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September 3, 2018

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General News


The Infirmary FCU Signs Core Conversion Deal with United Solutions Co.

The Infirmary Federal Credit Union has signed an agreement with United Solutions Company, a Tallahassee, FL,-based technology CUSO, to convert the CU to OnCore, the CUSO’s hosted Fiserv XP2 core system. The Infirmary FCU is a $20M CU based in Mobile, AL.



Ser Technology Signs 9 CUs

Dallas-based Ser Technology announced that it has signed 9 new credit union clients to use its Fetch Marketing Program. The nine credit unions are: Agriculture FCU, Washington, D.C.; Central Willamette Community CU, Albany, OR; First Pace CU, West St. Paul, MN; Marathon County Employees CU, Wausau, WI; Muskegon Co-op FCU, Muskegon, MI; Navigator CU, Pascagoula, MS; Polish-American FCU, Troy, MI; Rivertrust FCU, Pearl, MS; and Avista Credit Union, Spokane, WA.





Hardware News


Lenovo Unveils Its Thinnest and Lightest Professional Notebook

At just 18.4 mm thin, and 3.76 pounds, Lenovo's Thinkpad P1 earns the distinction of being Lenovo's thinnest and lightest workstation laptop ever. The P1 packs an 8th gen Intel Core processor that boasts clock speeds of up to 4.6GHz. Beneath the slender chassis lies 64 GB of DDR4 memory and 4TB storage.



Dell Shows off New Windows 10 2-in-1 Inspiron PCs and Premium Chromebook

Dell has revealed a selection of new mid-range 2-in-1 PCs starting at $460 and packing the latest Intel processors. The new machines include two new ranges of 2-in-1 computers and a new Chromebook, alongside updates to Dell's existing business and consumer laptops.



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Software Updates


Programmable Money: Will Central Banks Take the Lead?

IBM predicts that many high-impact blockchain projects are likely to be implemented within the next 12 months. They believe that blockchain has emerged as an ideal technology for payments because of its exemplary transaction and settlement security, data integrity, record-keeping and efficiency features. Currently, in Sweden, Riksbank is experimenting with eKrona, and the Bank of Canada is working on a proof-of-concept with CADcoin.



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A Case for Reliable ATM Antiskimming Solutions

FIs suffered more than $2.5 billion in losses from skimming just last year. This article looks at five things that you should look for in an antiskimming solution.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Y-12 Federal Credit Union

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Wireless World


Mobile Wallets Perpetually Struggle for Relevance in the U.S.

Everything's in place for mobile payments to supplant plastic cards in the U.S. — except for a compelling reason for the transition, according to this article. Even after years and billions of dollars in development and marketing from some of the largest U.S. corporate brands in banking, technology and the mobile industry, most U.S. consumers still don't find anything wrong with using plastic cards, and a scant few use mobile wallets to make payments.



Understanding the Value of Network Slicing and SFC in 5G Wireless

5G is the fifth generation wireless network standards that will succeed 4G, LTE, and 3G networks. It will open up new opportunities in bandwidth and lower latency to power next-generation apps and tools. 5G will bring 1-10 Gbps and support more common tools and frameworks such as commercial off-the-shelf hardware, X86 hardware, and ARM architecture.



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Security Section


Will Google's Titan Security Keys Revolutionize Account Security?

Google's Titan security keys are now available in the Google Store for businesses and individuals. If Google gets its way, the Titan keys will be the new standard in two-factor account protection. The tiny Titan keys come in USB and Bluetooth form factors.



Why Synthetic Identity Fraud on the Rise - the Battle Is Just Beginning

Synthetic identity fraud is on the rise in 2018. Sophisticated crime rings have access to never-before-seen numbers of compromised records, and they know that most fraud prevention software is fooled by this type of fraud. Synthetic identity fraud differs from tradition identity theft in that the perpetrator creates a new synthetic identity rather than stealing an existing one. The process starts with someone stealing real social security numbers that aren’t actively being used — think children and elderly people who use little, if any, credit — and then creating identities by adding fake addresses.



Managed Methods, Cylance Team up on Endpoint Protection for Cloud Applications

Managed Methods and Cylance announced a partnership that they say will enhance Managed Methods' Cloud Access Monitor CASB solution with the additional benefit of Cylance's AI-driven threat detection to proactively prevent advanced persistent threats and malware in cloud applications.



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Technology and Marketing


It's Time for CUs to Embrace Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the practice of utilizing software to automate repetitive tasks. According to the Maryville University researchers, among companies that outgrew their competitors, 63 percent were using marketing automation to enhance their marketing strategies. Furthermore, the university found that marketing automation increased sales productivity by 14.5 percent.



30 Experts Identify Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing

Some of the presenters at Content Marketing World offer their out-loud critiques of what could be done better in content marketing. Use their observations in this article to gauge what you’re doing well and where your content marketing program has room for improvement.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Realtime Push Payments Can Increase Revenue

Mastercard thinks that FIs should consider card-based push payments as a way to grow their debit business. Mastercard has its own version of realtime push payments, which it calls Mastercard Send. It works through APIs with the P2P platform on one end and a card network (either Mastercard or not) on the other end.



Chip Card Updates

During the most recent period ending in June 2018, Visa saw continued growth across the number of chip cards and chip-enabled merchants, as well as payment and transaction volume since before the shift to EMV chip launched in October 2015. Counterfeit fraud also declined sharply.



Digital Wallets Can Wait: Americans Carrying More Cards than Ever

According to a TransUnion report, Americans have more than 416 million credit cards, and almost 175 million Americans have access to at least one credit card. Those numbers reflect increases of about 77 million and about 25 million, respectively, since 2012, Business Insider reported.



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Internet Access


Why DHCP's Days Might Be Numbered

Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) still assigns dynamic addresses for IPv4 networks, but two newer protocols – SLAAC and DHCPv6 – are vying to do the job for IPv6. The author states that if you’re running IPv4, then there is no issue; stick with DHCP. But be aware that you’re going to have to move to IPv6 eventually. If you’re running a dual-stack environment, with both IPv4 and IPv6, then it probably makes sense to use DHCP and DHCPv6. If you have moved to an all-IPv6 network and you have no restrictions on who can join the network, then SLAAC is the best option.



Cisco Meraki Amps up Throughput, Wi-Fi to SD-WAN Family

Cisco Meraki’s MX family supports everything from SD-WAN and Wi-Fi to next-generation firewall and intrusion prevention security. It can't be customized as much as traditional Cisco gear, so it's a good option for organizations that want an easy-to-deploy, cloud managed offering.



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Call Centers


4 Essential Resources to Read Before You Craft Your Contact Center RFP

The author states that the contact center RFP is unique and can’t be modeled on the same old RFP template used for other services your FI may procure. He goes on to cover resources to guide you in crafting an RFP that will address the unique challenges of selecting a contact center partner.