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Golden Triangle Federal Credit Union

While larger credit unions with big data processing contracts can often receive extraordinary support from their core processor, even small credits unions need – and deserve – top notch support and software. This applies to not only day to day operations and long term enhancements, but during difficult times when a disaster may strike. Fortunately, Groves, TX-based Golden Triangle Federal Credit Union has found a highly experienced and dedicated core processing vendor that helps them through thick and thin: Enhanced Software Products, Inc (ESP).

Christa Hollier, Golden Triangle’s CEO, has worked with many credit union vendors over the course of her twenty five year career in the credit union movement. She explains that “working with ESP gives our credit union a great source of comfort because they only serve credit unions and truly know our business.” Golden Triangle FCU has been an ESP client since the 1990s and has moved through various software versions and delivery methods – both in-house and service bureau. Christa notes that “ESP has supported us in whatever direction that we wanted to go. They always work hard to support our goals and strategies.” 

This attitude of ‘doing whatever it takes’ to help the client has proven to be a real lifesaver for the $22M asset credit union time and time again. With their location right on the Texas Gulf Coast, Golden Triangle has been in the bulls-eye of numerous hurricanes such as Rita, Humberto and Ike. Christa recalls that “whenever we have had to evacuate, ESP has bent over backwards to help us in any way possible.” When the credit union was running ESP’s system in-house, they actually were able to convert them overnight to a service bureau environment after the credit union’s headquarters suffered significant hurricane damage! Christa emphasizes the fact that “ESP went over and beyond the call of duty when needed. ESP staff worked as an extension of the Credit Union to implement a disaster recovery plan that would help GTFCU serve members. ESP exhibited their belief in standing behind their clients during a very critical time for our Credit Union.”

Even during normal times, Golden Triangle FCU appreciates ESP’s flexibility and affordable services. “Every dollar is really important to small credit unions likes us,” relates Christa, and “ESP never makes any of their modules cost prohibitive.” The credit union serves a large local refinery and over forty SEGs, so they must be able to offer a full range of products and services in order to keep and attract members. Christa says that “our Board of Directors is very technology oriented and wants our members to have convenient online and telephone banking, as well as popular products like credit and debit cards that include online access to card information.” 

Golden Triangle FCU has recently moved to Enhanced Software Products, Inc’ Windows-based FORZA³™ system, and Christa is pleased to report that “it is working out great for us. Our employees find the system to be very user friendly and intuitive.” She is also quick to point out that “whenever we have a question with the system, we get in touch with a live person right away that can help us. Everyone at ESP is so genuine and helpful.” With these high levels of support and technology, it is little wonder that Golden Triangle did not hesitate to sign a ten year data processing renewal contract with ESP. Christa concludes that “we have a tremendous amount of faith in ESP and view them as a life long partner.”