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Credit Union of Colorado

Credit Union of Colorado (CUofCO) was founded by its original members in 1934 and their membership group includes employees and retirees from one of their employee groups, members of the Credit Union of Colorado Foundation, and family members of these groups. The credit union serves more than 100,000 members and is worth more than 1.2 billion in assets. Their philosophy is “Here to Help” and has helped build a loyal following of members. This “Member first” value approach led them to install the credit union movement’s top lobby management system: Better Lobby from Better Branches Technology.

When their existing lobby management system was reaching its end of life cycle, CUofCO knew that they needed to put a more powerful platform in place, that would help them serve their members more efficiently from a lobby management perspective, but not a package that was expensive, nor complicated to use or maintain. Upon a careful review of leading lobby management vendors, Better Branches emerged as the clear choice. Kelly Wagner, Regional Manager at CUofCO, notes that “Better Lobby was an easy choice for us because it is such a great full featured system. It is very simple to learn and use and many features allow us to ensure our member’s needs are met promptly.”

Once the contract was signed, CUofCO and Better Branches worked closely together to the get the system up and running quickly. Wagner recalls that “the configuration was extremely easy and seamless for us. The term ‘plug and play’ is somewhat overused, but this system truly is plug and play.” Better Branches’ software solutions have been in production in credit unions across the United States for a dozen years which helps to account for the system’s incredible reliability. With the system working flawlessly, the credit union was ready for some customization to suit their particular needs. According to Wagner, “the developers at Better Branches showed a great willingness to collaborate with us – it was an excellent back and forth experience.” She adds that “they were very open to our suggestions and did a wonderful job of building what we needed to best serve our members and branch visitors.”

Better Lobby/New Accounts was designed to quickly and easily queue branch visitors for platform service, and Wagner says that goal has been accomplished: “this software has really helped make our lobbies more efficient for our members and our staff more productive.” She notes that “we asked our staff for their input on the system and we received some great feedback. When Better Branches incorporated their suggestions into the system, our employees were quite pleased and felt empowered.” The credit union took the open-minded approach of asking their staff “What would help you to better serve our lobby members?” They then acted upon these recommendations in concert with Better Branches to improve member service, productivity and morale.

Wagner and all of the users of Better Lobby appreciate its ease of use, stability, ability to increase their efficiency levels, as well as affordability. Wagner explains that “for the advanced technology and highly responsive service levels that we have received, the system is very fairly priced.” With Better Lobby/New Accounts and Better Lobby/Teller successfully installed and delivering excellent ROI, CUofCO is looking to expand their relationship with Better Branches and is closely considering some of their other modules, which include: Branch Appointment Calendar, Mobile Appointment Booking Tool, Staff Scheduler & Optimizer, Mobile Wait-time Indicator, and Branch Video Meeting Queues. Wagner concludes that “Better Branches is a unique vendor – they strive to treat us like we strive to treat our members; an important priority.”