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March 16, 2020

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General News


Methuen FCU Chooses Sharetec

Sharetec System announced that Methuen Federal Credit Union in Methuen, MA has chosen Sharetec as their new core operating system. Established in 1956 as Methuen Municipal Employees Credit Union, they have been serving Methuen Municipal employees and their families for over 60 years.



ACI Worldwide Debuts New Machine Learning Kit for Fraud Management

ACI Worldwide announced the launch of its new Incremental Learning technology. ACI, which has filed a patent application for its ‘Incremental Learning’ technology, said that it will be implemented in machine learning models within ACI’s fraud prevention solutions such as Proactive Risk Manager and ACI ReD Shield.





Hardware News


Most Computers Easy to Hack Due to Vulnerability in Memory Chips

Most computer systems are still very easy to hack due to a vulnerability in memory chips produced by Samsung, Micron and Hynix, according to a study by researchers from VUSec. The vulnerability in question is called Rowhammer, a design flaw in the internal memory (DRAM) chips of a device that creates the vulnerability. By exploiting the error, an attacker could gain control of a device. Rowhammer was made public eight years ago.



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Software Updates


5 Videoconferencing Tips for IT Leaders During the COVID-19 Outbreak

You may find yourself a willing or unwitting leader of videoconference-based meetings due to anything from recent travel prohibitions because of COVID-19 to new corporate policies. This article looks at five ways to embrace videoconferencing tools and maximize their benefits.



Microsoft Launches Preview of All-Cloud Printing Service

Microsoft just opened a private preview of its all-cloud Universal Print service to customers running Windows 10 Enterprise. Those customers also require an available Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant, to which the personal computers accessing the cloud printing preview must be joined. Universal Print moves key Windows Server print functionality to the Microsoft 365 cloud, so organizations no longer need on-premises print servers and do not need to install printer drivers on devices, according to Microsoft.



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Credit Card Skimmers Explained: How They Work and How to Avoid Them

This article provides in-depth coverage of skimmers - how they work, how to protect yourself against software payment card skimmers, types of skimmers, etc.



Interactive Teller Machines Show Potential Growth for Fraud, Study Shows

Interactive teller machines, seen as a solution for CUs looking to expand banking hours and their geographical footprint, are increasingly a fraud target as new ITMs roll out. This article recommends some ways to mitigate potential ITM-initiated check fraud losses.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Middlesex Credit Union

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Wireless World


How the Coronavirus Scare Is Leading Some Experts to Look for a Boost in Contactless Payments

Visa reported in January that one-third of its card-present transactions worldwide are contactless, up from a quarter a year ago. And while the contactless share in the U.S. market is much lower, some extensive mass-transit agencies, including New York City’s MTA, are launching systems that accept general-purpose contactless credit and debit cards. Some payments experts are talking about a positive impact for contactless and [near-field communication] as a more sanitary means of making payments transactions. Whether the virus scare will prove to be a lasting boon for technologies such as contactless POS devices remains to be seen, but some observers contend it could well provide at least a short-term boost.



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Security Section


Dump Your Passwords, Improve Your Security

Fast Identity Online, better known as FIDO, helps overhaul the log-in process, combining your phone; face and fingerprint recognition; and hardware security keys. Yubico, Google, Microsoft, PayPal and Nok Nok Labs, among others, are developing FIDO.



Enveil and the Challenge of Securing Data in Use

Enveil says that they can enable organizations to securely perform analysis on encrypted data at scale. Enveil’s flagship solution, its ZeroReveal Compute Fabric, is a two-party platform of a ZeroReveal Client application which resides within the organization, and the ZeroReveal Server application, which is located where the data is kept. To avoid the “hamster wheel of compliance,” the firm's CEO recommends that organizations should learn how to secure data rather than the “networks, applications, and endpoints” that data uses.



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Technology and Marketing


Getting Email Ready for 2020: Tools You Need to Know About

Some marketers claim that email marketing is the most effective advertising option as of now - some even going so far as to claim that for every $1 you spend on email, you can get $38 in return, and that is a whopping 3800% ROI. This article looks at 12 leading email marketing tools.



Top 12 Business Intelligence (BI) Tools for 2020

BI tools make it simpler to corral the right data and visualize it in ways that help enable you to understand what it means. But how simple that process gets, and how you can visualize the data depends on the tool: Picking the right one for your needs becomes important. A dozen BI tools are reviewed here to help with this process.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


What Fintech Can — and Can't — Do for CUs' ADA Compliance Woes

Most CUs are eager to improve the accessibility of their websites for those with disabilities but these upgrades aren’t always easy to accomplish. Site presentation is a common compliance place to start. Many FIs incorporate screen readers, adjustable font size and color layout for those with vision impairments. Mobile assistive technology, such as text-to-talk, assistive touch, voice control and screen magnification, are other standards that CUs can look to use. The Web Accessibility Initiative has put out standards, called the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, that companies should meet - many CUs strive for the second highest rating, Level AA.



App Now Lets Users Make Payments from Accounts with Other FIs

Barclays now lets customers make payments from current accounts held with other FIs from within its app. The service uses the industry-approved Open Banking API technology, ensuring the process is secure for customers, says Barclays. Users can already view current savings and credit card accounts held with other UK FIs in the Barclays app.



IBM Blockchain Partner: Rival Companies Must Join Forces for Common Sustainable Goals

Using blockchain and other technologies to work towards sustainable goals requires companies to break the current way of thinking in business, according to Anthony Day, blockchain partner at IBM. However, he admits that changing the current way of doing business would require legal and regulatory change to the likes of anti-competitive behavior, intellectual property, funding and investment.



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Internet Access


Applying the 80/20 Rule to Cloud Security

Within your security activities, what is the key 20 percent that will produce 80 percent of your results when it comes to reducing risk? One effort that falls into the 20 percent bucket is reducing threat actor dwell time. A focus area to reduce threat actor dwell time is cloud security misconfigurations that accidentally expose data to the Internet at large. Exposed data was the most cited cloud security incident (27 percent) and the biggest overall concern of leaders (64 percent) in Cybersecurity Insider’s 2019 Cloud Security Report. Garner estimates that up to 95 percent of cloud breaches occur due to human error such as configuration mistakes.



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Call Centers


How to Plan to Prepare Your Contact Center for Disaster-Related Disruption

With the possible disruptive effects of the coronavirus at the forefront of many peoples' minds, some contact centers are reviewing their disaster readiness preparation. This article covers the basics of setting up a business continuity plan (BCP).