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Altra Federal Credit Union

Providing an exceptional online member experience for 72,000+ members in every state of the union and 40+ foreign countries requires a robust online and mobile solution. When Altra Federal Credit Union began the search for a new online services partner, they wanted a company that could take them beyond the basics; they wanted a full range of personal financial management (PFM), account opening capabilities and mobile banking functionality. They chose Connect Financial Software Solutions.

Angela Hannum, Vice President of Financial Services, and Altra’s management team had a vision of a virtual branch that could mimic real branches in as many ways as possible.  Hannum explains, “We were determined to provide our members with a great online experience. Our goal is to reduce – and eventually erase - the gap between our physical branches and our virtual offerings.”

The only way for Altra to realize their vision was to customize their online banking site on a platform without the encumbrances of their legacy systems. The credit union’s former online banking vendor offered virtually no customization capabilities and less than ideal technical support. Eliminating those barriers was high on Altra’s “must have” list and Connect’s commitment to developing custom solutions for their credit union clients in a configuration-based application environment fit the bill.

The credit union’s due diligence efforts included demos from three other major vendors.  Altra’s management team was convinced Connect Financial Software Solutions was the right choice to deliver their virtual branch of the future and deepen their online banking penetration numbers.

Hannum emphasizes, “We were excited to get going because we knew we’d end up with a much better system that would increase efficiencies and lower costs.” According to Hannum, “Numerous departments offered input and we prioritized our internal wish lists. We saw this as a chance to relieve many of the pain points that existed in our current vendor. Since the conversion directly affected a majority of our members, and virtually all of our most engaged members, we saw it as being on par with a core system conversion.”

With all the employees onboard with the importance of the conversion, the credit union and Connect worked together to iron out the myriad details of moving to Connect’s robust and modern system, which included incorporating more than twelve vendors and twenty different products and services. Hannum is pleased to report, “Connect’s team was at our beck and call during the entire process and we were able to talk directly to their developers. We worked so closely with them we consider them a partner, not just a vendor.”

With Connect’s close assistance, Altra launched a full-fledged member education campaign that included emails, phone calls, website updates and social media postings. The rollout was a great success. Hannum confirms “Many of our members have complimented the new system as being easy to navigate and well laid out.”

Via Connect, Altra members can receive account alerts, view promotions, use mobile banking apps, pay bills and download financial transactions directly into a Personal Financial Manager, such as MoneyDesktop.  Other features members appreciate include mobile remote deposit capture, Certificate of Deposit renewals, PIN resets, the ability to design their own debit cards, member service live chat, credit score monitoring and more.

Hannum enthuses, “It’s really been exciting to work with Connect because we can give our members so many online and mobile options. Connect’s accessibility and flexibility is second to none!” She concludes, “We absolutely made the right decision in choosing Connect to provide a unified consistent digital experience for our members. Things just keep getting better in our partnership and we can’t wait to keep enhancing our online and mobile channels with their ongoing assistance.”