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Fiscal Credit Union

Fiscal Credit Union has been serving members in Southern California since 1935. They are committed to serving their diverse and changing membership by adhering to their four core values: Service - Community - Integrity – Innovation. Ensuring that their members can always reach them via their 800 toll free number or their local 818 number is a top priority for the $140M credit union, so they have chosen to implement a state-of-the-art backup telecommunications solution from Telecom Recovery, an industry pioneer in the rapid recovery of communications after a telecommunications outage.

Telecommunications outages or interruptions can be caused by a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to:

• Equipment failures
• Carrier failures
• Network congestion
• Line-cuts
• Disasters
• Complete evacuations

In Fiscal Credit Union’s case, their first major outage was caused by the number one item on this list: hardware failure. When their PBX unexpectedly crashed, Fiscal turned to Telecom Recovery to restore their inbound telecommunications. According to Lisa Harmon-Collins, Fiscal’s AVP of Support Services and Compliance, “when our PBX went down, we were crippled. It was quite scary for us, but fortunately Telecom Recovery responded quickly.” In less than an hour, Telecom Recovery had re-routed the credit union’s calls. Meanwhile, Fiscal’s telecommunications vendor AT&T had helped them setup Centrex phones in their call center, and they were back in business.

Lisa recalls that “Telecom Recovery’s customer service was just fantastic - they could not have been more helpful!” Not only were inbound communications quickly re-established, but the credit union’s telephone banking system came back online which was quite important because it receives fairly heavy usage. Lisa also points out that “Telecom Recovery’s system allowed us to mimic our IVR system so that all of the prompts were the same. Our members did not even notice a difference.” Additionally, voice mails were properly routed so that employees could maintain their productivity.

Telecom Recovery’s affordable Web-based system also impressed the credit union; Lisa notes that “it is very simple to use, and their support staff was always ready and available at any time to lend a hand with minor adjustments and configuration changes. In fact, they jumped through hoops to assist us at every step of the way.” Having worked with dozens of vendors over her 23 year career at the credit union, Lisa describes working with Telecom Recovery as “a breath of fresh air. They really have our back in any situation involving communications.” She concludes that “we firmly believe that communications is our image and it is absolutely critical to our goal of delivering exceptional member service for our 15,000+ members. For any credit union that feels the same way as we do, we would highly recommend that they partner with Telecom Recovery like we have done.”