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Idaho Central Credit Union

Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) was organized as a state-chartered credit union in 1940, in Boise, Idaho, to serve the financial needs of the officers of other credit unions operating in the State of Idaho. At that time, officers could not belong to the credit union where they worked. On January 31, 1941, the Credit Union reported about $300 in assets and 22 members. Today, Idaho Central has nearly $5 billion in assets and serves the needs of more than 375,000 members within all Idaho counties. The credit union achieved this remarkable success by maintaining a laser focus on their mission: “Helping Members Achieve Financial Success.” Assisting them in this mission is Hyland, a global content services provider recognized as an industry Leader in the Gartner's 2018 Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms.

Ryan Rickenbach, business systems administrator at ICCU, joined the institution in 2018 and had no experience working with OnBase - a leading content services platform that centralizes critical business content in one secure location. However, Ryan explains that “OnBase is a really flexible system and I was able to get up to speed quickly with the help of their excellent training videos.” He continues to take advantage of Hyland’s extensive training programs (eLearning, Premium Subscription, Instructor-Led, Self-Paced, CommunityLive and TechQuest) and plans on becoming a certified OnBase Administrator. ICCU has specifically invested in a Premium Subscription where hundreds of courses are available in Hyland’s growing training course library — covering everything from end user to self-hosted training, to new features and solutions.

Ryan and his handful of co-workers on the Imaging Team have studied hard and successfully applied their skills to dramatically improve their credit union’s efficiency levels. They have achieved impressive results with OnBase Workflow, which is an automation engine and electronic routing system that boosts employee productivity in diverse ways. A rich set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions allow business processes to be quickly automated with no need for custom programming. According to Ryan, “OnBase does a fantastic job of automating tedious tasks – and no programming skills are needed to build workflows.” For example, the credit union took a data-gathering/report-generating task that previously required eight hours of manual work per month and completely automated it! In another amazing gain in productivity, they created a single workflow in OnBase that saved 29 eight-hour days of labor per year. ICCU is now able to easily enforce consistent business practices, while reducing process variance and associated risks – things that are absolutely critical when you consider that the credit union ingests over one million documents into OnBase each month.

The credit union is also using ShareBase, a cloud-based file-sharing application that is hosted in a purpose-built Hyland Cloud. ICCU is now able to securely share files in the cloud without losing ownership over the shared information. Third parties, such as auto dealerships use the system to easily upload documents and avoid the costs involved in mailing documents. Ryan notes that “our loan processors are heavy OnBase and ShareBase users and it saves them lots of time and headaches. They no longer have to rely on unreliable email messages with attachments or time-consuming paper exchanges.” Additionally, the tight integration between OnBase and DocuSign adds value to the signature cycle by automatically packaging documents and signer information, sending information securely to DocuSign, and collecting the completed documents for storage, retention, and further processing in OnBase.

ICCU has managed to become about primarily digital in their quest to increase efficiencies and reduce paper both inside the credit union and with their external partners. With so many documents and over 200 workflows in place, the credit union sometimes need assistance from Hyland to keep everything running smoothly and develop new solutions. Ryan confirms that “occasionally we need some help and the technical team at Hyland normally responds in less than one hour. They also offer a sophisticated user portal and a detailed history of our past interactions that is very helpful.” He concludes that “the Hyland people are the best in the business and we really appreciate their great communication skills and service.”