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Cypress Credit Union (2)

Cyprus Federal Credit Union was formed in 1928 and is the oldest active credit union in Utah. The 335 employees of the credit union have made extraordinary commitments to their 100,000+ members: to deliver highly personalized service via seven wide-ranging service promises. One of these core promises is to make it extremely easy for members to do business with the credit union which is why Cyprus has chosen to implement a state-of-the-art visitor management and appointment booking system from Better Branches Technology, a provider of innovative, affordable software solutions that help credit unions deliver the highest standard of service.

Buddy Bennett, Vice President of Operations at Cyprus Federal Credit Union, helped lead the new visitor management system implementation. With over a dozen years’ worth of hands-on experience in all phases of the credit union’s operations, Bennett was more than qualified for the job. He explains that “two of our goals are to treat our member’s like honored guests and to respect their time, so Better Lobby and the Mobile Appointment Booking Tool were perfect fits to help us fulfill these two core promises.” Better Lobby’s Branch Appointment Calendar provides a CU-wide, branch specific appointment calendar for each employee, making the creation and updating of client appointments remarkably fast and easy. Bennett confirms this: “our centralized lending group replaced their old cumbersome appointment closing system with Better Lobby and they were thrilled with the results. The rollout was very smooth.”

Meanwhile Cyprus’s extensive branch network was implementing Better Lobby Kiosk which has a highly intuitive workflow and ergonomic controls to make it easy for members of all ages and capabilities to use it. According to Bennett, “our branch personnel help members with the Kiosk login, and educate them about our appointment setting capabilities. The kiosk and appointment modules really work hand in hand.” The Cyprus implementation team and Better Branches’ technical support staff collaborated closely to develop a fully branded kiosk for Cyprus. Bennett notes that “our members really like the kiosks and our staff loves the fact that they are immediately notified when members check-in to the lobby queue.”

Cyprus has also worked hard to promote appointments via marketing campaigns and on their website. Bennett explains that “allowing members to book appointments with us at their convenience is a huge benefit to them and our staff - appointments are a great way to help us to better serve our busy members’ financial needs.” Cyprus, along with many other credit unions across the country, realizes that the importance of providing easy access to one-on-one appointments with staff will only grow as members increase their use of mobile devices to manage their finances and organize their lives. Bennett concludes that “Better Branches is one of the best vendors that we have ever had the pleasure of working with and we look forward to a long-term partnership with them.”