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FivePoint Credit Union

Originally founded in 1935 as the Texas Company P.A.W. Employees Federal Credit Union with 57 members and $247, FivePoint Credit Union is now one of the largest independent, not-for-profit financial institutions in Southeast Texas. Serving nearly 50,000 members with six convenient branches and via robust self-service digital channels, the credit union has maintained sound growth by staying true to their Vision Statement, which is: “To help our members build and maintain wealth.” Looking to work with a security, audit and compliance vendor that shares their essential core values, FivePoint Credit Union has partnered with CoNetrix which is a full service computer networking, security, and compliance firm built on the principles of integrity, innovation, and initiative.

Chad Nequent, Internal Financial and Operations Auditor at FivePoint Credit Union, was tasked by the credit union’s senior management team with reinforcing and further automating the credit union’s internal auditing infrastructure. Nequent was uniquely qualified for the task since we he is a former NCUA examiner with years of invaluable hands-on experience. Taking a methodical and disciplined approach to his due diligence efforts, Nequent surveyed nearly a dozen well established vendors from across the United States. After many meetings, demos and software reviews, he and his team were sure that CoNetrix was the best choice. According to Nequent, “we really liked their interface, ease-of-use, and credit union-focused functionality. Their software also featured excellent built-in reporting and we just felt very comfortable with choosing them to be our longtime partner.”

Once the software - tandem Audit Management – was up and running, Nequent and his co-workers were quite pleased with the interface and usability. He notes that “our team quickly got up to speed with the package and we enjoyed using its robust features immediately.” The company offers on-demand training, helpful videos and webinars which help their credit union clients quickly become productive with their software. He adds that “the cloud-based installation could not have been easier – we literally installed and configured it and were using it all within a few hours.” While cloud applications strike fear in some credit union executives due to security and privacy concerns, Nequent is convinced that “CoNetrix’s security is stellar and we are quite confident in their data center security and overall operations.”

Of course, every piece of software requires some learning curve and questions will always arise. Nequent was please to find that “CoNetrix’s technical support is top notch – they respond quickly and are very knowledgeable. They have answered every question that we have posed to them and we are quite impressed with their customer service.” He also appreciates that they listen to his suggestions and feedback and obviously respect someone with Nequent’s high knowledge level. He concludes that “it was a great choice going with a trustworthy vendor like CoNetrix because they have been phenomenal to work with in every respect. It also helps that their pricing is quite affordable so we are looking to add more of their products and services going forward.”