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City & County Credit Union

For 85 years, tens of thousands have relied on City & County Credit Union (CCCU) to provide high quality, affordable financial solutions at exceptional values.  Based in St. Paul MN, CCCU has $398 million in assets serving 36,000 members with four branches and a suite of virtual solutions.   As one of the first financials to offer online banking in 1995 and the first Credit Union in Minnesota to launch mobile deposit, CCCU strives itself on its use of the latest technology to deliver a superior, seamless experience.  By partnering with Connect Financial Software Solutions, a premier provider of online and mobile banking solutions, CCCU is able to deliver what people want most – convenience. 

Leveraging the flexibility of Connect’s digital solutions, CCCU can provide members with custom solutions and as a result the penetration rates are remarkable with over 28,000 members enrolled in its online channel.  “Members now interact more with CCCU's digital branch than any other channel,” explains Marc Kilgore, Vice President of IT, CCCU, “Connect provides us seamless integration to our core with a suite of services that goes beyond online banking and bill payment by delivering a full range of PFM (Personal Financial Management), A2A (Account to Account) and account opening capabilities.” 

From the very beginning, Connect’s solution suite was built on modern architecture that makes it simple to add other channels or integrate with interfaces of other systems such as check imaging and statements.  As a result, in 2011 CCCU was able to be one of the first local financial institutions in Minnesota to launch MRDC (Mobile Remote Deposit Capture) in a timely and affordable manner.  

‘For our members, “Banker’s hours” are now a thing of the past,’ explains Kilgore, ‘they can now deposit checks anytime and anywhere, simply by snapping a picture of their check with a smartphone camera.”  CCCU had nearly 1,000 deposits made within the first month the app was launched.  Rather than be content with the initial success, CCCU continues to evolve the product by working with Connect to add new features and enhancements. 

According to Kilgore, “Connect is more than a software vendor; their unique consultative approach makes them a strategic partner who is willing to share ideas and potential enhancements and is the epitome of what a software development firm should be.”

“At City & County, we listen to our members, we keep an eye on emerging trends, and we use the latest technology to offer high-quality affordable solutions that enrich the lives of our members,” said Kilgore. “It is that unrelenting focus on innovation that allows us to distinguish ourselves from the competition and we are confident that Connect is the best partner to help us deliver that superior, seamless member experience.”