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Aventa Credit Union

Aventa Credit Union was chartered as Colorado Springs Employees Credit Union in 1957 by the Colorado Springs Utilities department. Shortly thereafter, the city's Police Department, Fire Department, Administration and Memorial Hospital also chartered CSECU as their credit union, making it the premier financial partner for employees of Colorado Springs city government. Today the credit union has expanded their field of membership and serves over 20,000 members, more than 40% of whom live outside the city limits of Colorado Springs. In order to better serve these dispersed members as well as their local members, Aventa turned to the nation’s leading contact center outsourcer for credit unions: AnyHour Solutions.

Back in 2006, Aventa formed a dedicated contact center that has been overseen since that time by Arthur Ashmole, Senior Vice President of Operations. The group is in good hands: Ashmole has years of contact center and operations experience. As the credit union expanded, Ashmole and the other senior managers at the credit union kept a close eye on their center’s vital statistics such as hold time, abandonment rates, first call resolution, etc. Ashmole recalls that “we had reached maximum capacity with our four contact center representatives and our abandonment rate was a bit too high, so we knew that we needed assistance.” Plus, he knew that an outsourced contact center partner meant built-in disaster recovery for his in-house team that may be subject to fires, blizzards and other natural disasters.

Research on a new partner included scouring trade journals and the Internet, as well as talking to other credit unions that had gone down the contact center outsourcing path. After a few months of due diligence, AnyHour Solutions emerged as the clear winner in September 2012. “AnyHour was extremely well prepared and answered all of our questions in a thorough and timely manner,” says Ashmole. The Rockford, IL-based company flew out to Colorado Springs and introduced their highly experienced primary point of contact to Aventa’s team. Ashmole notes that “we felt comfortable right away working with them because of their deep credit union background and in-depth experience working with our core system provider.” Security was another key selling point: AnyHour Solutions’ headquarters has a SOC 1 Type II rating.

As for the economics of the decision, Ashmole explains that “we could have added agents to help with calls during our normal business hours, but that would have been expensive and would not have solved our desire to provide 24 hour support to our members. When we crunched the numbers, it made complete sense to work with AnyHour.” With the contract signed, implementation began in earnest. Ashmole describes the implementation as “very smooth” and adds that “our existing representatives felt a sense of relief and welcomed AnyHour’s assistance for handling overflow business hours calls.” As for the members, they are thrilled that they now can call their credit union anytime, day or night, and get a knowledgeable person on the line to help them in a timely manner. Additionally, Spanish speaking members now have 24 hours access since AnyHour offers bilingual support. According to Ashmole, “this has been a great benefit to our credit union.”

To keep AnyHour’s representatives up to speed with Aventa’s promotions and activities, the credit union has developed helpful toolkits. This ensures that AnyHour’s support is timely and personalized. Ashmole enthuses that “we have been really impressed with AnyHour Solutions’ team – they are very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.” He adds with a smile: “they are a significant asset to our credit union and I wish that all of our vendors were like them!”