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EP Federal Credit Union

A Common Dilemma

The EP Federal Credit Union found itself facing a recurring question not uncommon to most businesses in today’s technology driven economy: how should they handle the constant and often unpredictable need to replace their aging hardware, i.e. their PC’s? According to a Gartner Research study, the average lifespan of a desktop PC is 43 months.

EPFCU had traditionally dealt with this issue the way many companies do: by replacing roughly one-third of the PC’s each year.  These purchases provided a short-term solution of always having machines that were no more than three years old, but there inevitably were a multitude of long-term consequences.  Two of the largest challenges the credit union faced over time became managing and supporting a plethora of different makes/models and maintaining application support across the various operating systems.

The Problem

One instance where EPFCU was faced with heavy costs occurred when its core banking application advised it would require PC’s with 4 GB of RAM to run efficiently and it realized that a majority of its fleet of workstations were out of warranty.  Despite already having set an IT budget for the year, EPFCU found itself needing to find an additional $35,000 in capital to fund the upgrades.

An Innovative (Long-Term) Solution

In 2012, EPFCU chose to partner with Horsetail Technologies and rollout the Baltimore based IT company’s PC’s as a Service program in order to begin a journey toward a managed solution.  One of the immediate benefits of the PC’s as a Service plan was that EPFCU now had a fixed price per month for their technology needs.  No longer would the credit union be forced to make unplanned hardware purchases or need to pay additional charges to upgrade outdated software. Instead, when new equipment or software becomes available, every user will receive the latest and greatest at no additional cost. Support headaches (and costs) will also drop as every user will now be working from the same platform.

“Our PC’s as a Service plan allowed EPFCU to renew its focus on its business and clients, instead of worrying about aging technology or unexpected costs when a vendor releases new software,” said Chris Sachse, Principal and Co-Founder of Horsetail Technologies.  “It’s one of the biggest reasons Horsetail Technologies is proud to offer our Technologies as a Service plans.”

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