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July 13, 2020

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General News


Credit Union 1 Partners with Corelation

Credit Union 1 ($1.1 billion assets; 88,000 members; Lombard, IL) has selected Corelation’s KeyStone core. Credit Union 1 is scheduled to convert in October 2021.



Jack Henry Wins 2020 FinTech Breakthrough Award

Jack Henry announced that JHA OpenAnywhere received the Best Banking Infrastructure Platform Award from FinTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global fintech market.





Hardware News


Zoom Announces New Hardware as a Service Offering

Zoom announced a new Hardware as a Service offering that will run on the ServiceNow platform. For starters, the new Hardware as a Service offering allows customers, who use the Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms software, to acquire related hardware from the company for a fixed monthly cost. The company announced that initial solutions providers will include DTEN, Neat, Poly and Yealink.



At 100TB, the World’s Biggest SSD Gets an (Eye-Watering) Price Tag

The Exadrive from Nimbus has held the world record for the biggest solid state drive in the world for more than two years now but until recently, its price was only available on demand. The company has now put the prices of its 50TB and 100TB models (either SATA/SAS) online, with the 50TB edition (EDDCT020/EDDCS050) costing $12,500 ($250 per TB) while the 100TB version (EDDCT100/EDDCS100) retailing for $40,000 ($400 per TB).



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Software Updates


Software-Defined Perimeters May Be the Solution to Remote Work Security Concerns

A new report has found that interest in software-defined perimeters (SDPs) as an alternative to VPNs has exploded since COVID-19 forced more than half of the US workforce to go remote. SDPs differ from VPNs in that they include a zero-trust security backbone, which provides a high level of visibility into who is connected, what machine they're connecting on, and where that machine is located. Zero-trust architecture that goes into building SDPs includes least privilege security, which gives users the bare minimum access to resources needed to accomplish their task, preventing an intruder from moving laterally inside a network.



Item-Level vs. Image-Level Backup: Why It’s Best to Use a Combo

There are two very different ways to backup a computer: Item-level backup and image-level backup, and both methods have been used by IT pros for decades. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why most environments use a combination of the two. This article dives into why they should be used together.



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The Future of ATMs in Banking

According to Mastercard, 78% of consumers would rather use a cardless ATM solution than carry a physical card. Some ATMs use a scanner to read unique QR-codes, others require a verification code sent by SMS, while the most sophisticated ones can authenticate users by facial features or palm scan. Mobile wallets can also be used when the ATM is equipped for NFC reception. This article looks at other trends ATM trends as well beyone mobile.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

Millennial Vision Inc. (MVi)


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T&P Credit Union

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Wireless World


AT&T, T-Mobile Outshine Verizon in Q2 Mobile Performance

Both AT&T and T-Mobile nabbed bragging rights in Q2 mobile performance, according to new analysis by Ookla. AT&T’s 4G LTE network ranked fastest and most consistent, while T-Mobile’s 5G coverage dwarfed that of its two competitors.



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Security Section


70% of Organizations Experienced a Public Cloud Security Incident in the Last Year

70% of organizations experienced a public cloud security incident in the last year – including ransomware and other malware (50%), exposed data (29%), compromised accounts (25%), and cryptojacking (17%), according to Sophos. Organizations running multi-cloud environments are greater than 50% more likely to suffer a cloud security incident than those running a single cloud. Accidental exposure continues to plague organizations, with misconfigurations exploited in 66% of reported attacks. Misconfigurations drive the majority of incidents and are all too common given cloud management complexities.



Cloud Environments Are Making the Security Alert Overload Problem Worse

Slow-moving automation efforts and an increase in cloud environments are intensifying the alert overload crisis for security teams, according to a new study from Dimensional Research. Security professionals listed these top five reasons for the increase in alerts: 1) Constant changes to the type of threats that must be blocked: 67%; 2) New tools to monitor threats: 60%; 3) Growth of the apps and services that IT teams deliver to business stakeholders: 57%; 4) An increase in cloud infrastructure: 55%; and 5) Growth in user endpoints including mobile devices: 52%.



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Technology and Marketing


How to Use Analytics to Identify At-Risk Members

Three credit unions - Grow Financial, CAP COM, and BCU - share what they’re learning at the leading edge of data diving to spot troubling trends and troubled members as the movement deals with the COVID-19 pandemic in this timely article.



Forging Stronger Bonds Between Marketing and Compliance

This author provides some recommendations for productive relationships between marketers and compliance officers. She provides these tips: 1. Marketers should make a case for compliance; 2. Compliance officers should seek to always say “Yes”; 3. Bring in compliance at the start; and 4. Seek to understand each other’s work.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


The Big Four Networks Start Prepping Click to Pay for a Global Expansion

With consumers shopping online in greater numbers, the four major card networks are preparing to take their new single-click checkout technology international. American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa said in a recent joint announcement they are “beginning technical preparations” to launch the technology, Click to Pay globally. The networks introduced the common buy button in the United States last fall, just months before the global Covid-19 pandemic kept consumers at home and increased their reliance on e-commerce for everything from groceries and meals to clothing and other essentials. Some 10,000 online merchants are accepting payments through the technology, which streamlines checkout by tokenizing card credentials and replacing multiple branded buy buttons with a single one for all four brands.



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Internet Access


AT&T Broadens Its SD-WAN Reach with Cisco

AT&T's new SD-WAN solution, which is based on Cisco's Viptela technology, offers Cisco's security capabilities across branches, cloud connections and data centers. The new flavor of SD-WAN covers the full market spectrum for enterprises, mid-market organizations and SMBs. The hardware devices include Cisco's ISR and ASR routers as well as Cisco's ENCS white boxes.



Videoconferencing to Triple in Five Years as WFH and Distance Learning Expand

Videoconferencing is expected to grow by more than three times in the next five years on the heels of the exploding work from home (WFH) and online learning trends, according to recent research from Global Market Insights. In addition to Zoom, Cisco, Huawei and Microsoft, the analyst firm follows other videoconferencing competitors such as Adobe Systems, Avaya, BlueJeans Network, Citrix Systems, Fuze, Google, Highfive, Kollective, Lifesize, LogMeIn, MediaPlatform, Pexip, Polycom, ReadyTalk, uStudio, Vbrick and Vidyo.



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Call Centers


How to Create WFH Policy Statement

Not only should your work-from-home (WFH) policy statement serve to clarify employee expectations, it should proactively address areas such as technology, expenses, and participation, as well as HR and legal concerns. The author lays out some of the topics you’ll want to address in your policy statement in this article.