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Guadalupe Credit Union

Chartered on September 8, 1948, Guadalupe Credit Union embodies the credit union philosophy of service. They serve individuals and families of many origins, professions and faiths, and their tagline is "More than banking, we’re family!" With four branches and forty three full time employees, Guadalupe is able to provide excellent face to face service to their 10,500 members, yet they also wanted to provide around the clock telephone service as well for their busy members who couldn’t make it to their branches during business hours. That is why they turned to the premier collaborative contact center outsourcer in the nation for assistance: AnyHour Solutions.

The credit union had previously used another vendor for their outsourced call center, but the vendor’s system offered limited functionality and information since it relied on a simple shared branch interface. Many of their members were unhappy with the incomplete information the call center could provide when the shared branch interface was used. The supplier then upgraded their system to support an online connection with Guadelupe’s data processor. Members were quite pleased with the improvement when the credit union migrated to the direct data processor interface, however the situation quickly deteriorated when the vendor notified the credit union that they would no longer provide the direct interface with their data processor and proposed to migrate them back to the shared branch interface.

Knowing that they needed to find a better alternative, Guadelupe’s senior management team developed parameters and began the due diligence process of finding a first-rate partner for their critical contact center needs. After reviewing proposals and demos, it was clear that AnyHour Solutions was the best choice. Winona Nava, CEO of Guadalupe Credit Union, recalls that "AnyHour Solutions was very flexible and accommodating - none of the others had the interface available with our data processor and they were not willing to implement the interface in the time we had available. Plus, the costs of the interface would have been more expensive with other providers." After a visit to AnyHour Solutions Contact Center in Rockford, IL the deal was consummated.

As for the implementation, Nava stated, "It went great. The AnyHour team is very adaptable and willing to meet our needs." While some outsourcers only offer a limited number of pre-configured outsourcing options, AnyHour Solutions prides itself on specifically tailoring their solution to the credit union’s exact needs. In Guadelupe’s case, they have MSRs in-house that are available to answer calls during normal business hours of 8:30-5:30; yet many times they can be overwhelmed so AnyHour setup a member-friendly system whereby if a call is not answered within five rings it automatically goes to AnyHour. Nava notes, "This system has worked really well for us. Currently AnyHour Solutions takes about 50% of our calls during business hours and 100% after hours. It is really a great solution for both our members and staff."

When credit unions consider the complete cost structure of running an in-house contact center, the majority quickly realize that outsourcing their operations makes complete economic sense. According to Nava, "We determined that it would cost us as much to hire one additional person to backup the receptionist during business hours as it would to have AnyHour serve our members 24/7." She adds that "the decision to partner with AnyHour Solutions has proven to be a cost effective alternative for our credit union and has greatly enhanced the service that we provide to our membership. Our members love the after-hours availability of a real live person!" She concludes that "I would highly recommend AnyHour Solutions to any credit union because they are flexible, listen to any concerns we may have and promptly take corrective action, and work hard to deliver excellent service to our members around the clock."