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Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union

The Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union (CPFCU) is a full service credit union solely dedicated to servicing the financial needs of Chicago Police Officers and their families. As a sole SEG credit union, CPFCU is able to maintain a laser-like focus on their members’ needs. Since many members are constantly on the go or working unusual hours, a big part of meeting their needs comes from providing excellent telephone banking self service, backed by the human touch of knowledgeable member service representatives (MSRs) in their call center. The credit union knew that to achieve and maintain these goals that they needed a unified business communications solution that was state of the art. Therefore, they choose to partner with Adapt Telephony Services who has years of experience delivering Interactive Intelligence unified communications (UC) systems to credit unions from coast to coast.

The credit union wanted to be 100% sure that their new telephony system would meet their needs today and in the future, so they contacted all of the major telephony vendors in the market place. Their senior management team was already familiar with VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and was convinced that this solution was superior to traditional PBX (private branch exchange) systems. As IT Manager, Leigh Smith was tasked with spearheading the research and due diligence efforts. While all 80 employees at the credit union were somewhat frustrated with the old telephone system which had a tendency to reboot itself and drop calls, Smith wanted to make sure and carefully review all of the systems and find one that would please their call center MSRs with their special requirements, as well as every other staff member.

According to Smith, “Adapt contacted me at just the right time in the selection process and we invited them to our headquarters for a presentation. Their demo was fabulous.” Even though everyone was duly impressed by the hand-on presentation, the credit union took the time to contact a few of Adapt’s credit union clients. Smith recalls that “everyone that we talked to couldn’t say enough good things about them!” For added measure, Smith attended Interactive Intelligence’s client conference and came away “impressed with the company’s level of commitment to their customers and how their clients had a real sense of partnership with them.”

Once Adapt was chosen, the hard work of rolling out a new telephony platform to three locations began. Smith and his staff of four IT workers were assisted by Adapt’s team which consisted of a project manager and an implementation specialist. Smith describes the rollout as “flawless.” He adds: “everyone at Adapt went the extra mile to ensure that the implementation went off perfectly.” He was also pleased to find that once the system was up and running that “the system practically runs itself and there have been no issues of any consequence. On the rare occasion when we need to contact them, their support has been superb.”

Interactive Intelligence prides itself on developing elegant and intuitive software and the credit union can verify that this is true. Smith confirms that the “client is very simple to learn and use, but still has some great features.” For example, the system supports:

Unified Messaging - voicemail can be easily shared via email

Presence Management – quickly see who is available

Mobility – Find Me/Follow Me

Recording, scoring and quality monitoring

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Multi-Site Routing

Supervision and System Monitoring

With all of these powerful features in place, Smith emphasizes that “our productivity and efficiency have really gone up, while our member hold time has gone down.” CPFCU is now able to fine-tune their member responses and make sure that inbound calls reach just the right person in the credit union who can assist them with whatever issue or question that they may have. “Our call center department just loves this system,” says Smith. The call center manager is now able to easily pull a wide range of reports and adjust staffing levels as needed to ensure optimal support is maintained at all times. Smith concludes that “everyone at the credit union agrees that this system is night and day better than our previous system. It is a great system and was money well spent.”