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May 20, 2019

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General News


VyStar CU Adds Verint Identity Authentication Solution

Verint Systems announced that VyStar Credit Union has expanded its partnership with Verint to enhance the security of member information in VyStar’s contact center. VyStar will be adding Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection which includes adaptive fraud analytics to perform real-time threat analysis prior to the call reaching an agent, and once the call reaches a live agent, the voice is further analyzed through Verint’s embedded voice biometrics.



Horizn Launches Digital Ambassador Tools

Horizn announced thier new Digital Ambassador Tools which are designed to identify, engage and scale digital ambassador programs to support digital adoption with employees, members and the community. The software helps track desired digital ambassador behaviors like peer training, continuous learning, member demos and shares. Engagement tools for staff include activities like polls, chat, awarding ad-hoc points and running a digital team huddle.





Hardware News


The Second Meltdown: New Intel CPU Attacks Leak Secrets

Researchers have found new flaws in Intel processors that could allow hackers to defeat the security boundaries enforced by virtual machine hypervisors, operating system kernels and Intel SGX enclaves, putting data on both servers and endpoint systems at risk. Over a year ago, the Meltdown and Spectre attacks showed that the memory isolation between the operating system kernel and unprivileged applications or between different virtual machines running on the same server were not as impervious as previously thought. Now researchers have found additional "side channel" techniques that could allow attackers to reconstruct secrets without having direct access to them, by analyzing how data passes through the CPU's microarchitectural components during speculative execution.



Keysight Technologies Unveils New Integrated Network Analyzers

Keysight Technologies has launched the next generation of network analyzers. Keysight’s new E5080B, P50xxA Series, and M980xA Series network analyzers work to deliver next generation features and performance in benchtop, USB, and PXI form factors. These new analyzers combine built-in pulse generators and modulators, spectrum analysis, and time domain analysis in a single instrument.



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Software Updates


Hysolate 2.0 Helps Organizations Improve Endpoint Protection

Hysolate, a provider of endpoint isolation solutions, announced the next version of its cybersecurity platform. It features advanced integration with Microsoft Active Directory, configuration management systems like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products, plus new role-based access control.



How to Work with Protected View in Microsoft Office

To protect yourself from malware and other threats, Microsoft offers a feature called Protected View. When enabled, Protected View opens Office documents in read-only mode with macros and other content disabled. You can easily bypass Protected View if you need to edit a certain document or other file, but you should also know where and how to manage Protected View. Among the core Microsoft Office applications, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all include the Protected View feature. This article covers how Protected View works.



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A Taller Ladder: Secrets to Thwarting ATM Attacks

In a TRF (transaction reversal fraud) attack, a fraudster initiates a cash withdrawal at the ATM and manipulates the cash-present sequence to trick the host into thinking the cash was not taken. The author details how TRF works and how to stop it.



Number of ATMs Worldwide Drops for the First Time as Demand for Cash Decreases

Brand-new research shows that the number of ATMs installed worldwide fell by 1% in 2018, to stand at 3.24 million, impacted by branch closures and the rising popularity of mobile payments. According this new report from RBR, Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2024, ATM numbers dropped in four of the five largest markets in 2018. More than half the world’s ATMs are found in just five countries; of these China, the USA, Japan and Brazil saw a decrease in ATMs, whilst in India, growth slowed considerably.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



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Holy Rosary Credit Union

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Wireless World


Closing the Mobile Banking Gap

This article suggests that new technical offerings and changes in approaches by some community FI have improved smaller institutions’ ability compete via mobile. It goes on to cover how integrating service to digital channels means community FIs can take advantage of personal touch aspects that have traditionally given them an edge in the market.



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Security Section


LogRhythm Launches a Cloud-Based Version of Its NextGen SIEM Platform

LogRhythm announced that it has released a cloud-based version of its NextGen SIEM Platform: LogRhythm Cloud. Incident response playbooks, case management, integrated threat intelligence feeds, and workflow automation are all included in LogRhythm Cloud.



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Technology and Marketing


4 Ways to Make Your FI a Borrower's First Choice

To stand out from other lenders and show borrowers why your institution should be their first choice for all of their financial needs, this article says that you must focus on promoting these four benefits and features: 1. Interest-rate savings; 2. Tailored lending services; 3. Community service; and 4. One-stop financial shop.



How to Calculate Member Acquisition Cost

One of the main reasons why credit unions can’t seem to agree about how much it costs to acquire new members is that there’s no standard formula. Depending on methodology and account type, the author sees the average cost of acquiring a new member to sit somewhere between $400 and $700. However, he adds that if your goal is credit union loan growth, you should prepare to see higher member acquisition costs.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Mastercard Enables FI and Merchants to Innovate with New Digital Platform

Mastercard introduced the Mastercard Innovation Engine, an API based digital platform that enables issuers and merchants a simplified path to rapidly deploying digital capabilities. The first solution built leveraging the Mastercard Innovation Engine focuses on contextually-relevant and personalized digital engagement and servicing. For issuers, a single connection to the Innovation Engine provides them continuous access to innovate and leverage new capabilities and solutions coming out of the platform.



Does Bill Pay Need an Upgrade?

This article covers four areas of pain that financial institutions must address if they hope to transform the Bill Pay consumer experience and drive step change to reduce the use of expensive and inefficient paper checks. Here is why this is important: Currently, as few as 27% of consumers make their online bill payments through their FI, whereas in 2010, this number was closer to almost 40%.



More than 80 Million Began Online Enrollment at FIs & Then Abandoned the Process

More than 80 million consumers abandoned online enrollment for various services over the past year, while for first time consumers also opened more new accounts on mobile phones than on computers, according to a new survey. IDology’s second annual Consumer Digital Identity Study found a 19% increase in abandonment during account openings compared to last year due to high consumer expectations for convenience and low tolerance for friction.



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Internet Access


Not All SD-WANs Are Created Equal

This article advises organizations to carefully evaluate an SD-WAN for its capabilities and ability to interoperate with their legacy tech and equipment. Knowing the different modules and approaches for vendors so organizations can select a vendor that answers their specific needs is also critical.



Riverbed Pumps up SaaS Applications with New Accelerator

Riverbed announced a range of updates to its Digital Experience Management platform and software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) offerings, but the headliner is an "accelerator" for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. This solution is a cloud-based solution that Riverbed said can increase SaaS application performance by up to 10 times for all users. Working in tandem with Riverbed's End User Experience Monitoring, the accelerator allows organizations to measure, monitor and accelerate SaaS-based enterprise apps such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, etc.



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Call Centers


Humans Behind the Chatbots

Rather than agents being replaced by Chatbots, the contact centers of the future will need employees to act as stewards of this technology, guiding and training bots to perform the best they can. Consumer needs are never static, so that fine-tuning will take place well into the foreseeable future.