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Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union

Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union (GASFCU) has been a forward thinking and member-focused credit union for over 70 years. They follow safe and responsible financial practices in order to ensure that their 11,000+ members receive excellent and trustworthy service. These principles also follow over to their choices in technology vendors, which is why they chose to work with one of the most customer serviced minded companies dedicated to serving credit unions: Millennial Vision Inc. (MVi).

Back in 2002, David Teague, Chief Financial Officer at GASFCU, was head of a team that was tasked with finding ways to eliminate paper and increase efficiencies at the credit union. He spoke with a CEO at a neighboring credit union and discovered that they were a happy MVi client. The GASFCU team looked at other imaging vendors, but quickly realized that MVi was receiving stellar reviews for numerous reasons: their system was Windows-based, easy to use, affordable, and not proprietary.

Teague recalls that “we were impressed by the fact that MVi was willing to carefully listen to us and customize their system to our particular needs. The initial roll out was excellent – smooth and fast.” In fact, GASFCU’s staff was able to be trained in scanning and indexing techniques in about 15 minutes! One of the first uses of Millennial Vision's Electronic Document Management System was to scan members’ driver’s licenses so that the credit union’s tellers would no longer have to tediously lookup paper signature cards. Teague explains that “not only did this expedite transactions at our branches, but it also simplified and improved our overall security posture.”

The next step in removing expensive paper from the credit union’s workflow was to digitally capture receipts and signatures at the teller line. According to Teague, “we worked closely with MVi’s development team on their Receipt Capture System and we are very pleased with the way that it turned out.” The system automatically indexes all captured receipt and transaction related documents and provides instant access to stored receipts by account number, teller ID and date. It also delivers complete integration with Millennial Vision's Check 21 Teller Capture solution which was next on GASFCU’s list of projects to implement in their quest to go paperless.

MVi offers two powerful Check 21 capture options: teller capture and branch capture. Teague notes that “the teller capture module really saves our tellers a lot of time, and makes balancing their cash drawers much simpler.” Meanwhile branch capture comes with a whole slew of benefits: checks clear faster, courier costs are eliminated, and there is less check fraud. GASFCU now sends their checks via an imaged cash letter to the Los Angeles Federal Reserve Bank electronically – a green service that is especially appreciated in heavily populated Southern California.

Not content to stop in their quest to go digital, the $335M credit union implemented MVi’s Document Capture System for their Loan Officers and Member Service Representatives. Teague says that “our goal is to get all of our documents online – from trust accounts to IRAs to business account documents, and MVi has been there to help us every step of the way.” The software can not only digitally capture documents printed from most Windows selectable print programs, but using state-of-the-art signature pads, members can easily add electronic signatures to their documents. GASFCU now enjoys significant reduction in paper expense, research and storage; in fact Teague relates that “we were able to get rid of 14 large, fire-resistant file cabinets and regain much needed space in our offices.”

When it comes to technical support Teague has been thrilled with MVi’s employees: “they strive to give us the best support that they can. Their staff is very well trained and can even securely work on our system remotely to quickly solve any issues that occasionally crop up.” Being a CFO, Teague is naturally concerned with keeping costs low, especially in these difficult economic times - he states that “their pricing is very good. “ He concludes with these thoughts: “MVi has an excellent system and they always keep their communications channels open. I would highly recommend them to any credit union looking for a compliant, easy to use program that will store, retrieve and secure their critical member information.”