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Cyprus Credit Union

Cyprus Credit Union was formed in 1928 and is the oldest active credit union in Utah. Today their branch network stretches along the Wasatch Front from Davis County to Utah County with 18 locations to serve the needs of their nearly one hundred thousand members. With member service top of mind, the $750M asset credit union has embarked on a journey to deliver the best branch experience possible through a partnership with Better Branches Technology, a long time provider of branch visitor queuing, appointment handling and workforce management software for credit unions.

With over 29 years of credit union experience under his belt, Steve Fifield, Vice President of Branches, Sales & Service at Cyprus Credit Union, was well qualified to spearhead these new branch initiatives and the Better Lobby installation. Cyprus had an in-house developed calendaring system in place that was used primarily by their central lending department, but the system was not very full featured and was showing signs of age. When searching for a modern replacement platform, Fifield and his team were very impressed with Better Branches’ solutions as well as their management team, but of course were obligated to perform due diligence. According to Fifield, “we called three of their references and received glowing reports; in fact their credit union clients couldn’t say enough about how much they loved the system and how they could not really find anything to change about how it worked for them.”

Fifield notes that “many industries now allow consumers to book appointments and we really wanted to add that convenient option for branch visits for our members.” Better Branches’ Mobile Appointment Booking Tool, which works well on virtually any mobile device, tablet or computer, was chosen to replace the in-house system and deliver a solution where members can quickly see branch wait times and choose the branch that will be most convenient for their busy schedule. “Another one of our goals with this implementation was to even out branch traffic and boost our staff productivity levels,” adds Fifield.

Internally, employees in any department - not just lending as before - can now easily view each other’s calendars and they enjoy very granular control over scheduling. Fifield points out that the new system “is very user friendly and super intuitive. Our staff can watch a few short training videos and be up to speed immediately with the software.” With over 13 years of experience developing software for credit unions, Better Branches prides itself on developing rock solid programs that work flawlessly right out of the box. Fifield concurs: “with Better Lobby, seeing is believing - the system basically takes care of itself!” He adds that “the Better Branches team was very organized and efficient, and they were terrific at walking us through every step of the process.”

Cyprus will also be adding the Better Lobby Kiosk solution to most of their branch lobbies which will provide branch visitors with the option of self check-in to the New Accounts queue, or to be checked in by a greeter with a tablet in hand. “We see our member satisfaction levels really rising with this addition,” states Fifield. With the members and branch workers happy with the new system, that begs the question of what the Board of Directors and senior management team think about the new system? Fifield is happy to report that “the main driver of this project was to please our members and everyone is happy that we are achieving that goal. We definitely think that all of the modules are affordably priced for the great results that we are achieving.” He concludes that “it was a delight to work with such a results-driven company like Better Branches Technology and we highly recommend them and their software to other credit unions.”