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Altura Credit Union

Altura Credit Union, which was chartered in 1957 in Riverside, CA, is guided by five core value principles: 1) Respect; 2) Integrity; 3) Innovation; 4) Passion; and 5) Excellence. In order to help fulfill these goals, the $1.3 billion asset credit union is committed to re-investing into their Southern California community to provide more convenience to their members through their ATMs and 13 branch network. To better manage member visits to their branches, the credit union is turning to the Better Lobby visitor management solution from Better Branches Technology. This Credit Union industry-leading platform records the arrival of walk-ins and appointments and provides notification of arriving visitors to branch employees.

Pam Cuthbertson, Altura's Director of Branch Operations Western Region, explains that “we have used various check-in systems such as sign-in sheets and a database in the past, but we found them difficult to use, time consuming, and inadequate. We were looking for easy to use software that granularly tracked all of the reasons for member visits and we found that in Better Lobby.” Cuthbertson adds “Better Branches Technology only serves credit unions and we felt very confident working with them based on their years of experience serving credit unions exclusively.”

Altura initially piloted the Better Lobby Main Service Queue and Wall Display at their University branch in Riverside. According to Cuthbertson, “our staff loves Better Lobby – both the tellers and the back office personnel. The tellers are able to place people into the queue after serving them and the member does not have to check-in again.” She also notes that “our members really like being able to see their place in line on the Wall Displays that we have mounted in the branch.” The credit union is also giving members the added convenience of self check-in on large 20” kiosk monitors via the Better Lobby Kiosk module.

On the back end, Cuthbertson enthuses that “we have been getting really good visitor tracking information which was one of our biggest goals with the new system.” She adds that “we have been completely pleased with the rollout – the Better Branches team has been extremely responsive, very thorough and always professional.” The next steps for Altura after implementing Better Lobby in all of their branches will be to add Better Lobby Branch Appointments for their staff and Better Lobby Mobile Booking Tool for their 125,000 members. Cuthbertson concludes that “Better Branches is one of the best vendors that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years, and we recommend them highly because you could not really find a better company to work with.”