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Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union (JHFCU) serves the employees, students, retirees and Alumni Association members of the Johns Hopkins University, employees and retirees of the Johns Hopkins Health System and its hospitals, and employees and retirees of other select entities. Both the university and health system are world famous, so the credit union is often held to very high standards when it comes to delivering products and services to this sophisticated membership base. Judging from the extremely positive Member Comments on their website (https://www.jhfcu.org/why-jhfcu/why-join-benefits/what-our-members-say), JHFCU is certainly living up to these lofty standards. To help them deliver stellar member service in their three branches, the credit union uses the credit union movement’s top branch visitor queuing and management system: Better Lobby from Better Branches Technology.

David Perez, Branch Operations Systems Analyst at Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union, was tasked with implementing Better Lobby when the credit union needed to replace their old visitor management system. With over twenty years of credit union experience in Branch Operations, Call Centers, Online Banking and more, coupled with top-notch project management skills, Perez was the right person for the job. Simultaneously to rolling out Better Lobby, JHFCU was implementing new loan origination, account opening, and instant issue debit card platforms. Perez recalls that “the Better Branches team was very professional and everything was extremely organized. They worked hard to make our jobs easier and to ensure a pain-free implementation during a time when we were really under stress to implement these four new systems.” Helping JHFCU’s implementation team’s efforts was the fact that Better Lobby is browser-based and supports Windows integrated sign-in which means that users do not need to remember a separate Better Lobby username and password.

Another Better Lobby feature that both front line staff (e.g., greeters that meet members as they come into the branch) and senior managers really like is called the Fast Visit Recorder (FVR). The FVR provides an efficient, accurate way to record short visits in a Universal MSR environment or simply to record brief visits in a traditional branch. According to Perez, “the FVR is great for our busy branches. It allows is to capture interactions that previously had gone unrecorded.” Senior managers use FVR reports to granularly track staff interactions, plus they use these valuable statistics to reward industrious employees. Perez adds that “we have lots of quick transactions and now our staff can easily add these member interactions to Better Lobby with just a few mouse clicks.”

Not only can JHFCU’s managers track fast visits easily with FVR reports, but Better Lobby’s dozens of built-in reports deliver a wide range of analysis of employee productivity and branch operations. “The canned reports in Better Lobby are quite powerful and we find them useful in many ways,” confirms Perez. Better Lobby reports, which were developed directly from CU client input, fall into two broad categories: 1) Custom and Printable and 2) Online and Drill Down. Additionally, Better Lobby’s detailed Service History can be exported to a credit union’s CRM system if desired. Overall, Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union has experienced great success with their Better Lobby installation – Perez concludes that “all of our employees find the software very easy to use and love working with it.”