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Credit Union of Denver

Since 1931, Credit Union of Denver has been building lifetime relationships with their members in the Rocky Mountain region. But in 2010, they were faced with a challenge that no credit union likes to deal with – their vendor informed them that they were sunsetting their online banking system. Fortunately for the credit union and their 15,000 active online banking members, there was a leading edge online banking solution which had much better features and functionality - and was affordable - waiting in the wings from Connect Financial Software Solutions, which is a company that was formed to aid in the development, operations, and management of software solutions specifically for credit unions.

Donna Riley, VP of Information Technology at the credit union, was tasked with leading the team in their search for a new online banking platform. Credit Union of Denver was certainly in capable hands – Donna has over thirty years experience working at the credit union in just about every conceivable capacity and thus is intimately familiar with all aspects of the credit union’s operations. Donna recalls "working for about six months on the due diligence process and reviewing numerous vendors and their systems. We were looking for a good product that was reasonably priced and was backed by responsive technical support." Their investigation included talking to numerous other credit unions and they discovered that Connect Financial Software Solutions consistently received rave reviews from their CU peers. Donna notes that "we felt very comfortable choosing Connect and overall their approach was exactly what we needed."

Once Connect was selected, the real work began for both the credit union and their new partner. Donna was thrilled with the Connect team’s performance: "They really listened to us and were very receptive to our ideas which was quite a refreshing change from some of our other vendors!" The test environment was quickly setup and all parties worked diligently to integrate the new platform. According to Donna, "Connect’s interface to our host system was a huge selling point for us and it really worked out well." She adds that "their processes were well structured, and their developers and project manager were great to work with. We appreciated the fact that they took care of small issues quickly and efficiently."

Once the new system went live, Credit Union of Denver’s back office staff really also appreciated the new software since they no longer had to manually add new members to the system, which was the case with their old system. Meanwhile, the credit union’s members enjoy a much more feature rich and powerful system that allows them to receive account alerts, view promotions, utilize mobile online banking, pay bills, and access financial transactions directly from a Personal Financial Manager, such as Quicken® or Quickbooks®, as well as an optional Online Financial Management Application. Donna’s IT team is also quite happy that the system has been so reliable and easy to maintain. She concludes that "Connect’s direct approach and commitment to customer service is wonderful and we highly recommend them."

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