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Lisbon Community Federal Credit Union

Founded in 1959 to serve those who reside or work in the Lisbon, Lisbon Falls and Durham areas, Maine-based Lisbon Community Federal Credit Union has grown over the years to serve over 8,975 members. The $100M asset credit union’s brand is focused on “Building Futures and Preserving Dreams.” Their mission statement adds that their goal is to be “the primary financial institution for all Members through continuous improvement, personalized service and competitive products while remaining financially secure.” Since 2007, LCFCU has relied on the Sharetec core data processing system to help them fulfill these goals.

When it comes to someone who is an expert in all phases of credit union operations, one need not look further than Denise Dube who serves as Operations Manager at Lisbon Community Federal Credit Union. She has 34 years of hands-on experience as a teller, loan officer, and in the collections department, to just name a few positions. Denise is so well respected in the credit union movement that she received the Maine Credit Union League’s 2016 Outstanding CU Employee Award! The League reviews the criteria of those who go above and beyond, and chooses one special winner like Denise each year. She comments on the Sharetec system: “when we went with the system back in 2007 after reviewing other core processors for over six months, we were sure that we had made the right choice. They actually offered more features and functionalities than we were even looking for at the time!”

Denise also is quick to point out that “the Sharetec people made all the difference in the world to us – they are so friendly and knowledgeable about their system and ready to help us at any time.” LCFCU converted over a weekend to the new Sharetec system and Denise was happy to report that “everything went slick and smooth.” Looking forward, Denise and her coworkers are excited about the future because Sharetec is a company that is committed to continual improvements. She concludes that “Sharetec has been a great business partner for us and we look forward to a bright future of collaborating with them.”

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