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Dupaco Community Credit Union

Dupaco Community Credit Union is well known in the credit union movement as very progressive and well run credit union that excels at serving their members that are spread out across east central Iowa, northeast Illinois, and southwest Wisconsin. They were founded on the principle of promoting thrift, and Dupaco's employees strive to help their members build savings, secure their financial future, and improve their overall financial well-being. None of this would be possible without a robust – and highly dependable – communications infrastructure in place, which is why Dupaco has chosen to partner with Adapt Telephony Services which specializes in providing credit unions with an All-In-One VoIP communication platform, designed for every aspect of sales, marketing, member service and collections.

When Dupaco turned to the unified IP business communications offering from Interactive Intelligence that Adapt offers, their traditional PBX system was only three years old and still had plenty of life left in it. Yet Steve Ervolino, Dupaco’s SVP of Information Services & Technical Support, points out that “this legacy system was just too cumbersome to manage, especially at the rate that our branch network was growing. We really needed a centralized and easy to manage Unified Communications (UC) system in place to meet our needs. Plus, we knew that we would enjoy significant cost savings when opening new offices because we would not have to purchase a phone system for the office, nor would we need to use a third party to install anything."

Of course, replacing a credit union’s telephony system is a large undertaking and always requires significant vendor due diligence and preparation. They considered adding IP functionality to their existing system, but it was quickly ruled out even though the costs were fairly low. Ervolino recalls that “we looked at a handful of top telephony vendors over the course of six months or so, but our team was really impressed with Adapt and the Interactive Intelligence platform." Dupaco’s due diligence even extended to an onsite visit to another credit union using the Interactive Intelligence system to see it in action firsthand. With high praise from this credit union, coupled with their own research, Dupaco decided to work with Adapt.

Ervolino explains that “we really liked Interactive Intelligence’s ‘self-contained UC system-in-a-box’ approach and Adapt’s staff was very helpful and took the time to explain to us all of the system’s features and advanced functionality – they were great people to work with right from the start." To help their employees become familiar with the new system, Dupaco’s IT team placed new phones alongside their old phones for one month. This way the staff would use the new phones to communicate with each other and get used to all of the powerful new features that come with a high-tech VoIP telephony system. According to Ervolino, “our co-workers adapted to the new system quickly and just loved managing their calls on their computers." He adds that “Adapt had a couple of support people assigned to us throughout the implementation and they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable."

With the old traditional system, employees were tied to their phones, while the new system is just the opposite: telecommunications are tied to the person whether they are at their desk, working from another branch, telecommuting from home, or even using their mobile phone. Dupaco’s IT Department also loved the fact that the new system greatly improved their disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness by allowing them to setup a hot standby at a remote location away from their main office – a real plus in the tornado-prone Midwest.

Meanwhile, other departments at the credit union were equally thrilled with the new system’s performance and capabilities. For example, the call center supervisor is fond of the system’s ‘presence’ capabilities which show an employee’s ability and willingness to accept transfers. Prior to presence, the credit union was forced to use an inefficient and sometimes annoying paging system. Other departments benefit from the system’s powerful ACD (automatic call distribution) queues that permit extensive – but easy to edit – menus that help ensure that members are quickly routed to the right departments.

With their state-of-the-art UC system in place, Dupaco is able to deliver superior member service by bringing their contact center, branch, employees and remote workers together to deliver the high levels of service that their 62,000+ members have come to expect. Ervolino points out that “we could work with any telephony vendor on Interactive Intelligence’s approved list, but we choose to work with Adapt because they are the experts and treat us really well. This Interactive Intelligence system has been a great investment for us, and I highly recommend it and Adapt to other credit unions looking to modernize their communications infrastructure."

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