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ISU Credit Union

For over 60 years, ISU Credit Union has been serving the educational community in eastern Idaho. By providing exceptional financial products and services to their members, ISU CU has grown to over 18,000 members and $143M in assets.  With a strong focus on friendly, courteous service, the credit union continues to expand and now supports 5 branch locations. In order to help fuel this growth and keep service levels high, the credit union has chosen to partner with one the nation’s top data processing CUSOs: Credit Union Data Processing (CUDP),which was founded in 1991 by a group of forward-thinking credit union executives.

With over twenty-years of experience in the credit union movement in a wide variety of positions, ISU Credit Union CEO Rob Taylor is extremely well positioned to comment on core data processors. Taylor recalls that “when I became CEO in 2007, I inherited a fairly outdated but functional legacy core system. Since I had experienced very troublesome conversions in the past, I was in no rush to move off our system.” Acknowledging that there is no perfect system on the market, ISU CU signed a 5 year extension with their existing large vendor. Unfortunately, as the years went by, there were few enhancements or upgrades, and technical support for the antiquated system was poor.

As luck would have it, ISU Credit Union took over Pocatello Teachers Credit Union near the end of their 5 year contract. The good fortune was realized when the smaller $17M asset credit union was running CUDP’s modern CUProdigy system. In order to serve Pocatello Teachers Credit Union’s members, the tellers had to run dual systems and cash drawers. According to Taylor, “the reports that we starting getting back from our branches were that the CUProdigy system was really easy to learn and use, and that our staff loved it.” Taylor assessed the situation and reevaluated his preconceived notion that such a small credit union couldn’t have such an advanced core system. Ready to move forward, he notes that “we invited CUDP’s Chief Architect in for a demonstration and we were thoroughly impressed with him and the power of their software. We saw clearly that they have designed a system not just for today, but for the future.”

After further due diligence and receiving rave reviews and recommendations from existing CUDP credit unions, ISU Credit Union took the plunge and converted to CUProdigy. Taylor enthuses that “we really found a gem with CUDP. Their next generation software was the best choice that we could have made.” He happily notes that the conversion was “shockingly pain-free! I kept waiting for something to go wrong as it had so many times at my other credit unions, but everything went smoothly.” Of course it wasn’t only high quality software that paved the way for a stress-free conversion; it was CUDP’s highly experienced team of professionals that alleviated Taylor’s apprehensions. Taylor explains that “CUDP’s staff is composed of true credit union people that know exactly what our employees do on a day to day basis. Their programmers understand intuitively what our end user needs are, and their technical support is outstanding.”

Taylor and his Board of Directors appreciate the fact that because CUDP embraces open source software, they are able to keep costs down. Taylor points out that “CUProdigy is truly an open system and their MySQL database really speeds up our transactions at the teller line. In my  mind, CUProdigy is the next generation core system for credit unions.” ISU Credit Union has backed up this commitment with cash – they believe in CUDP so much that they purchased shares in the company to become part owners. “We have a real voice with CUDP and can help drive development efforts,” states Taylor. He concludes by saying “CUDP is truly a unique organization – not only have they been able to fulfill our wish lists, but they constantly deliver new enhancements that we find really helpful that we don’t even ask for!”

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