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February 18, 2019

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General News


Credit Unions Mark 25th Year as a Valued Sharetec Core Customer

Sharetec System announced that four of its long-time customers have entered their 25th year with Sharetec. The four are: Freestone CU and Waco FCU located in Texas, All Saints FCU in Ohio, and Generations FCU in Indiana.



XDI Announces Credit Union Cornhole Challenge

Xpress Data, Inc. (XDI), the only company in the nation specializing exclusively in the production and delivery of credit union notices, statements, and other event-driven member correspondence, announced the Credit Union Cornhole Challenge which is designed to attract CUs from across the country to participate in a charity fundraising event of nearly $30,000 that involves the popular lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn (or bean bags) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. The event will be held at the ocean-side Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and is designed to draw CU teams from across the nation, with two divisions available: CU Executive and CU Employee.





Hardware News


Lenovo Jumps into the Pay-per-Use Server Market

Lenovo is launching TruScale, a pay-per-use system for its servers that it says offers true pay-per-use and no requirement of a minimum capacity purchase. TruScale is a subscription-based offering that allows customers to use and pay for data center hardware and services either on premises or at a customer-preferred location without having to purchase the equipment outright. Capacity can be scaled up or down to accommodate business needs automatically. It requires no minimum capacity purchase, which is differnet that HPE and Dell which have minimum requirements.



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Software Updates


Microsoft: 70 Percent of All Security Bugs Are Memory Safety Issues

Around 70 percent of all the vulnerabilities in Microsoft products addressed through a security update each year are memory safety issues, according to a Microsoft engineer. Memory safety is a term used by software and security engineers to describe applications that access the operating system's memory in a way that doesn't cause errors. Memory safety bugs happen when software, accidentally or intentionally, accesses system memory in a way that exceeds its allocated size and memory addresses.



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ESQ Intros OperationsBridge Express for FI ATM Services

ESQ Business Services, a provider of advanced device monitoring solutions, announced the availability of OperationsBridge Express, an ATM monitoring and management solution for ATM deployers. The company says that the product provides advanced remote diagnostics and repair capabilities that can help operators drive down costs, increase ATM availability and gather business insights data.



Plan to Change Check ‘Holds’ May Lead to More Fraud: CU Trades

A proposal from the Federal Reserve and the CFPB would shorten holds from five business days to four business days for nonproprietary ATM deposits. The proposal would also decrease the reasonable additional extension hold from five to two business days, a move that “will likely increase check fraud risk and loss exposure to credit unions and other institutions,” Alexander Monterrubio, CUNA’s senior director of advocacy and counsel, said in a letter to the agencies.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Patelco Credit Union

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Wireless World


Coming Soon: On-Premises 5G Gear for Organizations

Anticipation is keen for 5G, given that it promises to deliver faster speeds and lower latency than the current premium wireless technology, 4G LTE. Ideally, 5G networks could deliver fast Internet to areas of the country where wired broadband is unavailable, and more reliable connections to a variety of devices. This article provides a rundown of the device makers that are known or rumored to be providing networking gear to pipe 5G to your offices/branches.



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Security Section


Managers Commit 85% of Embezzlement Cases, Survey Finds

Eighty-five percent of embezzlement cases were committed by someone at the managerial level or higher, according to a new survey of CFOs, controllers and accountants commissioned by Hiscox, a specialist insurance company. Thirty-three percent of the theft perpetrators worked in the accounting or finance department, 31% percent of the theft cases went on for three years or longer and 70% of the embezzlements lasted for more than a year. Nearly 80% of the embezzlements included more than one person, and the average number of persons involved with internal fraud cases was three.



Malicious URLs Outnumbered Attachments in Emails 3 to 1 Last Year

Scammers are relying substantially more on malicious URLs than email attachments in the course of committing crimes, according to ProofPoint's Quarterly Threat Report for Q4 2018.



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Technology and Marketing


Money Freaks Gen Z Out, Creating Opportunity for Financial Marketers

According to the American Psychological Association, four out of five Gen Z consumers ages 18-21 say money matters are a leading source of stress. In their study, more than three in ten Gen Z respondents, personal debt is another major source of stress. The article concludes that financial education must be part of your overall marketing and branding strategy to Gen Z. It’s a good idea to align the brand with financial wellness and send a signal to consumers that you’re not only a valuable resource but also, perhaps, a valued partner.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


The State of Faster Payments: 'Early Innings'

By and large, payments as an industry still operates through “a batch process.” However, the industry is evolving — quickly — to embrace speed, and it is expected for there to be as many as 56 real-time payment schemes live or underway by the end of next year.



Many Consumers Report P2P Funds Availability Takes a Day or More

Speed is a key selling point for person-to-person payments, but many P2P users aren’t taking advantage of real-time payment capabilities offered by their providers, according research firm Aite Group. Some P2P services, including Zelle and Facebook’s Messenger, don’t charge for real-time payments. Others do, however, including PayPal and the PayPal-owned Venmo service, according to Aite.



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Internet Access


Watch Out, AWS and Azure; Google Cloud Plans to Compete More Aggressively

Although Google doesn’t break out its cloud revenues, much to the frustration of analysts who want to compare its revenues to those of the other big cloud providers, Google's cloud business increased its sales by almost four times in the last three years. Synergy Research puts Google Cloud’s market share in third place after Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, but now the company is beginning a big push into "six industries and 15 countries."



Serverless: The Future of Cloud Computing?

“Serverless computing,” an emerging software architecture in which IT dynamically allocates compute, storage, and memory based on the request for a higher-order service, such as a database or a function of code, has a bright future according to many analysts.



Cloud Transformation Drives High SD-WAN Growth

IHS Markit has found that SD-WAN adoption is high on North American organizations' priority lists partly because of how SD-WAN supports their priorities: reducing costs, improving application performance and simplifying WAN management. According to their 2018 Enterprise Edge Connectivity Strategies North American Enterprise survey, 66% of respondents indicated plans to have SD-WAN deployments by the end of 2020.



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Call Centers


'Digital Human' Home Loan Assistant

Australian online bank UBank is set to debut the latest member of its home loan team, Mia, a digital assistant with a human face powered by artificial intelligence technology. Mia - short for My Interactive Agent - has been trained to answer more than 300 of the most common questions applicants have about the home loan application process. Mia will complement UBank’s home loan chatbot, RoboChat, and Live Chats with human advisors, to help applicants apply for a home loan.