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September 23, 2019

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General News


Hyland Releases OnBase Foundation

Hyland, a leading content services provider for organizations across the globe, has released OnBase Foundation. The company says that OnBase Foundation offers improvements for both users and administrators, and introduces the first in a series of many modern REST APIs, as well as identity and access management services, and more configurable tools for developing purpose-built applications.



Family Trust FCU Signs with Corelation

Family Trust Federal Credit Union ($506M assets; 45,600 members; Rock Hill, SC) has signed with Corelation to implement their KeyStone core system. After more than 15 years on its current core system, Family Trust FCU said that they look forward to its scheduled June 2021 core conversion to the KeyStone platform.



March Networks Introduces New Capabilities in Searchlight Business Intelligence Software

March Networks, a global video security provider, has introduced new capabilities available in its Searchlight software. These new capabilities include expanded fraud/loss detection reporting, enhanced transaction pattern detection, people counting with employee filtering, and personalized reports.





Hardware News


HP Launches HP Elite Dragonfly, a Premium Business Laptop

HP launched the HP Elite Dragonfly, a premium laptop under Intel's Project Athena, that weighs less than one kilogram, features all-day battery life, Wi-Fi 6 and perks such as a quieter keyboard.



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Software Updates


MITRE Releases 2019 List of Top 25 Software Weaknesses

MITRE has published a draft of the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors, a list of the most widespread and critical weaknesses that could lead to severe software vulnerabilities. Users and admins are encouraged to review both the list and recommended mitigations that MITRE advises them to implement.



Microsoft Gives Enterprises Another 9 Months to Get off Exchange Server 2010

Though support was slated to end Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft acknowledged that some organizations haven't yet migrated Exchange Server 2010 to newer software, and will give them until mid-October 2020 to make a move.



APIs Get Their Own Top 10 Security List

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has unveiled its first release candidate for a top 10 list focused on the most critical classes of security issues affecting the communications between online applications, mobile devices, and Web services. The top issues identified in the API Security Top 10 list include broken authorization and authentication functions, excessive data exposure, and a failure to focus on rate limiting and resource limiting attacks.



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6 ATM Insights Revealed at DN Intersect

Diebold Nixdorf just wrapped up its three-day DN Intersect conference in Las Vegas, where partners and vendors came from around the country to hear about the company's plans for the future and to check out its DN Series family of ATMs. This article looks at 6 key takeaways from the conference.



KAL Launches Solution to Help Eliminate ATM Hardware Upgrades

KAL ATM Software is launching a product to eliminate enforced ATM hardware upgrades caused by Windows upgrades. The solution, dubbed Kalignite Hypervisor, uses Red Hat Virtualization to decouple the ATM PC core from the ATM operating system. Software drivers that are unsupported under new Windows operating system versions can now be supported by hypervisor's software drivers instead, according to the release.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

Software and Management Associates



and their client is:

Digital Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


5 Important Mobile Wallet Trends You Need to Know

In 2018, the value of mobile wallet transactions was $4.3 trillion. By 2022, this article states that this number is expected to balloon to nearly $14 trillion. The article goes on to explore five different mobile wallet trends.



What Is MU-MIMO and Why You Need It in Your Wireless Routers

MU-MIMO (which stands for multi-user, multiple input, multiple output) was created to support environments where multiple users are trying to access a wireless network at the same time. With the expected release of 802.11ax, MU-MIMO technology capabilities are expanding. MU-MIMO technology is also sometimes referred to as Next-Gen AC or AC Wave 2, the AC part referring to the 802.11ac protocol. Standards older than 802.11ac (such as 802.11b, g and n) do not support MU-MIMO. The technology breaks up the available bandwidth into separate, individual streams that share the connection equally.



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Security Section


Blue Hexagon May Make You Rethink Perimeter Security

The company claims that their fully functional, fully trained cybersecurity tool is ready on day 1 to spot threats on whatever network it’s charged with protecting. With this platform, deep learning is basically the whole package, not just a small component. Also while most platforms with machine learning look for anomalies in things like traffic or user behavior, Blue Hexagon actually looks for threats.



5 Reasons You Should Be Using a Password Manager

Year after year, security surveys point to password management as a key way to prevent breaches and hacking attempts. The security company 1Password has released a new Advanced Protection suite that provides business users with five key tools designed to protect their passwords.



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Leaders Roundtable

Core Systems:

Core Systems as Multilayered Data Management Systems

Celent - http://www.celent.com
Read Stephen Greer's comments:

Corelation - http://www.corelationinc.com
Read Theresa Benavidez's comments:

Enhanced Software Products - https://www.espsolution.net
Read Matt Lefler's comments:

Member Driven Technologies - http://www.mdtmi.com
Read Matt Baaki's comments:

Share One - http://www.shareone.com
Read Teri Van Frank's comments:

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Technology and Marketing


Transforming Branches into Advice Centers: The Long Road Ahead

The transition of branches from transaction factories to advisory centers built around interactions will require some tough decisions. The author contends that success requires a clear vision of consumers and the advice they need supported by coordinated retail, marketing, training, and IT initiatives. It also requires investment in the information consumers need, the staff skills to provide it and the processes and coaching to make sure it is consistently done.



How CUs Can Compete with Fintechs

All FIs face an existential threat from fintechs, a whole new kind of online-only rival that offer consumers a range of innovative products, from cheap mortgages to investment portfolios. The article notes that CUs are unlikely to build the next killer financial app. But by taking note of some of the elements of an effective fintech app, they can do a better job of building digital experiences their own members will value. The article also offers advice on competing with Fintechs.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


FIs Fear Big Tech Competition in Booming Non-Cash Payments Market

As global non-cash transactions boom and competition from Fintech startups and Big Tech flourishes, FIs remain reluctant to embrace Open Banking via data sharing, ecosystem partnerships and open platforms, according to a report from Capgemini. Nearly two thirds of those FIs surveyed in the report identify as a leading threat Big Tech competitors such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon leveraging their global reach, brand equity, customer trust and great customer experience. However, adoption of APIs beyond what regulation requires has been sluggish: a majority of FIs have no plans to implement APIs that expose data in areas including intra-FI statement conditional payments and branch/ATM location.



Mastercard Still Sees Growth Opportunities in the U.S. Payment Market

As of 2018, the U.S. accounted for 33% of Mastercard’s revenues—down from 39% in 2012—and 30% of gross domestic volume. But U.S. volume grew 10%, twice the growth rate of personal consumption expenditures. The company is growing the acceptance pie even in mature markets like the U.S., where they have 11 million acceptance locations.



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Internet Access


Citrix Fortifies SD-WAN with Palo Alto Firewalls

Citrix and Palo Alto Networks announced a new partnership that puts Palo Alto’s virtualized firewall technology in the hands of Citrix SD-WAN customers. Citrix customers can automatically provision Palo Alto’s firewall on Citrix’s 1100 appliance as a virtual network function (VNF) or automate connections to Palo Alto’s Prisma Access cloud-based firewalls.



How to Use Lifesize Go for Free Video Conference Calls

If your video conferencing needs are minimal, the free browser-based Lifesize Go service may be a useful option. With this tool, you can host free, unlimited one-to-one or group video calls with up to eight people. You can't schedule calls in advance, but once you start a meeting, you can invite other participants via email or a generated link. After the call starts, each participant can turn the video and audio on and off and share his or her screen to display a presentation or conduct a demonstration.



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Call Centers


5 Ways Contact Centers Can Help Break down Walls & Silos in Organizations

In the contact center, how can you help to break down walls across the business to improve communication? The author makes these 5 suggestions: 1. Align Your Team Around a Theme; 2. Create a Need to Share Culture to Drive Continuous Improvement; 3. Eliminate the Disconnect; 4. Recognition applies to Everyone; and 5. Use Talent Wisely: Have Allies Everywhere.