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June 17, 2019

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General News


Sharetec Improves Bill Pay at Members First CU

Sharetec System announced the successful launch of Allied Payment Network’s PicturePay and P2P digital payment solutions at Madison, WI-based Members First Credit Union. PicturePay technology allows members to pay bills and set up payees from their mobile phone by simply taking a photo of their bill. Allied’s P2P solution provides real-time person-to-person transaction speed, allowing recipients to accept payments through standard ACH or in real time to their debit cards.



My Credit Union Converts to CU*NorthWest

Liberty Lake, WA-based core data processor, CU*NorthWest, announced that My Credit Union of Redwood City, CA successfully converted to the CU*BASE data processing system. The credit union represents 3,114 members and $32.1 million in assets.





Hardware News


HP Launches Detachable Computing Device

HP claims that the Elite x G4 is the world's first detachable computing device, plus it includes a leather keyboard folio. It features a privacy screen on the 1920x1280 display as well as a privacy shutter on the integrated camera. HP also announced the ZBook line of laptops. The ZBook 15 and ZBook 17 share the same internal specifications, but offer a 15.5-inch (ZBook 15) screen versus a 17.3-inch screen (ZBook 17).



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Software Updates


How Ventura County Credit Union Is Tackling Dementia Head-On

California-based Ventura County CU has officially been certified by the Camarillo Health Care District as a “dementia-friendly business.” It is believed to be one of the few financial institutions – if not the only one – to hold such a designation. In train-the-trainer fashion over approximately six weeks, VCCU’s internal trainer provided all of the education needed for the front line and support teams. This training has become part of VCCU’s annual compliance program and is always available online for anyone needing a refresher.



The Minefield of Corporate Email

Employee email accounts are prime targets for fraudsters, phishing attacks, and malware delivery as hackers assume someone will click, download, or respond to fall into their traps. Between January and April 2019, binary files only made up 2% of all malicious attachments. Attackers now gravitate toward .zip files, which make up one-third of attachments. JavaScript files make up 14.1% and, researchers note, and attackers are more frequently using them. It's now the third most-common malicious extension, following .doc (41.8%) and .zip (26.3%).



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ATMs Continue to Be an Integral Part of U.S. Banking

Mercator Advisory Group’s most recent Insight Summary Report, ATM Banking: It’s Not Just About Cash Withdrawal Anymore, reveals that U.S. consumers are increasingly relying on ATMs to fulfill their banking needs. The survey found consumers are more than four times as likely to use their own FI’s ATM (94%) as other FIs’ ATMs (22%) or ATMs than are not FI branded (19%). Furthermore, heavy users of ATMs are less dedicated to their own FI’s ATM and more apt to use ATMs that do not belong to their FI. The same is true of younger consumers, reflecting their strong presence among the heavy users of ATMs.



More Targeted CU Ads Coming to 7-Eleven ATM Screens

NRL Federal Credit Union has struck a deal with ATM technology company FCTI to show targeted ads to ATM users at 7-Eleven stores across the country. The partnership allows the credit union, which has $464 million in assets and about 24,000 members, to deliver custom branded messages to cardholders, target cardholders by location and run multiple campaigns at once.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

Enhanced Software Products (ESP)


and their client is:

Connections Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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Wireless World


US Adults Are Spending More Time on Mobile than They Do Watching TV

For the first time ever, US consumers will spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV, with smartphone use dominating that time spent. Consumers’ use of smartphones will continue to make up the majority of their media consumption, but eMarketer predicts that use will plateau by 2020, as consumers become increasingly uneasy about overuse of mobile devices.



Meet the British Mobile Banks Showing the US How It’s Done

MonzoMonzo and Starling are mobile-only banks you’ve probably never heard of if you’re outside the UK, but they’ve been leading a quiet revolution to challenge traditional Fis to do better — and it’s been working. Monzo recently crossed 2 million customers and says it’s adding 200,000 more each month, and Starling has more than 550,000 customers. This article takes an in-depth look into how they work and their appeal.



Aruba Instant On: Secure Wireless Solutions for Small Businesses

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, announced Aruba Instant On, a new family of wireless solutions designed to address the current and future needs of smaller organizations. Featuring Aruba’s 802.11ac Wave 2 technology, the Instant On portfolio combines Aruba’s business-grade Wi-Fi in a simple solution that offers the flexibility to scale up.



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Security Section


Skybox Security Suite 10 to Simplify Enterprise Security Management Processes

Skybox Security announced the launch of Skybox Security Suite 10. The new version includes several new integrations including Splunk, ElasticSearch and ServiceNow, as well as Twistlock which provides visibility to the security of containers in cloud-native applications. It also provides access to vulnerability insights through fully customizable dashboards and reports.



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Technology and Marketing


3 Ways to Find Auto Loans

This article highlights auto loan marketing strategies from 3 CUs: 1) Pen Air Federal Credit Union; 2) Opportunities Credit Union; and 3) Kemba Credit Union.



Why Targeting Millennial Consumers Might Not Be Such a Hot Idea After All

A growing body of evidence shows why Gen Y consumers aren't ideal: because many of them are broke. But the article goes on to point out that millennials, aged 23-38, total 83.1 million which is a full quarter of the U.S. population. In fact, millennials are now the largest single consumer group out there.



Credit Card Programs Must Go Beyond Offering Rewards

Rewards are only part of the calculation when you consider that 14% of consumers pick a card based on points, according to Bankrate. What drives a member to use their card? The author contends that it is loyalty, it is about building trust, and it is about developing a deepening connection over time.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Smart Payment Association Shows Chip Card, Contactless Gains in 2018

Approximately 2.6 billion smart payment cards were shipped globally in 2018, according to data from the Smart Payment Association. The data shows that 68% of U.S. storefronts now accept chip cards.



Visa Launches DLT-Based Cross-Border Payments Platform

Visa has officially launched B2B Connect, its distributed ledger-based, non-card platform for high-value corporate, cross-border payments. Visa has inked deals with FIS and Bottomline Technologies to bring the platform to FI clients as it seeks to take on interbank funds transfer network Swift and other emerging challengers such as Ripple. The platform currently covers more than 30 global trade corridors, with the goal of expanding into as many as 90 markets by the end of the year.



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Internet Access


Cisco Broadens SD-WAN Security to the Cloud

Cisco previously integrated its portfolio of security technologies to on-premise SD-WAN appliances and is now extending that approach to Umbrella, its cloud-based secure Internet gateway. Cisco also updated its security policy management tool to allow organizations to set and manage policy across environments and devices.



Evolution of the SD-WAN Battle: What's Next?

With the large number of SD-WAN vendors--between 50 and 80 depending on how picky your SD-WAN definition is--organizations can easily be overwhelmed in their decision on which SD-WAN solution to go with. It's not clear whether large players with significant corporate heft like Cisco, VMware, or Nuage/Nokia can dominate across all subsegments. AvidThink's current view is that we'll have different SD-WAN leaders in each subsegment for quite some time, but only time will tell.



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Call Centers


Members 1st FCU Intros ‘My Concierge’ Offering Dedicated Team

Members 1st FCU has introduced a new personal service for members called “My Concierge.” The service provides access to a dedicated team to help members and prospective members with all aspects of their financial needs, ranging from accounts and loans, to lines of credit, future retirement planning, insurance, and numerous other consumer and commercial products – but with an on demand, “at your service” approach.



Good Help Is Harder to Keep: Retaining Top-Performers

The author posits that the contact center's challenge is to maintain a steady flow of top-performers, engage them longer, and maximize their value to the organization during the short time that they have them. He suggests that once you determine employees' goals, look for ways business objectives and job activities might align with those goals. Even if the link is indirect or tangential, planning for employee development with their personal interests in mind will be much more successful, engaging, and demonstrate concern for their growth.