Aruba released a new family of 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) wireless access points and complementary access switches, along with innovations in security, intelligent power management, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automation. New features include Intelligent Power Monitoring, a capability delivered by Aruba Operating System (AOS) 8, and NetInsight Green AP, part of Aruba’s AI-powered analytics and assurance solution.



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Security Section


Ransomware No. 1 Cyberthreat to SMBs

Ransomware was the no. 1 cyberattack experienced by SMBs in 2018, with smaller organizations facing these attacks more than viruses or spyware, according to a recent report from Datto. The average attack is 10x more costly for the organization than the ransom itself, according to the report;attacks cost SMBs an average of $46,800, while the ransom requested averages $4,300 per attack.



Using the DMV to Fight Identity Fraud

The big four mega-banks are enlisting the local DMV in their fight against identity fraud. They are looking for ways to link up with databases at state departments of motor vehicles and other government offices to make sure potential customers are who they say they are.



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Technology and Marketing


How FI Marketers Can Get Creative with Certificates of Deposit

Traditional penalties on certificates of deposit represent sales blockers and often amount to meaningless threats. The author suggests that a fair-but-serious approach to these measures — introduced as rates slowly climb — may help differentiate your FI's term deposit offerings from competitors', and give you a leg up based on something besides just paying the highest interest rates in town.



Making the Most of Marketing Metrics

This article covers some ideas for leveraging your marketing metrics to gain useful insights.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


U.S. Faster Payments Council Launched

A key group of payments industry leaders announced the formation of a newly incorporated organization, the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC), to work toward the goal of a ubiquitous, world-class payment system that allows Americans to safely and securely pay anyone, anywhere, at any time and with near-immediate funds availability.



Central Banks 'Could Issue Digital Money'

International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde said central banks around the world should consider issuing digital currency. Ms Lagarde said central banks in Canada, China, Sweden and Uruguay were all "seriously considering" digital currency proposals. A virtual currency issued by a central bank would be a liability of the state - as cash is - not of a private firm. This would help consumers by making transactions safer and more common, and as a result less expensive.



In Payments, What I Say May Not Match What I Do

By number, U.S. consumers report paying 4 in 10 bills by electronic means—for example, by using their online banking bill pay function or providing an account number at a biller's website. By dollar value, the practice of using electronic transactions to pay bills is also prevalent: about half of bill payments by dollar value are made using online banking bill pay or an account number payment.



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Internet Access


Google Investigates Faster, More-Private Webpage Transitions

As part of efforts to improve the web experience, Google’s Chrome browser team is working on two specifications to enable smoother transitions between web pages. The specifications include Web Packaging (also called Web Packages), which would provide privacy-preserving, fast loading for the web, and Portals, letting multi-page sites act as single-page applications by offering the same level of fluid transitions.



Cisco Ties Security Capabilities into SD-WAN Platform

Cisco has bundled some of its security capabilities with its SD-WAN technologies in order to help organizations better embrace the cloud. A full stack of Cisco security capabilities are now embedded into Cisco's SD-WAN portfolio, which includes both its Meraki and Viptela SD-WAN flavors. Application-aware enterprise firewall, intrusion prevention and URL filtering are integrated into the Cisco SD-WAN devices. They have also integrated their cloud security Umbrella, which is based on Cisco's purchase of OpenDNS three years ago, with its SD-WAN portfolio.



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Call Centers


Rise of Cloud Solutions Makes AI for Service Calls a Reality

The author states that AI-assisted integrations with sales platforms can be used to make human agents more efficient, as well as automate backups of recordings for analysis and compliance purposes. For example, Velvetech and XSELL announced a real-time voice analytics solution for RingCentral which can be used during calls to prompt agents with recommended dialogue to use throughout different stages of calls to increase efficiency, sales performance, and caller satisfaction.