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December 7, 2020

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General News


Iowa CU Signs with Sharetec

Sharetec System announced that Meridian Credit Union in Ottumwa, IA has signed with Sharetec to be their next Core Banking Solution client. The CU will also be utilizing products like real-time bill payment, picture pay, P2P and A2A, and other Sharetec core services.



NICE Actimize Announces Next-Gen Fraud Management Platform

NICE Actimize announced the latest version of its Integrated Fraud Management (IFM-X) platform. The software introduces new capabilities that support financial services firms’ digital acceleration strategies with fraud management solutions for digital, real-time and open banking channels.





Hardware News


Fortinet, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks Top Gartner Firewall Report

Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and Check Point topped Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls report. Gartner’s latest report evaluated 17 security vendors on the merits of their hardware, software, or firewall-as-a-service offerings. Huawei, Juniper Networks, and Cisco were ranked challengers in this year’s report.



Dell Launches Its First All-Flash Object Storage Appliance

Dell Technologies is adding a new appliance, called the EXF900, to the Dell EMC ECS EX-Series lineup. It claims the EXF900 has the highest performance of the ECS range of appliances, but that's because the rest of the lineup – the low-end EX300, the mid-range EX500 and high-end EX3000 arrays – are all disk based.



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Software Updates


Next Pathway Launches an Automated Cloud Migration Tool

Next Pathway has announced the next-generation of its cloud-migration-planning technology, called Crawler360, which helps organizations shift legacy data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud by telling them exactly how to cost, size, and start the journey. The software scans data pipelines, database applications, and business-intelligence tools to automatically capture the end-to-end data lineage of the legacy environment.



What Is Microsoft Doing with Linux? Everything You Need to Know About Its Plans for Open Source

Microsoft is submitting patches to the Linux kernel "to create a complete virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft hypervisor". And when Microsoft wanted to add container support to Windows, it picked an open-source specification designed originally for Linux rather than the internal Windows-centric implementation it had already written. But forget the idea of throwing away the Windows kernel and replacing it with a Linux kernel, because Microsoft's approach to Linux is far more pragmatic and comprehensive. This article goes into more Microsoft/Linux details.



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Next Gen ATMs Certification System

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has launched the official global certification system for Next Gen ATMs, the culmination of a four-year long industry project to create a new API App model for ATMs, integrating ATMs and mobile phones in a new ecosystem. The launch of the official certification system to test Next Gen ATM readiness inaugurates what the trade association calls a “race to the top” to see where the world’s first certified Next Gen ATM will soon be installed.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

LA Financial Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World


Google Plex: The Mobile Banking App Every FI Wants

To date, 11 FIs—three big banks, four community banks, two credit unions, and two digital banks—have announced partnerships with Google for the 2021 launch of the Google Plex checking account. The new checking account will be integrated into the Google Pay app which has three new or redesigned components: 1) Pay; 2) Explore; and 3) Insights.



US Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Study 2020 Report

Insider Intelligence's fourth annual US Mobile Banking Competitive Edge report looks at various mobile banking categories and ranks FIs. Categories include: Most Sought-After Mobile Banking Tools; Security and Control; Account Management; Transfers; and Digital Money Management.



Wi-Fi 6 and 5G: Friends or Foes?

This article looks at the two wireless options, and specifically why they are complementary and not competitive.



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Security Section


How to Improve the Security of Your Public Cloud

To try to protect their cloud-based data and other assets, those surveyed for Bitglass's 2020 Cloud Security Report pointed to a host of capabilities. Access control was the top method, cited by 68% of the respondents. Next was antivirus and anti-malware technology, cited by 54%. In third place was multifactor authentication, cited by 47%. Other methods mentioned in the survey included data encryption, single sign-on, endpoint security controls, firewalls/network access control, and network encryption/VPN.



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Leaders Roundtable

Core Systems:

Integrating Digital, Payments and the Core

Celent - http://www.celent.com
Read Stephen Greer's comments:

Enhanced Software Products - https://www.espsolution.net
Read Matt Lefler's comments:

Member Driven Technologies - http://www.mdtmi.com
Read Gary Lee's comments:

Share One - http://www.shareone.com
Read Teri Van Frank's comments:

Sharetec - http://www.sharetec.com
Read Sharetec Partners' comments:

Symitar - http://www.symitar.com
Read Shanon McLachlan's comments:

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Technology and Marketing


Financial Center First CU Launces Podcast

Financial Center First CU offers a personal finance podcast, Carpe Dime, that seeks to offer a fresh, realistic take on finances without intimidating industry jargon or judgement. The program is co-hosted by James Davidson, AVP of financial literacy, and Dusty Simmons, VP of membership development, with the CU, and this article interviews them about their podcast.



4 Tips for Partnering with Marketing on Social Media Security

In many ways, social media is “low hanging fruit” for scammers. This article discusses the tension, as well as some ways to work together, between the Marketing team that wants as much information about the organization out there as possible, and Security who often want to hold it back.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Scrap Your Digital Strategy

The author argues that spending time crafting a savvy digital strategy signals that you have a separate approach from the rest of your banking channels. He is convinced that very narrow digital strategy puts you on a road to failure, because it forces competition and conflicts as teams vie for differentiated levels of support and resources to strengthen their now-competing channels. He concludes that digital is a tool, not a product.



How Navy Federal Balances Digital+Branch CX in Its Post-COVID Strategy

Navy Federal's performance has put it at the top of the multichannel bank category in Forrester’s U.S. Banking Customer Experience Index for five years in a row. This article features an interview with Tim Day, VP, Digital Experience, and Richard Allen, VP, Branch Operations, to understand the role both digital and physical channels play, and will play, through and past COVID-19.



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Internet Access


5 Advantages of a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan

While on-premises, secondary datacenter and cloud data disaster recovery options are viable in today’s data-first financial sector, the cloud recovery option offers a few advantages to FIs of every size: Geographic separation; Ease of data transfer; A deep bench; Cost-efficiency; and Compliance standards.



Alkira Rolls Software-Defined Underlay into Multi-Cloud Offering

While software-defined overlays like SD-WAN have been around for years, organizations still had to wrangle complex underlay contracts or work with a managed service provider to physically bridge the distance from one branch to the next. Alkira claims that they are making the software-defined underlay a reality with the launch of its cloud backbone-as-a-service offering. The platform takes advantage of the large private networks built by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure to support their public cloud offerings. Dubbed CBaaS, Alkira can automatically stitch together underlay networks on demand using a simple configuration wizard designed to integrate with existing WAN and SD-WAN deployments from Cisco’s Viptela platform.



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Call Centers


Why CUs Should Consider Voice Authentication in Their Contact Centers

This is a video interview with executives from Illuma Labs on how important voice authentication is for today's CUs.



AWS Launches Amazon Connect for Contact Center Services

Amazon is stepping up its contact center services with Amazon Connect Wisdom, Customer Profiles, Real-Time Contact Lens, Tasks and Voice ID. Among the key efforts that build on Amazon Connect, a service that spins up call centers: Amazon Connect Wisdom; Amazon Connect Customer Profiles; Amazon Connect Tasks; and Amazon Connect Voice ID.